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Rural Directories of Michigan

Source: How To Do Things......... Farm Journal or Farm Journal Illustrated

ABBREVIATIONS.-a, means acres; bds, boards; B tel, Bell telephone; w, wife; ch, children; H&L, house and lot; 40, Township Road No. 40; O, owns; R1, Rural Route No. 1; ret, retired; T, tenant; 4h, 4 horses; 2c, 2 cattle.

Names in CAPITALS are those of Farm Journal subscribers—always the most intelligent and progressive people in any county. No Tumbledowns, for no farmer can keep on reading the F. J. and be a Tumbledown, too. Many have tried, but all have to quit one or the other.

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Web Author Notes on this dataset:

1. Spellings - names in some cases look to be in error, but all names "are as is" within the directory listing. Two names with slightly different spellings are clearly (to genealogists that is!) the same last name. Being used to names being misspelled we are used to looking for common misspellings. Example: Latocki - Latoocke
2. Places - Some directories are listed as being for a county but have townships of the neighboring county in them.  The added county in the seperate column denotes the correct county. When a place name such as Freeland is listed in a different township, it has been left as is because the post office can very well be in the next county or township if the person's property was near the border of the that township or county.