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Michigan Volunteers in the Spanish American War

35th Michigan Buglers

In the spring of 1898 the United States entered the Spanish American War in an effort to help Cubans who were under the rule of Spain at the time.  An American ship the USS Main was sunk in Havana Harbor of Cuba on February 15, 1898 and was the event that set off our involvement.

Michigan National Guard Units were the first to come around and volunteers were then added. The regiments were the 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, and 35th Michigan Infantry.  A Naval Unit also served. The 35th did not leave the USA. More deaths resulted from disease than battle.

The names were extracted from: Title: Michigan volunteers of '98. Published Detroit, Michigan by G. F. Sterling & Co. in 1898.

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Calumet Light Guard

6,893 named served in Michigan Regiments.

If you find a name that is within your family more records can be obtained by using the resources listed below.

State Archives of Michigan Circulars of Records Available -
Military Records I - War Records - Bounties Paid
Military Records II - Soldiers and Sailors Home + Organization Records
Military Records III - Local Records by County
Bounties, Premiums, Subsidies, Relief

Films available through LDS Family History Centers
Michigan volunteers, Spanish American War muster out rolls, 1898-1899
1. Index to Michigan volunteers 1898-1899 Film 915347 Item 2
2. Muster out rolls, 31st regiment of infantry 1898-1899 Film 915489
3. Muster out rolls, 32nd-33rd regiments of infantry 1898-1899 Film 915490
4. Muster rolls, 34th regiment of infantry 1898-1899 Film 915491
5. Muster out rolls, 35th regiment of infantry 1898-1899 Film 915492

Michigan volunteers, Spanish American War "Index Cards" of Pension Files at the NARA (Series T289)
1. 31 Michigan Infantry to Company L (Spanish-Amer. War) - Film 1725732
2. From Company M, 31 Michigan Infantry - Company G, 35 Michigan Infantry
(Spanish- Amer. War) - Film 1725733
3. From Company H, 35 Michigan Infantry to end (Spanish-Amer. War) - Film 1725734

National Archives Records and Administration - Ordering Pension Records of Military Personnel
Article on what is available at the NARA