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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church [Page 76]


In 1883, a Society was organized in our Church called "Kvinnornas Syförening", to which all the women of the Church belonged. As is suggested by the name, the group met for the purpose of sewing. Meetings were held in the various homes twice a month and money was raised by sales and suppers.

In 1893, during Reverend F. A. Johnsson's pastorate, the older married women formed a society which is now our Messiah Ladies, and the younger women continued their work in the (Syförening.)

The name of the society was changed to "Dorcas" during Reverend Sandahl's pastorate and has continued as such. Rummage sales, suppers, pantry sales, fall festivals, etc., have been the means of raising money. Most of the funds have been used for promoting the work of the Church. A Dorcas room is maintained at St. Luke's hospital by the Society.

The Dorcas now meets once a month, and has a membership of sixty, all of whom are enthusiastically engaged in the work of the Society. May the Lord bless and prosper our work!

Miss Hildegarde Johnson.

[Page 77] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


(Continued front Page 44)

serve and to sacrifice of their time and their means for the welfare of the Church and for the Salvation of Souls. They were the real "strength and stay" for the young Pastor in the discharge of his duties. I always sought their advice, and in their mature experience they were a strong support for the Pastor. It was a real pleasure to work with such men, and I thank God and my Lord and Savior, who put me into the ministry and gave me the privilege to serve the Messiah Church membership.

Beautiful and serene stands the old Messiah Lutheran Temple of Worship on the hill looking over Lake Superior. "Peace be within Thy Walls." How I loved to work with your men, to labor in the ingathering of money to pay the Church debt and cancel the mortgage on the Church property! This was done, by the Grace of God, during my time of service. "Peace be within thy walls", beautiful temple of the Lord ! And may the peace of the Lord Jesus come into every heart that worships within Thy walls. Peace be with you all.

Trinity Lutheran Parsonage in New York City, March 1st, 1931.

Anders André.


(Continued from Page 53)

pastorate. It was the period of "storm and stress", and the problems that presented themselves were not easy to cope with. We see now, however, how the Lord led us during those times and the fruits are now appearing in the present condition of things.

The 29th of April, 1928, we bade farewell to the Messiah church and returned to the East. We shall always cherish the friendships made during our stay in the Queen City, and hope and pray that some soul might have been won for the kingdom of God, as fruit of our efforts in the name of Jesus.

Carl H. Nelson.

Ansonia, Conn.


[Page 79] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


Reading Left to Right

First Row: Arthur Wilson, Carl Peterson, Axel Nashlund, Martin Alfson, Dr. O. H. Bostrom, A. W. Lindstrom, President, John Pearson, Olof Jepson, Albin Anderson.

Second Row: Evald Bystrom, Gust Anderson, Leonard Anderson, Albert Johnson, J. A. Johnson, Andrew Johnson, August Mellin, Lowell Johnson, Axel Peterson, Sigurd Wilson.

Third Row: Thure Johnson, J. P. Nelson, Jr., Nels Olson, J. F. Anderson, Chas. Johnson, Thure Carlson, Olof Larson, Nels Johnson.

Fourth Row: Wendell Bystrom, Geo. H. Nelson, Victor Johnson, Rueben Sandell.

Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church [Page 80]


The Messiah Lutheran Sick Benefit Association was organized on June 3rd, 1909. There were present at this meeting, Andrew Johnson, John L. Johnson, Erik Johnson, Swante Stenson, Charles Mogren, John P. Nelson, Sr., John Dolf, Dr. O. G. Youngquist, W. O. Johnason, Axel Peterson, Martin Sweder, John A. Anderson, Gust Johnson, Andrew Levin, August Mellin, John Peter Peterson, A. W. Lindstrom, John T. Peterson, Thure Carlson, Olof Larson, John M. Lindstrom and Rev. Oscar Sandahl, a total of 22, all of whom were recorded as charter members. They immediately proceeded to elect, as their officers, the following: President, Rev. Oscar Sandahl; vice-president, John A. Anderson; secretary, Charles Mogren, and cashier, J. M. Lindstrom. Dr. O. G. Youngquist, Andrew Johnson and John Dolf were named members of the committee charged with the duties of visiting the sick.

The meetings of the Sick Benefit Association were originally held the first Monday of every month, but this was later changed to the third Friday in order that members of the Association might conveniently attend the meetings of the Lutheran Brotherhood which are also held on that night.

All male members of the Messiah Lutheran Church are eligible to membership in our Association, the only stipulation being that they must not be less than 18 nor more than 55 years of age.

When considering the fact that our enrollment has never exceeded 75 members and that the present membership is 60, it is remarkable to note that we have received, since our organization, dues and assessments totalling $8,991.02, of which $8,381.97 has been expended for relief purposes.

The officers elected for the year 1931 are as follows: President, A. W. Lindstrom; vice-president, P. Nels Johnson; secretary, Olof Jepson; financial secretary, Andrew J. Anderson, and cashier, John Backels.

A. W. Lindstrom.

[Page 81] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


(Continued from Page 48)

interest in the church and responsibility for the work and a more united effort to build tip the church was noticeable. Many souls separated themselves from the worldly life and "came apart with Jesus".

We enjoyed our work in Marquette immensely, and so when the long winters with the severe climate began to threaten my health and a good doctor advised a change to a milder climate, I felt downhearted to think that I should have to leave my beloved people and friends in Marquette. But the Lord pointed the way for me, and so I resigned as pastor of the church and moved away November 30, 1913.

The happy years we spent in the Messiah church shall always linger in our memory. It was my first charge—my first love—and among the happiest years in my ministry.

Many of the dear friends, who were our co-laborers in Marquette, have gone to be with the Lord, and others have moved away, but we rejoice now to see the congregation stronger and as active as ever, determined, with the grace of God, to carry on the work to the honor and glory of God and the salvation of precious souls.

We desire to express our most hearty gratitude for all love, respect and friendship the Messiah church has shown us. We rejoice with you on your Fiftieth Anniversary and praise God for His infinite love and mercy, and wish you much blessing for the future.

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of life".

Rev. 2 :10.


(Continued from Page 56)

higher ideals than we could attain. We see a new temple, rising somewhere in our fair city, rising a little higher than the present one, spreading its roof a little wider than the one under which we now gather. We see with the eyes of faith the wonders that God can do in us, and, if we let Him, the great things He surely will do by us in His kingdom. May He abundantly bless the Messiah Lutheran Church in the future as in the past, and make His grace and power to be mighty among us.

Otto H. Bostrom.

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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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