Tuscola County


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan:

     Section 30.  That portion of the present county of Sanilac, embraced in the north half of town 10 north, and in towns 11, 12,13, and 14 north, of ranges 7,8,9,10, and 11 east, and in fractional town 15 north, or ranges 7 and 8 east, shall be laid off as a separate county, to known and designated as the county of Tuscola.

Approved April 1, 1840.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Michigan:

    Section 1.  That the county of Tuscola shall be organized, and the inhabitants thereof be entitled to all the rights and privileges to which by law the inhabitants of the other organized counties of the State are entitled.

     Section 2.  That all suits, Prosecutions and other matters now pending before any court of record in Saginaw county, or before any justice of the peace in said county, or that shall be pending at the time of the taking effect of this act, shall be prosecuted to final judgment and execution, and all taxes heretofore levied and now due shall be collected as though the county of Tuscola had not been organized.
     Sec. 3.  There shall be elected in said county of Tuscola, on the first Tuesday of November, the year 1850, all the several county officers to which by law the said county is entitled; and said election shall in all respects be conducted and held in the manner prescribed by law for holding elections for county and state officers:     Provided,  That until such county officers are elected and qualified, the proper county officers of the county of Saginaw shall perform all the duties appertaining to the said county of Tuscola in the same manner as though this act had not passed:  

And provided further, That the county officers so to be elected shall be qualified and enter upon the duties of their respective offices on the first Monday in January, the year 1851, and no county buildings shall be erected at the expense of the county until after the county-seat shall have been permanently located, as provided for in this act.

     Sec. 4.  The board of canvassers in said county under this act shall consist of the presiding inspectors of elections from each township therein, and said inspectors shall meet at the count-seat of said county at the time appointed by law for the county canvass, and immediately after the election authorized in the third section of this act, and organize by appointing one of their number chairman and another secretary of said board, and shall thereupon proceed to discharge all the duties of county canvassers, as in ordinary cases of election for county and state officers.

     Sec. 5  The circuit court for the county of Saginaw shall have the same jurisdiction over said county of Tuscola that it would have, if this act had not passed, until otherwise provided by law.

     Sec. 6  That it shall be the duty of the sheriff and said county of Tuscola to provide some suitable place for holding courts in said county, at the county-seat thereof, until public buildings shall be erected.

     Sec 7.  That the county-seat of said county of Tuscola be and the same is hereby fixed and established on the northwest fractional quarter of section 7, in township number 11 north, of range number 8 east, until the year 1860, and until the same shall be permanently located as hereinafter provided; and the supervisors elected for the year 1860 in said county shall have the power and it shall be their duty permanently to locate the county-seat of said county.

    Sec 8.   This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved March 2, 1850.


County-seat, Caro.


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