1880 US Federal Census, Chippewa Twp., Isabella Co., MI

Page #5

Enumeration District 102

Supervisor Ďs District 3

475 A

Enoch Robbins, Enumerator

Dwelling Number 39

Family Number 42

Crowley, Edwin W, M, 41, Married, Overseer, NY, VT, VT

Emily W, F, 31, Wife, Married, Keeping house, OH, VT, MA

Ory, W, M, 15, Son, Single, Laborer, IA, NY, Eng

Ernest, W, M, 8, Son, Single, at school, MI, NY, OH

Leland, W, M, 3, Son, Single, MI, NY, OH

Geary, Nathan, W, M, 80, Pauper, Widowed, Farmer, canít read, canít write, PA, Unknown, Unknown

Pummerville, Frances, W, M, 68, Pauper, Widowed, Carpenter, Rheumatism, canít write, CAN, CAN, CAN

Estell, Horace, W, M, 30, Pauper, Single, Farmer, OH, Unknown, Unknown.

Dougherty, Polly W, F, 34, Pauper, Single, Indiana, (Indiana), (Indiana)

Haveland, Anna W, F, 8, Pauper, Single, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

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