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Please remember when doing a search that all records are transcribed as is when it comes to the spelling of names.  Your search may not work due to varied spellings by the officials that recorded the names.  Please use the bottom navigator to surf through the names to catch other spellings.

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List of Mackinac Marriages
Total Records:  700
Mckmarr ID Marriage Date Groom Surname Groom Given Bride Surname Bride Given
241  17 October 1825  Whilen  John  Waygibikowc  Mary 
289  04 April 1831  White  Patrick  Ralph  Ann 
233  11 December 1824  White  Robert  Hogan  Caroline 
727  24 July 1883  Williams  George  Fitzhenry  Mary 
325  12 September 1869  Williams  Stephens  Lapere  Mamie or Marrie 
356  14 July 1872  Williken  W. Benjamin  Stimpson  Lydia 
578  12 December 1881  Willson  William  Goodwin  Saplmonia? 
247  03 July 1826  Wilt  Will  Pelotte  Angelique 
488  21 December 1878  Winfield  Herbert  Deloria  Helen 
478  27 June 1867  Young  Alexander  Kak  Mary P. 

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