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     Son of James and Martha Allen, born Mary 15, 1843, in Munroe County, Michigan.  His father died when he was eighteen months old.  He lived with his mother until her death in 1849, at which time he was bound out to Mr. Alva Marsh, on a farm in Munroe County, where he remained eleven years. He enlisted August 1, 1861, in Company F, Ninth Michigan U. S. V., and served in the Cumberland army until December 6, 1863, when he was discharged.  He re-enlisted December 6, 1863, in the same company and regiment, in Chattanooga, Tenn., and served until September 15, 1865, and was discharged by reason of Section No. 66, Headquarters, Department of Tennessee, order, issued September 9, 1865, and furnished transportation to Jackson, Michigan.  He returned to Munroe County and went to farming.  In 1872 he visited Tuscola County.  Married Maria Stevens, January 1, 1873, in Vassar, Michigan.  She was born April 16, 1851, in Oswegatchie Township, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., and her parents came to Michigan when she was about nine years old, and settled in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Mr. and Mrs. Allen settled in Tuscola Township in 1876.  In 1879 they moved to Vassar, where he worked at carpentering until 1889, when he bought his present farm.  Children born to them nine, Carrie M., born December 11, 1874; Mary A., born June 8, 1876, and died in infancy; James E., born June 12, 1877, and died in infancy; James W., born June 4, 1878, and died in infancy; a baby, born February 4, 1880, and died at birth; Alva J., born August 30, 1883, and died in infancy; Roscoe E., born August 9, 1886; Norman M., born September 19, 1888; Charles A. born August 30, 1891, and died in infancy.



     Son of Joseph H. and Ann Bush, born July 4, 1868, in Chicago.  His father died the time of the Chicago fire.  His mother put him in the Protestant Orphan Asylum, of Detroit, when he was three years old.   At the age of eight years he was taken by Mr. Joseph Bush, where he stayed until 1884, when he went to work by the month farming.  Married Cora Johnson, October 27, 1895.  She was born October 27, 1875, in Goodrich Township, Genesee County, Michigan.  Children born to them two, Ward L., born May 20, 1897, and Mildred A., born August 27, 1900.



     Mr. Belknap was born June 9, 1822, in Monroe County, N. Y.  He made his home with his parents until his marriage.  He worked out by the month from the time he was 12 years old.  Married Matilda Brown, April 22, 1856, in Monroe County, N. Y.  She was born in Stuben County, N. Y.  August 15, 1824.  On April 23, 1856, Mr. and Mrs. Belknap came to Oakland County, Michigan.  He rented a farm and worked it with his brother.  In 1862 he and his brother came to Tuscola County and located on his present farm came to Tuscola County and located on his present farm.  They had two children, Susan, born August 19, 1846, died December 25, 1900, and Ann, died 1880.



     Son of Timothy and Betsey Barnes, born March 3, 1856, in Augusta township, Chenango County, N. Y.  His parents moved to Lapeer County when he was six years old, and his mother is still living on the old homestead.  Mr. Barnes made his home with his parents until 1880.  Married Louisa Eineder, April 8, 1880.  She was born October 13, 1861, in Lapeer County.  After their marriage they lived in Lapeer County for fourteen years, at which time they sold their farm in Oregon Township, Lapeer County, and bought his present farm in Juniata Township in 1897.  They have five children, William G., born March 5, 1882; Harvey W., born May 28, 1884, and died September 11, 1888; Charles F., born September 9, 1885; Arthur E., born January 19, 1891; Cecil, born May 17, 1900.



     Son of Andrew and Dortha Esckelson, born September 14, 1861, in North Schleswig, Germany.  He worked on a farm from the time he was ten years old until he came to this country.  There all the farm work was done by hand.  In 1879 he came to this country, to East Saginaw, and for three years worked on a farm in summer and in the lumber woods in winter.  Married Flora Shaver, November 19, 1889.  In 1885 he bought his present farm on Section 35 in Juniata Township.  Soon after his marriage he moved onto his farm, cleared it and built on it.  Children born to them five, Ervin R., born December 2, 1891; Unice D., born November 23, 1893; Florence R., born November 18, 1895; Christopher, Jr., born August 18, 1896; William B., born May 18 1900, and died in infancy.



     Son of James and Lydia Gibson, born October 31, 1836, in Middlesex, Mass.  His parents came to Ann Arbor.  They came the full length of the Erie Canal and to Detroit by boat, and from there to Ann Arbor by stage, where they lived for about twenty years.  In 1857 his father bought and with sons cleared the farm Mr. J. K. Gibson now lives on.  Mr. Gibson enlisted in Company K, First Michigan Infantry, in 1864, and served until the close of the war.   After his discharge he returned to Juniata Township and remained two years.  Then he went to Omaha, Neb., and was clerk and bookkeeper for Burt & Co. for two years.   Then he went to the Black Hills with the ready-made clothing firm, and soon after went to work for the Union Pacific R. R. Co. as tie inspector, and shortly after was taken sick and returned home to Tuscola county.  From 1870 to 1873 was traveling salesman for the Vassar Woolen Mill Co., at which time he crossed the ocean from New York to Liverpool and traveled through England, Ireland and Scotland.  He left New York in June and returned in October.  Mr. Gibson was census enumerator for thirteen townships in 1870.  In 1889 he leased his fatherís farm.  Married Mrs. Maggie Deihl in October, 1889.  She was born April 27, 1840, near Hamilton, Ontario.



     Son of Nicholas R. and Amanda Hile, born July 8, 1874, in Juniata Township, Tuscola County.  He lived with his parents until 1898, when he bought the farm adjoining his fatherís, which originally belonged to his grandfather, Mr. George Smith, who moved here in 1869.  Married Mary McCay, April 24, 1901.  She was born Mary 25, 1882, in Akron township, Tuscola County, Michigan.



     Son of John an Dora Hagelstein, born January 22, 1871,in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Mr. Hagelsteinís parents were natives of Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany.  They came to America in 1866.   Mr. Hagelstein made his home with his parents until he was nineteen years old, at which time he went to work by the month on a farm and worked a year.  Then went to Detroit and worked there six months; then went back to work at farming.  Married Matilda Fruda Caroline Henryetta Wittenburg, January 2, 1893, at Royal Oak.  She was born March 12, 1874, in Roseville, Macomb County, Michigan.  They have two children, Esther M. born November 5, 1893, and Howard E., born Mary 2, 1895.



     Son of Elisha P. and Mary J. Jones, born November 14, 1861, in Ontario.  In 1868 his parents moved to Sanilac County Michigan.  Mr. Jones left home after his motherís death in 1872, and worked on farms in summers and went to school winters until he was twenty years old, at which time he went to the lumber woods and worked there eight years.  He then worked at carpentering for the M. C. R. R. Co. one year.  Married Minnie M. Haskin, August 22, 1890.  She was born August 8, 1872, in Potter County, Pa.  Children born to them five, Grace E., born November 26, 1891; Ruth, born July 13, 1893; Lester born March 9, 1895; Edwin H., born May 8, 1897; Harry L., born October 1, 1899.



     Son of Chauncey and Emaline Kile, born December 6, 1852, in Independence Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  Mr. Kileís father was a native of New York; his mother Emaline Wise, was a native of New Jersey.  He made his home with his parents until his marriage.  Married Agnes Price, November 19, 1879, in Columbiaville.  She was born February 13, 1864, in Headly Township, Lapeer County.  Her parents moved to Bay City in 1875.  Mr. Kileís parents moved to Metamora in 1853, where he lived until his marriage, when he bought his present farm.  Children born to them three, William, born November 7, 1883; Mable E., born November 30, 1885; Susan C., born April 17, 1893.



     Only son of Malcom and Cornelia E. Lane, born February 18, 1865, in Gustavus Township, Trumbull county, Ohio.  His parents sold their property in Ohio and moved to Michigan in 1879, and settled in Vassar, where they lived for many years.  At the age of eighteen Mr. Lane went to work by the month, and continued to farm for about seven years.  He then went West to the Pacific Coast, and was gone two years.  He returned to Vassar.  He was married while West to Daisy Johnson, August 17, 1890, in Boistfort Washington.  After his return to Vassar he worked at farming for two years and then worked in a saw mill two years, at which time he bought his present farm.   Children born to them two, Raymond W., born June 5, 1892, and Lola M., born June 7 1894.



     Son of Henry and Emaline Murdich, born June 15, 1860 in Koylton Township, Tuscola County, Michigan. Henry Murdich was a native of Middlesex, Ontario.  His parents were natives of Orange County, N. Y. Mrs. Henry Murdich was a native of Ontario.  He lived with his parents until after his fatherís second marriage in 1876, when he went to work by the month farming and lumbering.  Married Cora A. Fox, March 3, 1881.  She was born in Ohio January 5, 1863.  Her father, Jesse Fox, was a native of Pennsylvania, and her mother, Caroline E. Fox, a native of Ohio.  Her parents moved to Vassar Township in 1870, and in 1875 moved to Juniata Township.  Soon after his marriage Mr. Murdich bought their present farm.  Children born to them two, Bessie Bell born November 16, 1881; Vera E., born November 1, 1889.



     Son of Asa and Sarah J. Osgood, born May 27, 1862, in Mansfield Township, Tioga County, Pa.  Mr. Osgood made his home with his parents until 1888, at which time he came to West Branch and worked in the lumber woods.  Married Emma Bennett, October 14, 1888.  She was born April 25, 1871, in Mayville, Michigan.  They have no children.



     Oldest son of John and Mary Rutherford, born August 4, 1836, in Mullarthy Township, Aramagh County, Ireland.  His parents came to America and settled in Juniata Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, in 1856.  Their farm joins Mr. Rutherfordís on the south.  His parents spent their lives there.  At the time his parents came to this county Mr. Rutherford was attending a school supported by a fund devised by Eramus Smith, where he completed his education.  He made his home with his parents until 1865.  Married Adelaide Warren, August 10, 1865.  They had one child, born May 13, 1866, George Rutherford.  Mrs. Rutherford died July 12, 1866.  Married Lydia J. Miller, August 10, 1867.  They had five children, May J., born July 30, 1869; Herbert L., born August 30, 1870; Elmer F., born April 26, 1872; Charles S., born November 26, 1873; Guy B., born January 22, 1882.  Mrs. Rutherford died April 3, 1888.  Mr. Rutherford married Charlotte Carmichael, March 8, 1892.  Mr. Rutherford has held many offices in this township, and is now Justice of the Peace and Township School Inspector.



     Son of Albert and Catherine Ross, born June 31, 1876, in Mildmay, Ontario.  In 1877 Mr. Rossí parents came to Huron County, Michigan.  At the age of thirteen years Mr. Ross started out to take care of himself.  He has worked more or less in shingle mills and saw mills and has run stationary engines.  Married Ethel Faber, March 27, 1898.  She was born in Livingston County, Michigan.  Mr. Ross came to Tuscola County in the fall of 1898, and in 1900 settled on his present farm.  They have one child, Anna Mabel, born May 14, 1900.



     Oldest daughter of Joseph and Mary Treadway.  Her father was a native of Vermont.  Her mother was a native of New York.  Mrs. Rowland was born September 21, 1850, in Lapeer County.  She was married to Mr. Andrew N. Rowland, March 18, 1880.  He was born April 18, 1828, in Boonville, Oneida County, N. Y.  He came to Michigan in 1850.  In 1851 he took up the land his family lives on.  A part of the farm was taken up by his father as a war claim of 1812.  Mr. Andrew Rowland died August 28, 1898.  Children born to them three, Blanch M., born September 25, 1881; Joseph W., born May 20, 1885; Alexander, born March 18, 1888, and died in infancy.



     Son of Frederick and Lena Wittenburg, orn May 10, 1839, in Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany.  Served as a soldier six yeas.  He served in 1860 and 1861 for two years, and in 1866 served in the war between the rebellious provinces of Austria for about four months.  In 1867 he came to America, landed in New York, and came from there to Detroit, and shortly after went to work on a farm at Goss Point, and worked there two years.  Married Louise Grambo, December 25, 1869.  She was born November 11, 1853, in Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany, and came to America, to Gross Point, in 1866.  Mr. Wittenburg worked by the day for a couple of years, then rented a farm for a time, until he bought his present farm in Juniata township, Tuscola county, in 1894.  Chldren born to them thirteen, William, born August 29, 1873; Matilda F. C. H., born March 12, 1874; Edward, born July 25, 1875; Anna, born August 22, 1880; Elizabeth, born February 17, 1883; Frankie, born March 18, 1885; he was a twin, and the other died; Clara, born January 11, 1888, died in infancy; Mattie born April 10, 1890; Arthur, born Mary 21, 1893; Laura, born April 30, 1895, died in infancy; Iva, born October 16, 1898.


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