Son of John and Mary Annin, born December 18, 1845, in Clarkson Township, Monroe County, N. Y.  His parents came to Metamora, Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1853.  He took charge of his father's farm at the age of fourteen.  Later his father deeded the farm to him.  Married Sarah Henderson, August 18, 1866, in Romeo.  She was born December 20, 1846, in Lapeer County.  Mr. Annin sold his farm in 1877 and came to Kingston Township, Tuscola County, where he has since resided.  He has held many township offices since he came here.  They have eight children, Thurza, born August 18, 1867, and died February, 1874; Helene M., born February 17, 1871; Lottie M., born July 23, 1874; Hattie B., born June 23, 1877; Angelia R., born March 13, 1879; Mollie A., born August 9, 1881, Edna E., born August 2, 1883; John C. Jr., born December 1, 1886.  Mr. Annin's mother died March 8, 1891.  She had always lived with him. 



     Son of John N. and Christina Deo, born Apirl 20, 1874, in Burlington Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.  Married Isabella Rutherford, December 27, 1893.  She was born October 11, 1872, in Wavenash Township, Huron County Ontario.  Her parents came to Lapeer County in 1874.  Mr. Deo had bought a farm in Kingston Township, and they came here soon after their marriage.  Children born to them two,  Alena M., born June 14, 1895; Loyd E.,  born December 6, 1899.



     Son of Henry, Sr., and Ann Downey, born January 13, 1864, in Hastings County, Ontario.   His parents came to Kingston Township, Tuscola County, in 1870.  Married Maggie Hallock, December 3, 1891.  She was born April 23, 1872 in Watertown, Tuscola County.  Mr. Downey had bought their farm before his marriage.  After they were married they moved onto their present farm, on Section 16.  They have one child, William, born April 23, 1892.



     Son of Thomas and Jane Evo, born December 4, 1839, in Morrisburgh Township, Dundars County, Ontario, and his parents moved to Hastings, Ontario, in 1846.  Married Mrs. Ann Downey, July 6, 1860, in Hastings Ontario, She was born March 17, 1842, in Toronto, Ontario.  Mrs. Evo was married to Henry Downey, who died before their second child was born.  She had two sons, Henry and William.  William died at the age of twenty-eight years.  They came to Kingston Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, in October, 1869, and soon after settled on Section 22.  Children born to them eleven, Margaret, born October 28, 1862; Mary A., born November 7, 1864; Jane, born November 5, 1866, and died April 4, 1874; Rosetta, born 1868, and died in April, 1876; next child was dead at birth; William, born July, 1872, and died April, 1873; Oliver, born March 30, 1876, and died April, 1882; Frank, born March 28, 1878; Elta and Elda are twins, born January 12, 1880; Ida P., born May 19, 1884.



     Son of James and Betsy Friends, born January 16, 1850, in Jackson Township, Tioga County, Pa.  Married Jane McKerrick, in 1872.  She was born in Southport Township, Chemung County, N. Y., and died September 25, 1890.  They had one child, Frank M., born June 7, 1883.  Mr. Friends married Julia Dingman, December 25, 1891.  She was born November 18, 1867, in Ontario.  They have five children, Ruth, born September 27, 1892; Cora M., born May 31, 1894; Lulu P., born January 13, 1898; Ruby, born May 26, 1889, and Gilbert M., born March, 1901.  Mr. Friends came to Kingston Township in 1882, and settled on Section 26, where he cleared a farm.  After the sickness and death of his wife he traded for forty acres on Section 34, where he lived four years, when he traded for eighty acres on Section 2, where he now lives.



     Son of William S. And Rhoda A., born November 22, 1847, in Lapeer County, Michigan.  Mr. Graves enlisted in 1864 and served until the close of the war in 1865.  He then returned to Lapeer County and worked his father's farm.  In 1871 he bought a farm in Oregon Township, Lapeer County.  Married Ellen G. Randall, February 21, 1871, in Macomb County.  She was born July 22, 1851, in Chesterfield Township, Lapeer County.  Mr. Graves moved onto his farm in Oregon Township soon after his marriage where he lived one year, then sold his farm and moved back to Macomb County, where he worked by the day for about a year, then went back to Oregon Township and worked for his father, and bought another farm and lived on that until 1881, when he came to Tuscola County, Kingston Township, where they have lived ever since on Section 22. They have four children, Addie M., born December 31, 1871; Henry F., born November 8, 1875; Charles N., born July 29, 1881; Olive M., born December 31, 1871; Henry F., born November 8, 1875; Charles N., born July 29, 1881; Olive M., born April 14, 1886.  Charles M. married Edith N. Hallock September 18, 1901.



     Son of John T. and Jennie A. Hawley, born February 16, 1876, in Scriba Township, Oswego County, N. Y.  His parents moved to Michigan when he was about two and a half years old.  His father built the first house north of White Creek, at Wilmot.  In 1880 his father took up forty acres of government land and soon afterwards built and moved onto it.  Mr. Hawley made his home with his parents until his marriage.  Married Mary A. Barrett, September 25, 1900.  She was born April 20, 1879, in Koylton Township, Tuscola county.  Mr. Hawley owns a farm adjoining his father's.



     Son of Andrew and Sarah Hawley, born July 18, 1850, in Kettley Township, Leeds County, Ontario.  In 1864 Mr. Hawley's parents moved to Jefferson County, N. Y. Mr. Hawley lived with his parents until their death.  Married Jennie Hudson, March 18, 1875, in Woods Settlement, Jefferson County, N. Y.  She was born December 18, 1853, in Antwerp township, Jefferson County, N. Y.  She lived with her sister until her marriage.  They took up forty acres of government land and soon after bought it and an adjoining forty, which they have cleared and improved, making the fine farm they live on.  Children born to them five, Ervin J., born February 16, 1876; Julius W., born September 21, 1878, and died March 31, 1900; Roena J., born August 20, 1884; Merritt D., born August 13, 1887; George L., born March 31, 1894.



     Son of Amos R. and Phoebe Jeffery, born March 9, 1849, in Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, Ontario.  His parents came to Northbranch Township, Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1863, where they lived four years, at which time they came to Kingston Township, Tuscola County, and settled on Section 28.  His father died in 1870.  His mother died in 1887. Mr. Jeffery made his home with his parents until 1877.  Married Matilda Ostrander, February 22, 1877.  She was born October 4, 1858, in Durham Township, Oxford County, Ontario, and her parents came to Kingston Township in 1871.  Children born to them six, Gertrude, born August 11, 1878; Ethel A., born April 12, 1880; Ralph born April 8, 1885; George A., born February 17, 1889; John J., born March 5, 1894; Juanita L., born October 21, 1896.  



     Son of John and Elizabeth McCracken, born December 10, 1846, in Belfast, Down County, Ireland.  In 1851 his parents came to New York city, where they remained two years, when they came to Royal Oak, Oakland County, Michigan.  At the age of thirteen Mr. McCracken took to the lakes and sailed for seven years.  Married Julia Ramsey, October 11, 1866, at St. Joseph, Michigan.  She was born February 12, 1846, in Adrain, Michigan.  Mrs. McCracken's father, Mr. Ramsey, came from York County, Pa., to Adrain when a young man.  He was born August 13, 1813.  He served in the Civil War, and is a smart, robust man for his years.  Children born to Mr. and Mrs. McCracken seven, David, born September 29, 1867; Gordon, born September 20, 1869; Frank, born April 6, 1872; Elizabeth J., born June 1, 1874; she was married to F. Valentine, June 1, 1892, and died July 12, 1895; Josephine, born March 11, 1877; Julia M., born November 15, 1880; Belle, born June 24, 1884.




      Son of Charles S. and Sarah Pringle, born October 19, 1861, in Lapeer County, Michigan.  Mr. Pringle remained at home with his parents until he was of age, when he went to work by the month on a farm.  Married Emily J. Seaton, December 24, 1884, in Davison, Genesee County.  Soon after his marriage he moved to East Dayton, where they lived for about ten years.  He moved to Kingston, and two years ago bought the farm he now lives on,  Section 19.   Children born to them eight, Orville L., born August 24, 1886; George E., born August 15, 1888; Prenella B., born November 21, 1890; the fourth child died in infancy; Lola W., born January 15, 1893; Charles B., born March 7, 1896; Wilson born July 12, and died in infancy; Basil, born April 25, 1901.  Mrs. Pringle never recovered after the birth of Basil, and died June 22, 1901.



     Son of Andrew and Mary Parker, born September 22, 1848, in St. Johns, N. B.   His father died in 1851.  In 1859 his mother moved to Gault, Ontario, where she lived three years, then came to Port Huron, where she lived three years, then came went to Memphis, Macomb County, where she died in 1862.  After his mother's death he boarded and did chores and went to school until 1864.  In January he enlisted in Company B, Tenth Michigan Infantry, and served one year.  Was discharged at Chattanooga, Tenn., and returned to Michigan and enlisted in Company B, Nineteenth U.S.I., for three years, and served the full time, to February 18, 1868, when he was discharged in Little Rock Arkansas.  He returned to Dryden, Lapeer County, and went to work on a farm.  He worked for one man seven years.  Married Alice Weldon, July 4, 1883.  She was born June 10, 1861, in Elmer, Ontario.  Children born to them four, Frank, born April 15, 1891; Edna, born March 25, 1892; Edgar and Eddie both died in infancy.



    Son of Edward and Jane Teskey, born November 10, 1835, in Hamilton, Ontario.  His parents were born in Ireland, of German parentage.  They came to this county before they were of age.  The original Teskeys were known as the Paletines in Ireland.  Mr. Teskey came to Section 7, Kingston Township, Tuscola County, in 1862.  Married Elenor Jeffery, December 21, 1868.  She was born November 8, 1837, in Trafalgar Township, Ontario, and came to Tuscola County with her parents in 1868.  Children born to them four, Edward J., born February 18, 1870; Phoebe J., born August 16, 1871; E. J., born May 17, 1878; Ella M., born October 22, 1881.  Mr. Teskey has held many township offices.  He has been County or Deputy County Surveyor for the past twenty-five years.  He makes drain work a specialty.



     William Vorhes, father of Nathaniel, was born in 1801, in Livingston County, N.Y.  His mother, Eliza, was born in 1803, in the same county.  They came to Shelby Township, Macomb County, Michigan, in 1837, where they resided several years, and moved from there to Troy Township, Oakland County, where they spent the remainder of their days. Mr. Nathaniel Vorhes was born March 8, 1825, in Livingston County, N. Y.  He remained with his parents until he became of age, when he went to work at carriage making and followed that until 1885.  In 1885 he came to Tuscola County and turned his attention to farming.  Married Jane A. Mathews, November 15, 1854,in Troy Township, Oakland County, where they lived until they moved to Kingston Township.  Children born to them six, Clara C., born March 12, 1853; she was his first wife's; his wife died soon after Clara was born; the other five children were born to his second wife; Susie E., born February 14, 1856; Nellie I., born December 24, 1857; May B., born May 12, 1863; George M., born January 8, 1866; Minnie, born May 10, 1868, and died in infancy.  Mrs.Vorhes died June 28, 1897.



     Son of Rufus and Sarah Wethy, born April 27, 1844, in Dryden Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.  Mr. Wethy lived with his parents until 1865.  He then went to work by the month farming.  Married Henrietta L. Smith, February 4, 1866.  She was born November 12, 1850, in Armada Township, Macomb County, Michigan.  After their marriage they moved onto Mr. Wethy's farm in Imlay Township, Lapeer county.  He sold his farm and moved into Dryden Township, where he farmed it for about ten years.  He then moved to the village of Dryden and went to manufacturing woodwork of all kinds.  He followed this business for twenty-three years, at which time he traded his property in Dryden for his present farm.  Mr. Wethy has improved his farm, and his property is in a very different condition than it was when he moved onto it two years ago.  They had three children, Vermelra, born June 30, 1875, and died in infancy; Herman C. born February 4, 1877; Henson E., born October 12, 1880.

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