City, Town and Village Names

The following is an alphabetical listing of cities, towns, and villages in Isabella County,
For a listing by township please go to Cities, Towns and Villiages by Township

      Many population places have several names that they were known by.  Often, especially in Northern Michigan
       where the population was sparse and isolated, towns were named after places the people came from in
       southern Michigan, or their home state. When a post office was established another name was given to avoid
       mailing confusion. Places may also have been known by a prominent landmark, such as a saloon, hotel or
       sawmill.  Towns and villages  were often named after the person who first platted the land, and then later
       changed.  In the 1870's railroad stations  became local meeting places and appeared on plat maps as
       population centers.  The railroad station served as a shipping and commerce point for the local area.

       Isabella County has had 37 post offices (listing of Post Offices with postmasters) since
       incorporation of the county.

        Township Histories

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