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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church [Page 32]


Born in Sunne, Sweden, Oct. 3, 1844. Came to America in 1873 and entered Augustana Theological Seminary the same year. Ordained to the ministry in 1875. Served as pastor of the following congregations: Chariton, Ia., 1875-1880; Menekaunee, Wis., 1880-1882; Marquette and Republic, 1883-1885; Sycamore, Ill., 1885-1909; Gibson City and Sibley, III., 1909 until his death in 1919. He served as Sec'y of the Town Conference 1878-1880, Sec'y of the Illinois Conference 1886-1888, and President of the Illinois Conference 1895-1898.

[Page 33] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church

 In Memorium

Rev. Magnus Frykman will be remembered by our pioneer members as our first pastor, having served this congregation from 1883 to 1885. It was during his pastorate in Marquette that ground was broken for what is now our Messiah Lutheran Church. Pastor Frykman was a man who commanded the respect of all who knew him. His ability as an organizer and as an executive was manifested many times and during his life time he held important executive offices in the Iowa and Illinois Conferences, serving as president of the latter for a period of three years.

We, the members of Messiah Lutheran Church, have reason to be proud and to thank God for having sent us such an able, courageous, and God-fearing man, who, with the aid of our pioneers, laid such a solid and lasting foundation for our House of Worship in Marquette. We cherish his memory, and respectfully enjoy the fruits of his labors.

Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church [Page 34]


Pastor. A. B., Augustana College, 1883; A. M., Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas, 1899; graduated Augustana Theological Seminary, 1885; ordained Lutheran ministry, 1885; Pastor Marquette, Michigan, 1885-1891; Eureka, California, 1891, 1892; McPherson and Hutchinson, Kansas, 1892-1899; mission field, New York, 1899-1900; White Plains, Ossining, Pleasantville, Newburgh, Cornwall, Harlem, and New York City, 1900-1907; Monson, Me., 1907-1913; Portland, Me., 1913.

Present address, Worcester, Mass.

[Page 35] Golden Jubilee—Messiah Lutheran Church


Reverend C. P. Edlund served this congregation as its second pastor and was therefore responsible for much of the early development of our church. Unfortunately, due perhaps to a rather mature age, it was impossible for him to be with us at this, our Fiftieth Jubilee Anniversary. Nevertheless, the staff of the Album Committee feels that a book of this kind would be incomplete without some reference to one of our former pastors who served us at a time when difficulties were many and hardships quite severe. Pioneer work is never an easy task regardless of the field of endeavor.

It would have been a great pleasure for the older members of the congregation who knew and loved Reverend Edlund, as well as the younger members who are not acquainted with him, to have had him in our midst in these days of rejoicing and reminiscences. However, it is to be hoped that he will be remembered and thought of by all those who knew him as they scan the pages of this, our Jubilee Album.

As Reverend Edlund now resides in Worcester, Massachusetts, the trip to Marquette would undoubtedly prove a hardship to a man of his age, and we are sure that this fact is fully appreciated by the members of our Messiah Lutheran Church.

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Messiah Lutheran Church 1881-1931

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