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Containing an Alphabetical Directory of Business Concerns and
Private Citizens, a Directory of Householders, Occupants
of Office Buildings and Other Business Places, in-
cluding a Complete Street and Avenue Guide
and Much Information of a Miscel-
laneous Character; also a



and a


Complete Business Directory




R. L. POLK & CO., Publishers
Directory Bldg., 431 Howard ST., Detroit, Mich.

Copyright 1930, by R. L. Polk & Co.






Abair, Henry - Anderson, Wm. J. 
Andre, C. H. to Ayotte - Lawrence F. (Anna M.)
 Baalash, Theo. - Bay Theatre
 Beach, Alma Mrs - Bezesky, Madaline
Bialek, Henry L - Boze, Mary J
Brabant, Corrine Mrs. - Byshee, Fredk W.
C & M Market - Civic League
 Claes, Chris J - Czyzski, Verna Mrs
Dabrowski, Chas - Deziley, Stelle M
Diamond Auto Tires - Dzwoniarek, Virginia
 Eager, Clarence - Eyre, Orville L
Faber, Clyde - Flynn, Wm. J.
Fobert, Amelia - Fyan, Morris M
 GMC Trucks - Givitt, Mrs. Gertrude
Glaca, John - Goyk, Frank
Grabowski, Anthony to Gzerwinski, Frances
H & M Coal and Cartage Co - Hazzard, Florence
Headings, H Elmer - Hlavnic, Bertha
Hoag, Albert E. - Hydorn, Wm. R.
Ideal Plumbing - Izzo, Michl
Jablonski, Aloysius - Jezewski, Wm W.
Jiffy Cleaners - Juvenile Detention Home
K D Malt Co - Keyser, Wm H (Eliz)
Kiah, Geo. A. - Kozubal, Tillie
Kraatz, Wm. - Kwapiszewski, Victor
Labarge, Harold W. - Lazarus, Frank (Josephine)
Leader, John - L'Herault, Marie M.
Libera, Eleanor - Lysogorska, Antonia
Maarleveld, Anthony J. - Mazurowski, Jos. J. (Agnes)
McAfee, Wilson R. - McWilliams, Margt
Mead, Annie - Mix, Wilferd R.
Moat, Angeline (wid Andrew) - Mytkowski, Thos (Harriet)
Nadobny, Alf G - Nyghtswander, Roy
Oak Ridge Cemetery - Oxford Shop
Pabalis, Jos (Martha) - Peyer, Alvin (Lena)
Pfeife, Anthony C. - Pytlik, Frank (Martha)
Quality Baking Co. - Quonce, Susan
R & S Shoe Stores - Rix, Walter (Susie)
Roach, John - Rytlewski, William D.
Sabala, Agnes M. - Schwitzer, Rose
Scobie, Stuart (Minnie) - Schutler, Mary
Sible, Georgiana - Snyder, Wilfred W. (Nellie)
Soady, Norman P. - Stoyke, Virginia
Strachan, Chas A. - Szyperski, Kath M.
Tabaka, Martin - Trojanowicz, Veronica
Trombley, Arthur - Tyner, Theresa
 Ueberhorst, Ida C. - Utermalen, Louis E. 
 Vail, Mary M. - Vulders, Pearl M.  
WBCM - Wazny, John F.
 Weadock, Florence - Wetters Oil Co.
Whalen, Bernard A. - Wiznerowicz, Jos.
Wloch, Frank - Wyzykowski, John
Yachimovich, Adelida - Youngs, Wm.
Zaas, Philip - Zybach, Robt P.


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