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1840 Census of Military Pensioners
Living in Michigan

As of June 1, 1840

Names of pensioners for revolutionary or military services. Ages Names of heads of families with whom pensioners resided June 1, 1840 Place County Transcriber Notes
Surname Given
ALFRED George 76 George ALFRED Monroe City 1st Ward Monroe  
ALLEN Ira 54 Ira ALLEN Hartford Van Buren  
ARMSTRONG Archibald 81 Archibald ARMSTRONG Saline Washtenaw  
BABCOCK Jonathan 76 A. C. BABCOCK Marshall Calhoun  
BALDWIN Nathaniel 79 Freeman BURCH Avon Oakland  
BANKER James 89 James BANKER Metamora Lapeer  
BEAN Richard 49 R. BEAN Jr. Clyde St. Clair  
BINGHAM Abel 54 A. BINGHAM   Chippewa  
BISHOP Hooper 85   Novi Oakland  
BLACK Samuel 77 Luther SMITH Blissfield Lenawee  
BLANCHARD John 77   White Lake Oakland  
BRACE Benjamin 79   White Lake Oakland  
BRACE Jos. 74   White Lake Oakland  
BRINK Mary 74 Lewis S. ROUSE Leroy Ingham  
BROOKS Ahira 81 Ahira BROOKS Sherman St. Joseph  
BROWN Ebenezer 50 Ebenezer BROWN Vernon Shiawassee  
CADY Elias 80 Elias CADY Holly Oakland  
CHAMBERLAIN Wealthy 70 Julius CHAMBERLAIN Sheridan Calhoun  
COOK Abram 65 Abram COOK   Wayne  
COUCH Daniel 76 Uriah B. COUCH Scipio Hillsdale  
CURTISS Jotham 84 Jonathan CURTIS Mason Cass  
DARLING Jos. C. 82 Chris. C. DARLING Jackson Jackson  
DONALDSON Altamont 77 Altamont DONALDSON Holly Oakland  
DONALDSON Lophario 75 Lophario DONALDSON Raisin Lenawee  
DOWNING Stephen 78 Stephen DOWNING Monroe City 4th Ward Monroe  
DRAKE Elijah 80 Flemon DRAKE   Washtenaw  
DUBOIS Martin 77 J. D. DUBOIS   Washtenaw  
DYCKMAN William 77 E. B. DYCKMAN Decatur Van Buren  
FARGO Thomas 82 Samuel WARD Cottrellville St. Clair Cottrellville listed as a county. Never a county but a township and place in St. Clair County.
FINCH Polly 71 Abel FINCH Albion Calhoun  
FITZSIMMONS George 48 George FITZSIMMONS Reading Hillsdale  
FRENCH Daniel 55 Daniel FRENCH York Washtenaw  
GIBSON John 88 T. RUGGLES Jackson Jackson  
GILBERT Thaddeus 88 George GILBERT Mottville St. Joseph  
GRATTON Thomas 83   Hudson Lenawee  
GREGORY Esbon 80 Jesse GREGORY Troy Oakland  
HALL Rhodes 82 William HALL East Portage Jackson  
HAVENS Peter 78 Peter HAVENS Jr. Somerset Hillsdale  
HAWKINS Ebenezer 75 E. HAWKINS Ypsilanti Washtenaw  
HAYNES David 78 P. E. HAYNES Columbia Jackson  
HOISINGTON Vespasian 78 Vespasian HOISINGTON Salem Washtenaw  
HOWARD B. 70 B. HOWARD Macomb Macomb  
HOWARD Edward 84 Joshua HOWARD Dearborn Wayne  
HULICK Derrick 81 Dennis Snyder Addison Oakland  
JOY Bennet 45   Redford Wayne  
KEARSLEY Jonathan 54 Jonathan KEARSLEY   Wayne  
LARABY L. 73 T. LARABY Camden Hillsdale  
LIGHTALL Catherine 108 Benjamin HUNTLEY Sandstone Jackson  
LINCOLN Abiathar 82 Jotham WOOD Jackson Jackson  
LOCKE Edward 50 Edward LOCKE Cottrellville St. Clair Cottrellville listed as a county. Never a county but a township and place in St. Clair County.
MADDEN Esther 75 William ORCUTT Leonidas St. Joseph  
MESEROLL Charles 98 John L. MESEROLL Burlington Calhoun  
MOODY William J. 44 William J. MOODY Jackson Jackson  
MYERS Henry 45 Henry MYERS   Wayne  
OLDS William 69 T. TURNER Clinton Macomb  
OSBORN Abram 85 Samuel OSBORN Woodstock Lenawee  
OVEROCKER Adam 79 Adam OVEROCKER Grass Lake Jackson  
PARKER Ezra 95 W. M. PARKER Royal Oak Oakland  
PERRYBURN William 84 John G. THAYER London Monroe  
PRATT Edmund 87 Herman PRATT Somerset Hillsdale  
PUFFER Nathan 70 Isaac BLANCHARD   Michilimacinac spelling as is
RANDALL James 45 John McVEY Dearborn Wayne  
RAWSON Abner 76   Van Buren Wayne Van Buren is a township in Wayne County.
ROAM Samuel 52 Samuel ROAM   Genesee  
ROBINSON Reuben 82 J. N. ROBINSON   Genesee  
RUTENAW Jacob 81 George RUTENAW Canton Wayne  
SEATON Asher 78 Salmon OWEN Raisinville Monroe  
SELERIEG Jeremiah   James SELERIEG Martin Allegan  
SELLECK James 78 James SELLECK Silver Creek Cass  
SHARP S. 47 S. SHARP Adams Hillsdale  
SHEAR John L. 56 John SHEAR Salem Washtenaw  
SILSBY John 56 John SILSBY Bertrand Berrien  
SMEAD David 74   Redford Wayne  
SMITH Martin 67 Martin SMITH Dundee Monroe  
STEVENS Hubbel 80 A. L. STEVENS Nankin Wayne  
STEVENS James 83 Allen BRIGGS Lawrence Van Buren  
STODDARD John 43 John STODDARD York Washtenaw  
STONE Jonas 60 Jonas STONE   Michilimacinac spelling as is
STONE Samuel 76 Samuel STONE Dundee Monroe  
SWARTWOUT Thomas 83 Andrew SWARTWOUT Woodstock Lenawee  
THOMPSON John 79     Washtenaw  
TROWBRIDGE Elizabeth 79     Wayne  
VAN AUSTIN John N. 65 David ADAMS Jackson Jackson  
VICKNEY Edward       Wayne  
VRELANDT Michael 80 Curren VRELANDT Brownstown Wayne  
WARREN David 60   Redford Wayne  
WATKINS Esther 73 Levi WATKINS Leonidas St. Joseph  
WELLMAN Zadoc 79 Joel WELLMAN Troy Oakland  
WELLS Jonathan 50 Jonathan WELLS Howard Cass  
WINCHELL John 43     Wayne  
WOODWARD John 77   Redford Wayne  

Source: A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services; with their Names, Ages, and Places of Residence as Returned by the Marshals of the Several Judicial Districs, under The Act For Taking the Sixth Census. Published: Washington: Printed by Blair and Rives 1841. Pages 192-193.

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