1930 Isabella County Poor Farm Census

Dwelling # Family # Last Name First Name Relationship Race Sex Age Marital Status Age at 1st marriage Attended School Can Read/Write Birthplace Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace Occupation
124 127 Carpenter Charles N. Head White Male 57 M 33 No Yes MI NY OH Superintendant
    Carpenter Frances L. Wife White Female 62 M 13 No Yes MI MI MI  
    Crawford Almira A. Servant White Female 69 A 23 No Yes CAN CAN CAN Servant
    Bradley Carl   White Male 21 S   No Yes OH OH OH Laborer
    Ward Sarah   White Female 57 S   No No CAN UNK UNK  Inmate
    Presley Eliza   White Female 72 Wd 21 No Yes CAN Not Known (Europe N.S) Not Known (Europe N.S) Inmate
    Walters Harry   White Male 63 S   No Yes US Unk US UNK US   Inmate
    Halstead Albert   White Male 64 Wd 41 No Yes MI MI NY Inmate
    Haggerman Frank   White Male 63 S   No Yes NY GER CAN Inmate
    Hogin John   White Male 58 S   No Yes CAN IRE IRE Inmate
    Hodgens Elvin   White Male 42 S   No Yes MI US UNK Netherland Inmate
    Rice William   White Male 58 M 25 No Yes MI IL MI Inmate
    Norris Randolf   White Male 79 Wd 22 No Yes OH US UNK Not Known Inmate
    Carr Ethyl   White Female 42 S   No Yes MI US UNK    
    Mead     White Male 74 S   No Yes OH PA PA Inmate
    Stickler Bessie   White Female 19 S   No Yes OH OH OH Inmate
    Milligan Anthony   White Male 83 S   No Yes PA NY PA Inmate
    Bryson David   White Male 76 Wd 35 No Yes OH US UNK Maryland Inmate
    Trayer George   White Male 85 Wd 23 No Yes NY NY PA Inmate
    Benton Flora   White Female 73 Wd 21 No Yes MI OH OH Inmate
    Richey Jack   White Male 74 S   No Yes MI AR IRE Inmate
    Wabinow Joe   White Male 64 Wd 22 No No MI MI MI Inmate
    Brazier Mary   White Female 81 Wd   No Yes FRA FRA FRA Inmate
    Lerch Philip   White Male 73 Wd 49 No Yes OH FRA GER Inmate
    Robinson Jay   White Male 67 Wd 23 No Yes NY PA NY Inmate
    Bailey Frank   White Male 83 Wd 32 No Yes OH GER SWITZ Inmate
    Murdock Anna   White Female 77 Wd 16 No Yes CAN CAN CAN Inmate
    Handy John   White Male 74 M 31 No Yes MI NY PA Inmate
    Delater Jim   White Male 49 S   No Yes BELG FRA BELG Inmate
    Boody Lorenzo   White Male 70 M 36 No Yes MI NY US   Inmate
    Boody Ida   White Female 73 M 39 No Yes OH PA  OH Inmate
    Kelly Edward   White Male 39 D 29 No Yes MI OH OH Inmate
    Halsted Hattie   White Female 90 Wd 19 No Yes NY FRA FRA Inmate
    Sanger Ephraim   White Male 96 Wd 27 No Yes PA PA PA Inmate

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