Mr. Black was born January 20, 1860.  Married Edith M. Gould January 14, 1887.  She was born December 31, 1866.  And died in April 1901.  They have six children, Harold F., born November 29, 1888; Alice G. born July 23, 1890; Myrtle E., born May 3, 1892; Ray E.; born August 27, 1893; Sylvia G., born September 25, 1897; and Edith M., born April 15, 1901.



     Mr. Conger was born May 25, 1857, in Saginaw County, Michigan.  In 1861 his parents moved to Wisner Township, and settled on his present farm.  Married Adaline Keyser May 12, 1884.  She was born October 6, 1865.  They have four children, Francis, was born November 12, 1886; Frank, born August 16, 1888; Homer, born December 3, 1892; Guy, born February 12, 1895.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosens, of Ontario, born May 3, 1848, in Wilmot, Ontario.  Remained there several years, married Olive Poore January 1, 1870.  She was born June 28, 1849, in Ontario.  They have seven children, Harriet A. , born August 29, 1871; Joseph, born October 4, 1873; John, born January 21, 1875; Charles, born December 28, 1879; W. J. and Mary J., born August 17, 1882; these were all born in Ontario.  Shelby born December 20, 1886, in Tuscola County, Michigan.



     Mr. Esckelson was born March 2, 1870, in Schleswig, Germany.  Married November 23, 1893.  She was born November 8, 1876, in Lincoln Township, Huron County, Michigan.  They have three children, Mable, born August 17, 1894; another child, June 3, 1895; William, June 19, 1899.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Gundry, born December 30, 1864, in Oakland County, Michigan.  Mr. and Mrs. J. Gundry were both born in Hampshire, England. Married Bertha Highfield March 2, 1892.  She was born January 31, 1869, in Oakland County, Michigan.  They have two children, Ethel G. born January 20, 1893, in Oakland County, and Mina A., born January 19, 1899, in Tuscola County.  Mr. Herbert Gundry settled in Wisner Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, in 1894.



     Mr. and Mrs. James McPherson were born in Nova Scotia, and lived there several years; in 1851 they moved to Middlesex County, Ontario.  They had twelve children, Ester, Margaret, Clara, Selina, Isabella, Rufus, Anna, George, J. W., Frederick and Sarah.  Mrs. McPherson’s father, Thomas Cosens, was born in England, and her mother was born in Ontario.  They had ten children, Mary, Charlotte, Elizabeth, John, William, Henry, Isaac, Cyrus, Joseph and Nathan.  Mr. J. W. McPherson was in Nova Scotia May 3, 1838.  He married Charlotte Cosens December 1, 1862.  She was born August 13, 1839.  They remained in Ontario ten years.  Then came to Tuscola County, Michigan.  They have eight children, Elizabeth, born September 24, 1863; Mary, April 2, 1865; John, December 30, 1866; William July 16, 1869; Angeline and Emaline twins born May 6, 1872; Anna, August 16, 1873; George, March 18, 1876; Charlotte, January 3, 1879; Orvil, July 18, 1881



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. John McFarlane, born February 12, 1842, in Dunbartenshire, Scotland.  Came to Ontario with his parents in 1843.  In 1865 came to Michigan, and located on his present farm.   Married Laura Jouve, January 1, 1875, in Flint, Michigan.  She was born July 15, 1857.  They have five children, Violet, born June 29, 1877; Ellen, born July 2, 1881; Grace, born April 21, 1886; Emma, born September 18, 1888; and Hobert, born April 20, 1891.



     Mr. McKay was born March 4, 1857, in Ontario.  In 1866 came to Flint, Michigan, remained there a short time, and then returned to Canada and served five years apprenticeship to the sculptors trade.  He then came to Wisner Township, and engaged in the grocery business. Married Sarah A. Vandemark, March 27, 1881.  They had four Children, Margaret V., born September 8, 1882; Alta C., born August 9, 1885; Aveline, born October 10, 1887.  Married the second time to Albertine B. Reilley, March 20, 1894.  She was born July 17, 1856, in Germany.  They have one child, William Wallace McKay, born November 9, 1894.


     Mr. Myers was born June 7, 1850, in Germany.  He came to America in 1853, with his parents, who located in Marion County, Ohio.  He worked on a farm for a while.  Then he took up stationary engineering, and followed this business for several years.  Worked for C. Hiller of Bay City for eleven years, and then settled on his present farm.  He married Jennie Strivel, October 2, 1877.  She was born November 1, 1860, in St. Clair County, Michigan.  They have five children, Frank born June 25, 1873; Waren, born October 23, 1881; Carl born September 25, 1883; Hannah Pearl, born January 28, 1893; and Morten, born September 13, 1897.



     Mr. Southgate was born in Horning, Norfolk county, England, May 2, 1858.  He came to America in 1884.   Has been employed as manager of Bay Park for years.  Married Ella Fessler, August 22, 1898, in Bay Park, Akron Township.  She was born November 11, 1858.



     Mr. Hiram Thomas, father of Mr. Warren Thomas, was born in Genesee County, New York, April 1, 1810, and died April 1, 1894.  Mr. W. Thomas mother, Lucy Pratt, was born in Vermont April 14, 1818, and died May 6, 1851.  W. A. Thomas was born January 22, 1839, in Stony Run, Oakland County, Michigan.  In 1844 his parents moved to Flushing, Genesee County.  In 1849 they moved to Bridge Port Center, Saginaw County, Michigan, remaining there ten years.  In 1859 he came to Wisner Township, Tuscola County, and followed general farming.  He enlisted in Company K, Twenty-ninth Infantry Volunteers, September 18, 1864, and served until September 6, 1865, and then returned to his farm.  Married Emma Goodenow, August 29, 1870.  She was born April 23, 1858, in Monday Township, Genesee County, Michigan.  They have three children, Jay A., born May 15, 1871; Nellie May, born March 10, 1874; Cecil Emma, born January 3, 1894.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thumme of Germany.  Mr. Thumme was born March 20, 1858, in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to St. Clair, and remained there several years.  Married Rachel Ricket in November 1879.  She was born June 6, 1862, in Detroit.  They have two children, Charlie, born November 4,1882; Herbert, born February 9, 1885.  Henry Thumme married Caroline Unger, April 26, 1887.  She was born February 21, 1863, in Germany.  He has two children by his second wife; William, born December 20, 1888; Henry, born August 6, 1895.