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Census of the State of Michigan 1894
Soldiers, Sailors and Marines, Volume III
Compiled by Washington Gardner, Secretary of State
LANSING: Robert Smith & Co., State Printers and Binders

Names By County

AbbeyAmos RichlandSaginaw 
AbbottGeo. RichlandSaginaw 
AbbottGeo.B.Saginaw City First WardSaginaw 
AbbottRobt. Saginaw City Fifth WardSaginaw 
AbbottThomas Saginaw City Fifth WardSaginaw 
AdamsAlonzo Village of St. CharlesSaginaw 
AdamsJas.F.Saginaw City Second WardSaginaw 
AdamsJohnQ.Buena VistaSaginaw 
AdamsNelson ChesaningSaginaw 
AdamsTheronE. W.Village of ChesaningSaginaw 
AhernsJulius Saginaw City Fourteenth WardSaginawyes
AlbertAlgid(?)SurnameMaple GroveSaginaw 
AlcornJohnK.Saginaw City Fourth WardSaginaw 
Aldrichgeo. BrantSaginaw 
AldrichWm.D.Saginaw City Tenth WardSaginaw 
AlexanderAmbrose St. CharlesSaginaw 
AlgerDavid Birch RunSaginaw 
AlgerIra Saginaw City Fourth WardSaginaw 
AllenChas.D.Saginaw City Ninth WardSaginaw 
AllenE. Saginaw City Eleventh WardSaginaw 
AllenJohnB.Saginaw City Eleventh WardSaginaw 
AllenLouis Village of St. CharlesSaginaw 
AllenWm.H.Village of ChesaningSaginaw 
AlmaAlbertW.Saginaw City Ninth WardSaginaw 
AlmaAndrew ThomastownSaginaw 
AlversonJamesA.Saginaw City Fifth WardSaginaw 
AndrewEdwin Saginaw City Twelfth WardSaginaw 
AndrewMerrit Village of St. CharlesSaginaw 
AndrewsFletcher JamesSaginaw 
AndrewsLewisL.Saginaw City Seventh WardSaginaw 
AndrewsSamuel FremontSaginaw 
AndrussSamuel Village of CarrolltonSaginaw 
AranPeterE.Saginaw City Fifteenth WardSaginaw 
ArmanJohn Saginaw City Tenth WardSaginaw 
ArmstrongJoseph Saginaw City Fifth WardSaginaw 
ArnoldDavidS.Saginaw City Ninth WardSaginaw 
AshleyFredA.Saginaw City Sixth WardSaginaw 
AshleyJohn Village of CarrolltonSaginaw 
AslinJoseph Saginaw City Fifth WardSaginaw 
AustinAlonzoW.Village of ChesaningSaginaw 
AustinChas.M.Saginaw City Eighth WardSaginaw 
AustinHiram Maple GroveSaginaw 
AustinJames Maple GroveSaginaw 
AustinJohnE.Birch RunSaginaw 
AverillHarmonS.Saginaw City Twelfth WardSaginaw 
AyresEbenR.Saginaw City Second WardSaginaw 

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Transcribed and © Copyright by Donna Hoff-Grambau, July 2000.