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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church [Page 104]


On March 4, 1921, a group of fifty-six children met in the parlors of the Messiah Lutheran Church to organize a Junior Mission Society.

Because of the newness of the idea in the locality many were the problems which confronted the little group, and especially the leader, Mrs. Carl E. Lundgren.

In spite of this, the organization continued to grow in body and spirit. The first anniversary was celebrated in March, 1922, with a party. There was one life member, Vincent Lundgren.

In September of 1922 Miss Abbie Gustafson took up the work of the society and continued it until 1924. Because of ill health it was necessary for her to resign. Mrs. Carl H. Nelson carried on the good work for that year. Miss Gustafson resumed her duties in January cf 1925, which office she held until the close of 1929. During the last year of her work she divided the group into two sections. The primary group was under the leadership of Miss Marie Johnson and Mrs. John P. Nelson, Jr. Miss Gustafson herself took charge of the older group. In January of 1930, the Women's Missionary Society appointed Mrs. Helen Erickson Lupton and Miss Hilma Johnson as leader and assistant, respectively.

Up to date the records of the Junior Mission Society show eleven life members, many of whom were made such by the society for having the most money in their Thank Offering boxes. A glimpse at the list reveals the following names: Beulah Olson, Donald Mellin, Julia Ann Sweder, Esther Backels, Robert Johnson, Harold Anderson, Robert Levine, Kathyrn Pearson, Ralph Larson, Barbara Ann Dolf and Betty Erickson.

The financial report of the society since its origin is interesting. Receipts for the ten years amount to $1,346.47, which was used for the following expenditures: Dues, Administration Fund, Conference Home Mission, Bible students in Africa and India, Augustana Nursery, Seamen's Home in Seattle, Christmas Cheer Funds, Bethphage, and for missions in India, Africa and China.

The society meets once a month in the church parlors. Officers are elected each year to take charge of the society. The membership pins have the emblem J. M. S., and from this was taken the motto, "Jesus My Saviour".

Mrs. Helen Erickson Lupton.

[Page 105] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church

Escanaba, Michigan, March 18, 1931.

Messiah Lutheran Church, Marquette, Michigan.

Brethren in the Lord:

On this your fiftieth anniversary I extend to you sincerest congratulations in behalf of the Superior Conference! We rejoice with you at this festive jubilee occasion and join with you in thanking God for the many blessings that have come to you during these past fifty years.

of the larger and in other ways one of the strongest within our Conference. As such, and because of the spirit of loyalty and cooperation which you have at all times manifested in your relation to our common task, you have occupied a very prominent place in our midst. This applies to your membership in general and more practically to the leadership exercised by your pastors and several lay-members of your church during the first two decades of Conference history just completed. All of this we cheerfully and gratefully acknowledge.

Today you are looking back upon fifty years replete with interesting experiences and abounding with evidence as to God's goodness and grace. I am sure you are prompted to say: "Ebenezer—hitherto hath the Lord helped us". But today you are also looking forward, hopefully anticipating still greater things. And if you remain faithful to Him who is the Head of the Church, we are privileged to say, your prospects are as bright as the promises of God". Therefore " . . . beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life". Jude 20-21.

May the Lord continue to prosper you in your future efforts, as He has in the past!

Cordially yours,

C. Albert Lund, President Superior Conference.


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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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