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Cemetery Enumerations

      Cemetery enumerations by township are available at:  Cemeteries by Township !

                    Clare County Cemetery Index  -  These cemetery records were carefully researched by a number
                         of members of the Harrison Area Genealogy Society, using gravestones, sexton records and death records.  
                         Kathleen Jackson and George Dunham were instrumental in this endeavor.  
                        These cemetery records are accurate up to 2005, the date of the last update.
                    Civil War Veterans Buried in Isabella Co.
                         Digital images of many of the GAR markers. 

Bennett Cemetery: Leiter Road, Sherman Township; Tombstone

        Bennett Cemetery Sexton Records:   Sexton records.
Blanchard Cemetery: N. 3rd St. and Cedar St., Rolland Township,
     Blanchard, Michigan.  Established 1867.  Tombstone Transcription
     June 17, 2000.
     Blanchard Cemetery Sexton Records:  Sexton records from Rolland Township.

Broomfield Township Cemetery:  M-20 and Rolland Road, Broomfield
Calvary Cemetery: Sacred Heart Catholic Church Cemetery,
      Mt. Pleasant, Michigan  Please contact Sacred Heart Church for
      internment records.
Chippewa Township Cemetery 1941  - four miles north of Shepherd,
     Michigan. Transcribed by Harriet E. Morton, September, 1941.
     Chippewa Township Cemetery Sexton Records 1941
     Chippewa Cemetery 1981   -  Transcripts by Melva Wilbur and Jane
     Cowles.  At this point,  (1980-1981) the sexton of the cemetery said that
     the original records had been burned in a fire.  Many of the stones, at this
     time, are completely illegible, and more are very difficult to read.
Coe Cemetery (also called Pleasant Ridge or East Coe) Wise Road
     between South County Line and Coe Roads, Coe Township
     Pleasant Ridge Cemetery   (commonly called East Coe Cemetery),

Section 35 of Coe Township, Isabella Co., Michigan. From
     the village of Shepherd, 3 miles south, 2 miles east,
     mile south and 1/8 mile east.  August 1941 reading by Harriet
     Morton of the Isabella DAR.
Conley Cemetery: Coleman Road, Coldwater Township
     Conley Cemetery Sexton Records
     Conley Cemetery Headstones
Coomer Cemetery: Vandecar and W. Wing Roads, next to United
     Methodist Church, Deerfield Township
Decker Cemetery: 10th Avenue, Blanchard, Michigan.  This cemetery is in
     Millbrook Township, Section 12, Mecosta County, Michigan.  The enumeration
     here is of those people who died in Rolland Township, Isabella County who are
     buried in Decker Cemetery.
Fairview Cemetery (Tombstone transcription): Corner of Johnson and
     Weidman Rds. Nottawa Township, Weidman, Michigan
         Section 1  |   Section 2  |   Section 3  |   Section 4
         Fairview Cemetery Sexton Records
         Fairview Cemetery Headstones
         Nottawa Township Clerk Records for burials in Fairview  Cemetery
Forest Hill Cemetery   Road, between Wyman and Sherman Roads,
     Sherman Township; Tombstone Transcription
         Forest Hill Sexton Records, Lots 1-228
         Forest Hill Sexton Records West Section #3
Ford Cemetery:  Broomfield Road, Broomfield Township
Gilmore Township Cemetery: Corner of Vandecar Road and Stevenson
     Lake Road, Gilmore Township
     Gilmore Township Headstones
Green Cemetery: Green Road between Pleasant Valley and
     Fremont Roads, Lincoln Township
Indian Cemetery: Bamber Road, between River Rd. and Pickard Rd
     Mt. Pleasant
Indian Cemetery: Baseline Road, between Mission and Isabella Roads,
     near US 27.
Isabella County Poor Farm: This is an unnamed cemetery located on
     the old County Poor Farm land.  It is located on Shepherd Road,
     about 3.5 miles north of Shepherd on the east side of the road.
Isabella County Poor Farm Records
Includes journal entries of residents stays from 1877 and
     enumerations culled from the 1880 through 1930 census.
Isabella Township Cemetery: Crawford Road between Weidman and
     Rosebush Roads,  Isabella Township, Rosebush, Michigan
Isabella Township Burial Permits: 1982 to 2002; includes place of death,
     age, cemetery and grave location.
Lincoln Cemetery: Located west of Crawford Road about 1.5 miles
     on the north side of the road, or 6.25 miles west of Shepherd on
     Blanchard Road, Lincoln Township
Lutheran Cemetery: Jordan and Baseline Roads, Nottawa Township
Mount Pleasant Memorial Gardens: Mission Road, between Baseline
     and River Rds., Union Township,  Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Nippissing Cemetery (also called  Bissing Cemetery) Rosebush and
     Isabella Roads, Isabella Township, Leaton, Michigan.  Photos only.
     Nottawa Township Clerk Records for possible burials in Nippissing Cemetery
North Brinton Cemetery: Corner of North Brinton Road
     and Bawkey Road, Coldwater Township
     North Brinton Cemetery 2003 read by Tammie Sisco
     North Brinton Cemetery Headstones A-G
     North Brinton Cemetery Headstones H-Z
North Brinton Cemetery Sexton Records
        Block 1
        Block 2
        Block 3
        Block 4
        Block 5
        Block 6
        Block 7
        Block 8

Nottawa Indian or Redman Cemetery: Denver Road, Nottawa
     Township, Weidman
      Nottawa Township Clerk Records for burials in Redman Cemetery
Odd Fellows  (IOOF) Cemetery: North side of Stevenson Lake Road,
     East of North Brinton Road, Coldwater Township
     Odd Fellows (IOOF) Cemetery Sexton Records
     Coldwater Township, Isabella County, Michigan
Pine River Cemetery (also known as Rolland Township): Blanchard Rd.
     between Coldwater and Brinton Rds.,  Rolland Township.
        A-F  |  G-L  |  M-R  |  S-Z
     Rolland Township Deaths and Burials: listing of people who died in
     Rolland Township, includes some dates of birth, dates of death and where
     the person was buried.  Of particular interest is that many of the burials are
     out of the county - Edmore, Mecosta, Six Lakes, Indiana, Ohio and Ingham
Pine Grove Cemetery (also known as Lone Pine or Brown Cemetery)
     Fremont Road, between Lincoln and Crawford Roads, Lincoln Township
     Deeded April 23, 1873.  Established 1863.
     Information Needed!!! All township records for this cemetery are
     missing. Anyone that has information about individuals buried in Pine
     Grove are asked to please call Jim Willoughby at 989-828-5136.
River Lawn Cemetery: Denver Road, Delwin, Denver Township
           Faber Family Headstone transcriptions submitted by Kay Romubio
Riverside Cemetery: Broadway Street, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (City of)
     City of Mt. Pleasant online database from official records.
     Headstone transcription of Riverside Cemetery in 2005 by Susan Shock
     Block 1  |  Block 2  |  Block 3  Block 4  |
     Reading by Gary Anderson of section near the mausoleum.
     Riverside Cemetery Headstones
Saint Henry's Cemetery: Old Mission Road at Vernon Road,
     Rosebush, Michigan
Saint Joseph the Worker Cemetery: Winn Road, Beal City, Michigan
Saint Leo's Cemetery: Crawford Road at Vandecar Road, Winn,
Saint Michael Parish Cemetery: 8944 50th Avenue, Remus, Mecosta County, Michigan.  This
      Catholic Church served the far west townships of Isabella County. 
Saint Patrick's Catholic Church Cemetery - Irishtown, Gratiot Co. Michigan; many
    Coe Township families were buried here. 
Saint Vincent de Paul Cemetery: Shepherd, Coe Township, one mile
     south of Shepherd, east on Pleasant Valley Road about one-half mile,
     south side of the road.
Salt River Cemetery: Shepherd Road, between Pleasant Valley and
     Fremont Roads, Shepherd, Michigan
Sherman City Cemetery: Vernon Road, Sherman Township;
     Tombstone Transcription
        Sherman Cemetery Sexton Records
Taylor Cemetery: Fremont Township; Vandecar Road between
     Crawford and Walton Roads
Two Rivers Cemetery (also known as Caldwell): Littlefield and  River
     Roads, Deerfield Township, Two Rivers, Michigan
Union Cemetery: Blanchard Road at Littlefield Road, Winn, Michigan
     Transcription by E. Evelyn Fuller, for the D.A.R., abt. 1980.  This
     cemetery was also know as the Cullimore Cemetery (per Kreaton 
     Cullimore of Zephyrhills, Florida via Violet Welsheimer).  The cemetery
     was set aside from land held by George Cullimore, a union veteran.
        A-C  |  D-GH-L  |  M-R  |  S-Y
Vernon Township Cemetery:  located 4 miles south of Clare on Old
     Highway 27, Vernon, Michigan. DAR Transcription and notes.
     Vernon Township Cemetery Map - April 1900
     Contributed by Cynthia Van De Sys
Wise Cemetery: Loomis and Grass Lake Roads, Loomis, Michigan
Woodland Cemetery: (also known as Rosebush Cemetery or Old
      Woodland Cemetery): Crawford Road, between Weidman and Rosebush Roads,
      Isabella Township; map of burials, headstone readings of both old and new cemeteries and digital
      Nottawa Township Clerk Records for possible burials in Woodland Cemetery.
Zion Lutheran Cemetery:   Corner of W. Pickard and Coldwater Roads
     Broomfield Township
     Zion Lutheran Cemetery Headstones 
The Political Graveyard:  A listing of those political people born and or died and
     buried in Isabella County.
Michigan Cemetery Sources Database - The Michigan Cemetery   
     Sources web site represents a compilation of published cemetery
     transcriptions located at the Library of Michigan. It also identifies the
     location of over 3,700 cemeteries in Michigan. It is NOT intended to
     include a list of personal names.
Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemetery

       Provides detailed information on the 3.2 million veterans buried in
       national cemeteries.


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