Mr. Brown was born December 2, 1864, in York County, Canada.  Came to Michigan in 1882 and located in Novesta Township, where he engaged in farming.  Married Ida M. Moshier, December 8, 1890.  She was born May 27, 1871.  They have four children, Alice E., born October 6, 1891; Arthur E., born October 23, 1892; Mime L., born May 2, 1894, and Retta M., born May 5, 1896.



     Mr. Ferguson was born December 9, 1843, in Comrie, Berkshire, Scotland.  He came to America in 1855 and located on his present farm in 1878.  Married Lamma A. Aines, June 23, 1880.  She was born in Wentworth County, Canada, January 25, 1855.  They have two children, Jennie, born September 19, 1888, and Cora, born April 20, 1893.



     Mr. Gekerer was born July 10, 18--, in Newstead Erie County, N. Y. Married Addie Broughton, November 20, 1882, in Buffalo, N. Y.  They came to Michigan the same year and located on their present farm.  Mrs. Gekerer was born October 20, 18-2, in Covington, N. Y.  They have four children, George E, born March 3, 1884; Frank H., born February 21, 1880; Mary E., born August 12, 1888; Herbert, born March 6, 1891.  Mr. Gekerer has been engaged in well drilling and has been very successful.   He is always ready to meet the wants of his many customers.



     Mr. Hall was born in Canada, February 27, 1862.  Married Kate Paul, January 1, 1890.  She was born January 6, 1867.  They have three children, Frank, born September 2, 1891; Edith M., born September 16, 1893; Mabel B., born April 25, 1901.  Mr. Hall is engaged in the manufacture of all kinds of brick.  He has a good business and is always ready to meet the demands in his line.



     Mr. Hack was bon in Canada, June 25, 1854.  Married May Huffman, September 24, 1884.  She was born in Canada.  They have six children Lila, born April 15, 1886; Alta, born August 6, 1889; Edna B., born September 17, 1891; Millie, born January 12, 1894; Hazel, born June 16, 1898; Claud, born August 30, 1900.



    Mr. Hunt was born April 11, 1839, in Pelham Township, Welland County, Ontario.  Came to Michigan in April, 1860, and was engaged in looking up land twelve years for Heather & Allison, of Saginaw.  Later was proprietor of the grist mill in Cass City; was in charge of the grinding department for seven years.  He is a present engaged in farming.  Mr. Hunt has been director of the School Board for many years.  Mr. Hunt married Margaret Green, June 30, 1869.  They have one child, Seth, born September 2, 1874.



     Mr. Moshier was born December 11, 1836, in Maricksville, Canada.  Came to Michigan in 1867, and has been engaged in farming in Novesta Township many years.  Mr. Moshier is one of the pioneers of this township, being the first settler.  Married Louisa M. Beach, July 12, 1860.  They have nine children.  The first three were born in Canada, the remainder of the family were born in Novesta Township.  Betty, born October 17, 1860; George S., born September 22, 1863; Walter T., born July 15, 1867; Ida M., born May 27, 1871; Hattie M., born July 29, 1877; Bertha, born June 11, 1880; Nellie L., born July 11, 1882; Carrie M., born June 22, 1884; Orpha H., born June 17, 1887.



     Mr. McLean was born in Clark Township, Durham County, Ontario, November 2, 1847.  When three years of age his parents moved to Elgin County and located on Lot 9, in the seventh concession of the Township of Allborough.  He acquired some property there, which he sold in 1879, and came to Novesta, where he settled on Section 2.  November 10, 1871, he married Eliza Patterson, of Allbourough, formerly of Trafalgar, Canada, and have four children, Maria, born September 22, 1872; Margaret Jane, born January 27, 1873; John William, born July 24, 1877; Ethel Irene, born October 1, 1893.



     Mr. Mills was born in Elgin County, Ontario, July 5, 1859.  In 1863 his parents came to St. Clair County, Michigan.   He lived there twenty-five years, and married Effie B. Reamer, May 5, 1879.  They have five children, Vernnie E. born January 29, 1880; Edna, born February 12, 1882; Frank, born March 12, 1884; Leafy, born April 11, 1888; Grace, born June 20, 1889.  Mr. and Mars. Mills have resided in Novesta Township for the past ten years.  Mr. Mills is engaged in farming.  They have a pleasant home.



     Mr. V. Paul was born in Germany in 1827.  He married Mary Voet, February 8, 1845, in New York city.  She was born in Germany in 1832.  They settled in Novesta Township many years ago, and their long years of labor have been rewarded by a comfortable home and pleasant surroundings.  They have eight children, Maggie, born March 13, 1858; Lizzie, born May 3, 1860; Henry, born August 10, 1862; John, born October 15, 1864; Mary, born February 9, 1867; Kate, born June 6, 1869; Lena, born September 11, 1871; William, born May 10, 1876.



     Mr. Rodgers was born September 1, 1872, in Sanalac County, Michigan, and he lived in Lapeer County twenty-two years, and then settled in Tuscola County.  Mr. Rodgers married Etta L. Watson, December 4, 1897.  They have one child, Blanche, born August 2, 1898.  Mrs. Rodgers was born February 7, 1877.



      Mr. Spencer was born May 22, 1842, in Norwich Township, Oxford County, Canada.  He lived there until 1864, when he located in North Branch, Michigan, and engaged in blacksmithing.  Married Mary I. Thondycroft, October 5, 1862.  She was born July 10, 1844, in England.  Mr. Sepencer located at Deford in 1889, where he does a good business.  They have five children, George S., born June 21, 1870; John B., born December 25, 1873; Alvina E., born June 22, 1876; Minnie A., born June 28, 1884; Adelbert P., born January 5, 1899.



     Mr. Vorhes was born October 2, 1831, in Alleghany County, N. Y.  In 1837 his parents came to Macomb County, Michigan, where he lived twenty-five years.  In 1862 they moved to Troy Township, Oakland County.  May 6, 1882, Mr. Vorhes came to Tuscola County.  Married Emily Lord born June 25, 1883; Edgar, born August 25, 1885.



     Mr. Warner was born July 3, 1836, in Macomb County, Michigan, and remained there until he was twenty-four years of age.  He labored on a farm in the summer months and taught school in the winter season.  In April , 1863, he enlisted and served until the close of the war in 1865.  Married Ameda M., Houghton, March 8, 1863.  She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Houghton, of Oakland County, Michigan.  In 1865 Mr. and Mrs. Warner located on a farm near Cass City, where they resided until 1869, when he moved to his present farm.  He has filled many township offices of trust.  Mr. and Mrs. Warner have nine children, Myrtle L. Warner, born October 1, 1865; Walter H., born December 7, 1867; Herbert M., born February 12, 1870; Olive M., born December 25, 1873; Robert, born September 28, 1874; Mary E., born May 4, 1880; Stanley A., born November 18, 1883; Ethel V., born May 24, 1887; Cecil R., born May 13, 1889; Robert was married April 28 1901, to Miss Lizzy Walker.

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