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Doings Of Battery B

328th Field Artillery American Expeditionary Forces

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 CORP. WILLIAM P. WALKER Serial No. 2.026,614 213 Park Ave., Alma, Mich. William Walker enlisted in September of 1917, and was sent to the Motor Truck School, at Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he passed with high average, was appointed to the B. C. detail, and assigned to the duty of Battery Agent. The duties of this assignment are conspicuously dangerous, an agent being, in fact, the official runner from regimental headquarters to the Battery commander. Bill, as he was called, performed many dangerous running expeditions, having to traverse ground continuously swept with shell fire. His most hazardous undertaking was the delivery of a message over the Pont-a-Mousson, which at the time was under heavy fire. Elsewhere in this book may be found a picture and story of this bridge, famous for the number of times it had been blown up. Walker was an unassuming fellow, clean and very precise, with a provident turn of mind which enabled him to be liberal with cigarettes when smokes were scarce. To be good-natured seemed to be his normal condition, with a happy knack of saying original things and telling unusually dry jokes. He had a distinct relish for French champagne. At Coetquidan, Bill, Clyde Oxley and Karl Felshaw were the midnight talkers, and these Battery Owls discussed just about every subject known to the universe. His courageous and tireless discharge of duties merited promotion much earlier. However, just before the Battery was demobilized he was advanced to rank of Corporal.

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