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Note on the back of photo:
"Sam is awful thin this summer, but me I am always thin."
Samuel and Eliza Walker Bruce and their children, photo taken about 1913.

Back row:  Thomas (1896), Anna (1893), Irene (1889), Ernie (1892), Lenora (1894), Albert (1898), Lottie (1900)

Front row:  Edward (1905), Reah (1903), Samuel, Eliza, Leah (1903), Alice (1907)

This is a photo of Ernest C. (Ernie) Bruce with a Model T Ford Truck.  Ernest (the Ernie in the above photo) managed the Ford Farm in the 1920s.  The Ford Farm is west of Harrison and was a venture of Henry Ford of automobile fame.  Ernest was the son of Samuel Bruce who was born in Canada and died in Harrison.

Robert Wallace Bruce was born in Ontario, Canada in 1830, the son of Ulster Scots from Northern Ireland.  He is the grandfather of Ernest, in the above photo.  Robert Wallace Bruce moved to Michigan in 1880 and to Clare County in 1884.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery near Harrison, as are many of his children.  He was in the lumbering business and owned a hotel in Temple (see photo below).    

R.W. Bruce is the grand-father of Ernie Bruce.  E. Russell Bruce , who submitted these photos, is a proud descendant of these settlers of Clare County.  

The town of Temple is west of Harrison, near the western edge of Clare County.  It was first a lumbering town and then had a brief resurrection as an oil boom town in the early 1900's.  

Robert Wallace Bruce owned a hotel in Temple in it's lumbering days.  It served lumberjacks.  In this photo, R. W. Bruce is the second man on the left, a tall rugged man who worked hard into his eighties.  According to E. Russell Bruce, R.W. Bruce's death was caused by pneumonia which he got from chopping wood in the rain and failing to get out of his wet clothes.  He caught a chill and died at the age of 90!  

The hotel is no longer standing.

This photo is of David John and Hannah Ferguson Walker.  Both of them were born in Canada and moved to Clare County in 1885.  Their daughter Eliza married Samuel Bruce.  Samuel and Eliza's family photo is at the top of this page.

Karl Christian Josef Reger, an ancestor of Rick Prosser.
Karl served in the Civil War.

This is the Reger Family.
Reger Family
Back L to R: Carl, Adam, Chris, Annie
Front L to R: Carrie, Mary, "Mother"Rosa, Rosa

Submitted by Rick Prosser .

This is the Prosser Family

Back L to R: Florence, Rosa"Reger", Jennie
Front L to R: Thomas, Adam
Missing Mary

Father Thomas Died April 2,1907.

Looking for a Picture of Thomas!

Submitted by Rick Prosser

Charles Landers FAmily

This picture was taken approx. 1911. Back row:Kent,1892,Lionell,1896,Almina,1894, Edna, 1888;next:Henry,1900,Capitola(paternal great grandmother),Charles(paternal great grandfather),Ada(paternal grandmother)1891,Mary,1899;last row Pearl,1905, Helena(baby on Capitola's lap)1911, Illa,1903 and Grey,1902.

Submitted by Leila Sansote

Ada Viola Landers Sansote

Ada Viola Landers Sansote is the paternal Grandmother of my husband. She was born 2/20/1891, in Harrison, Clare Co. MI, the daughter of Charles and Capitola Landers. She married George Sansote 12/30/1910. Grandma died 2/4/1966, in Traverse City, MI.

Submitted by Leila Sansote

Charles/Capitola Landers

Charles Landers was born 10/11/1868, in Harrison, Clare Co. MI. the son of Benjamin Franklin Landers and Desdemonia Melinda Pinchin. He died 9/22/1934 in Marcola, Lane Co., OR. He married Capitola Maynard,8/3/1890,in Clare Co. Capitola Maynard was born 10/25/1869, Oceana Co., MI, the daughter of James R. Maynard and Mary Jane Frost. Capitola died 5/4/1964, in Springfield, Lane Co.,OR. Charles and Capitola were my husbands paternal great grandparents.

Submitted by Leila Sansote

George Gilbert Sansote

This is my husband's paternal Grandfather, born 3/8/1871 in Allen Co., Indiana, died 4/1/1939, Harrison, Clare Co. MI. Grandpa is buried in Clare Co. He married Ada Landers, daughter of Charles and Capitola Landers in 1910 and remained a resident of Clare Co. until his death in 1939.

Submitted by Leila Sansote

George Sansote Family

George and Ada Sansote were my husband's paternal Grandparents. Back row are: Amelia,dob 4/22/1910, Alex,(my father-in-law),dob 3/11/1916, Grandma (Ada Sansote), Grandpa(George SansoteII), George III,dob 8/25/1912; front row: Ellis,dob 12/7/1919 and Clara, dob 7/21/1921. Date of picture unknown, but approx. 1925 0r 26.

Submitted by Leila Sansote

This is a photo of Lena Mae Gosine at age 15.,
Lena is the paternal great-grandmother of
Laura L. Horton (Martin)

Lena married Oliver Beemer.
After her divorce from him, she remarried 
A. Sharp, Flint, MI
Lena is the daughter of: 
Oliver & Anna (Albro) Gosine.  The "Gosine"
surname is an Americanized version of  "Gatien.

Lena's daughter Frances Margaret, married William Milo Martin, who are Laura's parents. 

This photo is of the Arthur & Thressia  ("Tress") Beemer (Bailey) family of Harrison, MI.
Left to right:(back row)  Donnalee Beemer, Oliver Beemer; William ("Billy") Beemer; and Phil Beemer
L to r:  front row:  Duane Beemer;  Thressia (Bailey) Beemer; and Arthur Beemer
Arthur Beemer was the son of Oliver & Lena May Beemer (Gosine); and Grandson of Oliver & Anna Gosine (Albro) & Francis ("Frank") & Margaret Beemer (Smith).
Arthur Beemer was Laura Horton's paternal Great Uncle.  Submitted by Laura L. Horton (Martin)

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