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Accident Reports


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SurnameGivenDateMineOccupationDescriptionNationalityReport Link
AdamskyAndrewDec. 17, 1889OsceolaBoyExplosion of DynamitePolanderNo Report
AhoOscar09 May 1896FranklinMinerFall of RockFinn.No Report
ALATALAThomas13 July 1892Atlantic MineTrammerStruck by rock from blastFinlander19-1892
AllenGeorge15 August 1896FranklinMinerBlastedEnglishNo Report
AMBRUSITCHSylvester29 September 1892Tamarack MineTrammerFall of hanging rockAustrian24-1892
ANDERSONWilliam12 November 1891Tamarack MineMinerinjuries only 4-1892
AndrewsNicholas J.14 November 1893Tamarack MineMinerFall of vein rockEnglish7-1894
ASHTONJames14 May 1893South Hecla MineLanderLanding during accident 9-1893
ASTERMANJoseph12 March 1892Calumet Mine Hit by a rock or timber 12-1892
AUTIAJacob12 February 1891Huron MineWheeler BossJumped off Skip and down ShaftFinlander10-1891
AVERJohn04 July 1893Tamarack MineMinerStruck by rock from blast 15-1893
BagharMatt01 December 1896TamarackMinerFall of Vein RockAustrianNo Report
BaileyFrankMar. 17, 1890OsceolaTrammerFall of Vein RockPolanderNo Report
BANKSTROMChristopher15 May 1893Tamarack MineLaborerFall of Hanging RockFinlander10-1893
BarberichJohn31 August 1898HeclaTrammerFall of Vein RockItalianNo Report
BarlaceJoseph H.11 December 1894Quincy MineMinerPremature BlastEnglish2-1895
BARTELATTOPeter11 October 1890Huron MineTrammerJumped off Skip and Fell down ShaftItalian2-1891
BasichJoseph28 August 1894Tamarack MineTrammerFell striking head 30-1894
BassoDominick18 February 1899ArcadianLaborerFell down Shaft ItalianNo Report
BausaneJohn A.18 June 1896HeclaTimbermanFall of HangingItalianNo Report
BeckhamRichard13 October 1894Quincy Mine Vein rock fall causing injury 1-1895
BellJonn12 December 1893Hecla MineMinerInjured in premature discharge 11-1894
BellRichard12 December 1893Hecla Mine Father of John Bell present after accident 11-1894
BENANDOBarto11 November 1890Calumet MineTrammerFall of Vein RockItalian6-1891
BenichMike12 September 1895Tamarack MineTimbermanKilled by fall of vein rockItalian24-1895
BenlfFrank20 July 1897Tamarack Jr.TrammerPremature ExplosionAustrianNo Report
BenneJos. H.10 April 1897OsceolaTrammerRock Rolling down stopeAustrianNo Report
BerrymanWm.13 or 18 September 1895Hecla MineTimbermanWork partner of Henry Rapson 25-1895
BessFelix17 July 1894Quincy Mine Injured in premature discharge of dynamite 29-1894
BESSELLOAntonio13 June 1893Hecla MineLaborerCaught by ascending skipItalian11-1893