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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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USHERS (Reading Left to Right)

First Row: Arthur Wilson, H. H. Beckman, C. M. Beckman, W. O. Johnason, Head Usher; Geo. H. Nelson, T. Aho
Second Row: Evald Bystrom, Albert Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Lincoln Lindstrom, Sigurd Wilson, Robert Dolt
Third Row: Lowell Johnson, Carl Mattson, H. R. Anderson, S. A. Swanson, Arthur Larson

[Page 101] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


As early as 1887 there was an attempt to provide ushers for the public service, in that the deacons and the trustees were appointed to see to it that those who came to church were supplied with psalm books. Later from time to time similar appointments have been made, but investigation proves that the important work of ushering never was seriously undertaken nor successfully carried out in the Messiah Lutheran Church until the present organization of ushers came into existence. Previous to this practically nothing was done to bid the stranger welcome or show him to a seat, and the collection plates were passed by any of the trustees who happened to be in attendance.

Two years ago the present ushers organization was developed, which at present consists of a head usher, sixteen regular members and two substitutes. These are divided into four teams of four each with a captain. At the beginning of each year a complete schedule is made of all the services for that year, indicating which team is on duty on a given Sunday. This schedule, which has the name of each usher listed, together with his business and home telephone, is given to every member of the organization. On Saturday evening (between six and seven o'clock), each usher scheduled for service the following day telephones the captain of his team that he is ready to serve, and the captain, in turn, reports to the head usher.

On festival Sundays and special events the head usher picks extra men from among the ushers.

Mr. Wendell Bystrom was the first head usher and planned the present system. Mr. Bystrom is still interested and a substitute usher, but his present occupation will not permit his regular attendance.

Real fellowship has developed among the members. Several social evenings with luncheons have taken place in the church parlors and at camps of members.



[Page 103] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


Reading Left to Right

First Row : Mr. John E. Backels, Chairman, Finance Committee; P. Nelson, Jr.; L. Anderson, R. Sandell, H. Levine, G. Anderson, Oscar Johnson.

Second Row : Mr. W. O. Johnason, Chairman, Publicity Committee; Mrs. O. Levine, Mrs. D. Syren, Mrs. J. Johnson, Robert Dolf, Secretary; Dr. O. H. Bostrom, Chairman Ex-officio; J. F. Anderson, General Chairman; Mrs. Geo. Sweder, Mrs. Albin Anderson, Thure Carlson, Chairman, History Committee; Sigurd Wilson, Chairman, Con firmand Reunion.

Third Row : Miss Edna Gustafson, Mrs. G. A. Carlson, Mrs. Louis Wanberg, Mrs. H. H. Beckman, Mrs. R. Samuelson, Mrs. R. Sandell, Miss Agnes Bergh, Miss Gladys Gothe, V. Johnson, A. Gustafson.

Fourth Row : Mr. Axel Peterson, F. Bystrom, T. Aho, Mrs. August Mellin, Mrs. C. Mogren, Miss Hildegarde Johnson, Mr. A. Johnson, Dr. H. H. Bergh, Mr. M. Johnston, Geo. Sweder, Chairman, Program Committee.

Fifth Row : Mr. John Pearson, John A. Anderson, G. A. Carlson, H. R. Anderson, Chairman, Decorating and Special Equipment Committee; A. Swanson, Geo. H. Nelson, Chairman, Reception Committee; C. M. Beckman, Chairman, Album Committee; W. Bystrom, H. J. Anderson.

Absent : Miss Bernice Johnson, Mrs. C. V. Oberg, C. J. Anderson.

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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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