Clare County
Antique Postcards

(and old photographs!)

This postcard dates from 1923 and pictures Clare's mainstreet: McEwan Street.  McEwan is still the main business street in Clare today.
The Mill Dam no longer exists in Clare.  This postcard dates from 1909.
The Doherty family has owned businesses in Clare for many, many years.  The most famous is the Doherty Hotel in downtown Clare.  This postcard dates from 1950 and pictures the now vanished Doherty Hotel-Motel which once stood on the corner of old U.S. 10 and old U.S. 27.
The Tobacco River was an important part of the logging industry in Clare and Midland Counties in the late 1800's.  It flows through several of the eastern townships.  This postcard dates from 1906 or 1908.
Stove Mill was one of many mills in Clare County during the lumber boom.  There is no date on the postcard, but it probably dates to the early years of the 20th century.
This is a penny postcard from 1914. On the top, the sender wrote his name: Ray Lock, the location, Farwell, Mich. and the year: 1914.  At the bottom of the postcard it states: birds eye view of Farwell (northeast).  This is a winter photo.  In looking beyond the town, you  get an idea of how stripped of trees the hills are.  There are hundreds more trees now northeast of Farwell, than there were in 1914!
An early postcard of Budd Lake in Harrison.  Caption says "Drive around 
Budd Lake, Harrison Michigan." (thanks to Jim Blass!)
Downtown Harrison:
Large building on right-hand corner is BEEMER'S SALOON.
(thanks to Laura Horton!)
A photo of an old logging camp, 
well past its heyday.  
Right:  (unknown)
(thanks to Laura Horton!)

Photo of Clare Roller Mill, courtesy of Darlene Dowling.
Virginia Jerred Mandrigues verifies that it's her grandfather, Walter Jerred,
sitting in the window of
the third floor!

This is the Hotel Doherty in Clare.  The building still looks much like this nowadays, although there is a brand-new conference center attached to the rear of the building.  This photo probably dates to the 1950's.  Courtesy of Darlene Dowling

   claremechurch.jpg This is the old M.E. Church in Clare.  It's a pretty popular postcard!  I've found it many times in antique stores.  This card dates from before 1920.  Courtesy of Darlene Dowling

This is the old high school in Clare city.  The postcard/photo probably dates from around 1940.  Courtesy of Darlene Dowling

calkinshotel   calkinshotel This is an old, old postcard of the Calkins Hotel, which was "THE place to be seen" in Clare city until it burned down January 20, 1920.  The postcard dates to 1914.  Courtesy of Darlene Dowling.

This photo was sent by Kay Ramubio but belonged to her dad, Elden.  This is the "nut wagon" at which you could purchase roasted cashews before enjoying the Drive-In movie!  The photo was taken October of 1963.


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