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Clare County was created 1 April, 1840 and organized 13 March 1871. Parent counties were Isabella to the South, Midland to the East and Mecosta to the West. The county was named for Clare County, Ireland.  The population is predominantly German, English and Irish.  Clare County was the site of an intense logging industry that began after the Civil War. Lumber from Clare County supplied both the east and the west coasts of Michigan and Chicago.   Following along with the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad in 1870, homesteaders began the trek into Clare County.  The county land had been opened under the Homestead Act of 1862.  Many Civil War Soldiers also settled the land by using their Military Script for 80 acres.  After the lumber was stripped from the land, the pine barrens were converted to farm land.  During the 1930's oil and gas were discovered in Clare County, leading to another energy boom.  Today, in the 21st Century Clare County is known for its recreation: hunting, fishing, boating, and other recreational pursuits.
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