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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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[Page 83] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


Reading Left to Right

First Row: Mrs. Rueben Sandell, John Johnson, G. A. Carlson, A. W. Lindstrom, Caroline Johnson, Martin Alfsen, J. P. Nelson, Jr.

Second Row: Mrs. John Dolf, Marcus Johnson, Mary Jamerson, Katherine Ekstrom, Louise Nelson, August Peterson, Peter Bystrom, Chas. E. Johnson, Miss Eva Beck.

Third Row: Mrs. Gust Anderson, Miss Hedvig Dolf, Mrs. A. Belmore, John Pearson, Arthur Swanson, O. H. Bostrom, Louise Evensen, August Mellin, George Sweder, Anton Peterson, Axel Anderson, Ernest Dolf.

Fourth Row: Mrs. Lawrence Larson, Richard Smith, John Johnson, Wm. Ekstrom, Gust Beckman, Louis Wanberg, Nels Johnson, Levin Larson, Theo. Hokanson, Gust Anderson.

Fifth Row: Miss Hilma Johnson, Ingrid Johnson, Ellen Bergh, Marie Johnson, Mrs. John Peterson, C. V. Oberg, Frank Abrahamson, Gust J. Senob, John T. Peterson, Albin Anderson.

Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church [Page 84]


The beginning of our women's mission work dates back to the beginning of the year 1911 when it was part of the activities of the Messiah Ladies' Society. At the meetings, mission topics were part of the program, and money was raised at these and special meetings and festivals for missions. The funds thus raised were used to pay for a missionary in China, and generous donations were made to other mission causes.

The work was conducted in this way for nine years until May 20th, 1920, when the Women's Missionary Society was officially organized with Mrs. C. E. Lundgren, as president; Mrs. Carl Pearson, vice president; Mrs. Alfred Swanson, secretary; Mrs. Louis Wanberg, treasurer. Meetings continued to be held jointly with the Messiah Ladies' Society. Also, special evening meetings were held every third month with mission programs. These meetings were well attended and generous offerings were received. Also, numerous successful mission festivals have been sponsored by the society.

During the past year, 1930, meetings were held separately, the second Wednesday evening of each month, with different mission topics assigned for study at each meeting. This year we are again meeting in conjunction with the Messiah Society with a mission program every third month. We are hoping that the mission group will continue with the same interest and will also find opportunity for progress.

The members have throughout manifested a deep interest in the work and have endeavored to do their bit in helping spread the gospel of Jesus and alleviate suffering and distress. The sum of $6,310.96 has been contributed thru the regular channels to Home and Foreign Missions, $1,100.00 of this sum being raised before the society was officially organized in 1920. Many of our missionaries from the foreign fields have made visits here, among them, Dr. Betty Nelson from India; Rev. Trued, Rev. Lundeen, Miss Anna Johnson, from the China field, and others. The society has continued to support each year one native missionary in the foreign field: first few years, one in China, then in India, and in the last few years in Africa.

The society has been represented at the conference and district meetings and when convenient at the synodical meetings. At present, the membership consists of eighty annual and fifteen life members.

(Mrs. G. A.) Thelma H. Carlson.

[Page 85] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


The Messiah Lutheran Brotherhood was organized June 24th, 1924. There were present at this meeting 68 Lutheran men, all of whom signified their desire to become members of the Brotherhood. The constitution of the Brotherhood of the Augustana Synod was accepted and it was decided to make application for affiliation with the Synodical Brotherhood.

Since its organization the Brotherhood has had but two presidents, Mr. J. F. Anderson having served in that capacity for five and one-half years, being succeeded in 1930 by Mr. C. M. Beckman, who was reelected in 1931. There have been four vice-presidents—Messrs. August Mellin, C. M. Beckman, Thure Carlson and Evald Bystrom; four secretaries—Messrs. H. P. Beckman, C. M. Beckman, Arthur Wilson and Lowell Johnson; three treasurers—Messrs. George H. Nelson, Evald Bystrom and Arthur Swanson.

The growth of the Brotherhood has not been phenomenal—yet it has made fairly substantial gains, and, more important, we believe it has been a factor in the promotion of interest in Church affairs on the part of our men. The meetings have been well attended and programs of interest, both from a spiritual and educational standpoint, have been rendered. While our accomplishments to date, from a financial point of view, have been rather limited, and quite naturally, cannot be compared with our Ladies' Societies, we have, from time to time, assisted in a material way in affecting improvements to our Church property and in the purchase of new equipment.

We have, as an organization, sponsored entertainments, and our annual midsummer outings, to which all members of our congregation are always welcome, are looked upon with great favor by everyone.

Last year we had as our honored guest, Dean Richard Ringmar of Torshalla, Sweden, who carried with him greetings from Bishop Sam Stadener and Archbishop Nathan Soderblom. He very generously gave us an illustrated lecture concerning the old Swedish Cathedrals and the Church's work among the young people in Sweden. As an expression of appreciation the Brotherhood presented the Dean with a token, suitably inscribed, which was very highly cherished by him. His

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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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