Son of Oliver and Emily Bussing, born July 3, 1839, in Washington County, New York.  In 1841 his parents moved to Noble County, Indiana, where they lived two years, after which they came to Coldwater Township, Branch County, Michigan.  In 1857 Mr. Bussing went to work by the month on a farm.  He enlisted April 1863, in Company M. Eighth Michigan Cavalry, and served until the close of the war.  Married Francis Cranston February 7, 1865, in Flint, Michigan.  Mr. Bussing sent his wife the money while he was in the hospital in Detroit, money to buy land.  She bought the farm they live on.  Mr. Bussing was detailed as cook in the hospital by Dr. Kline, until his discharge September 29, 1865.  He then moved to his farm.  Children born to them, nine, Frank D., born August 22, 1867; Mary I., born February 3, 1869; Constantina, born November 28, 1870, and died February 25, 1871; Vivia A., born March 12, 1872; Hester A., born October 31, 1873, and died October 16, 1889; Lydia M., born November 23, 1875; Ruth S., born March 19, 1878; Floyd A., born October 26, 1883; Bessie P., born October 2, 1889.



     Son of Warren E. and Mandina Bills, born July 14, 1872, in Flat Rock township, Monroe County, Michigan.  Married Thressa Downing, November 23, 1895, in Fairgrove.  She was born November 12, 1878, in St. Clair county, Michigan.  Came with her parents to Tuscola County in 1889.  Mr. Bills came with his parents to Tuscola County in 1880.  Children born to them three, Bertha R., born August 16, 1896; Lena A., born March 17, 1898; Warren E., born March 15, 1900.


     Son of Peter and Sarah M. Cudney, born February 2, 1848, at St. Catherines, Ontario.  In 1853 Mr. Cudney went to live with his uncle in Brant Township, Bruce County, Ontario.  He lived there until he was fourteen years old, when he came to Saginaw Michigan, and went to work in a saw mill.  He worked in the saw mill in summer, and in the lumber woods in the winter for fifteen years.   During this time he bought the farm he lives on.  Married Almiria Park, July 3, 1882, in Bridgeport, Michigan.  They were married by Rev. Caro Trippen.  Mrs. Cudney was born August 22, 1855, in Rome Township, Bradford county, Pennsylvania, and came to Akron township, Michigan, with her parents in 1872.  Children born to them, three, all died in infancy.



     Son of Daniel and Eliza Cartwright, born July 23, 1876, in Gilford township, Tuscola county, Michigan.  Mr. Cartwright has always made his home with his parents; his father died April 15, 1900.  He has taken charge of the farm since the father’s death.  Married Jessie H. Green, April 14, 1898.   She was born October 14, 1875, in Vesterburg, Michigan.  They have no children.



     Son of William and Rhoda M. Dowling, born January 1, 1866, in Detroit.  Mr. Dowling’s father was killed by the dock giving way and a load falling on him, a few months before William F. was born.  In 1872 he went to live with his grandfather Dowling and remained with him until he died in 1881.  His aunt rented a farm in Oakland County, where they farmed until he was twenty-one, he bought his aunt’s interest.  Mr. Dowling’s grandfather left him four city lots on Gratiot Avenue, Detroit, which he sold.  Married Martha E. Lawrence, April 9, 1887.  She was born March 24, 1868 in Bloomfield township, Oakland County, Michigan.  Children born to them six, Marilla, born February 28, 1888; Rhoda, born January 22, 1890; Bessie, born June 13, 1892; William F., born October 18 1895; Lawrence, born May 22, 1897; Paul E., born September 1, 1900.



     James Davison Sr., son of John and Jane Davison; born August 5, 1840 in Clark Township, Durham County, Ontario.  In 1851 his parents moved to Huron County, Michigan.  In 1868 James Davison, Sr., moved to Bruce County Ontario, he worked at farming for seven years.  In 1875 he came to Gilford Township, Tuscola, County, where he lived twenty-five years.  Married Jessie Drysdale, July 26, 1861.  She was born April 16, 1842 in Glasgow, Scotland.  Mrs. Davison died December 9, 1878 in Gilford Township.  Children born to them nine, of which seven grew up; William J., Robert, Jessie A., Eliza J., Maggie, James A., and Alexander.  Mr. James A. Davison, son of James and Jessie Davison, born May 30, 1874 in Huron Township, Bruce County, Ontario, and came to Tuscola county, Michigan, with his parents in 1876.  He has always lived with his parents or they with him.  Married Anna M. Trimble, May 11, 1898.  She was born February 8, 1877 in Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County.  Children born to them one, Leta Grace, born March 21, 1900.



     Son of John R. and Anna Evans, born June 25, 1845 in Rome, Oneida County, N. Y.  In 1853 his mother died and the next year his father was killed in the Babcock Hill Stone Quarry, leaving Mr. Evans an orphan at the age of nine years.  He had to take care of himself ever after.  He went to work by the month farming until 1863, when he enlisted in Company A, Seventy-ninth N. Y. S. V., January 24, 1863, and served until discharged in New York City.  He enlisted at Oswego.  After his discharge in New York City.   He enlisted at Oswego.  After his discharge he worked three years at farming, then came to Gilford Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  He worked at carpentering and lumbering.  Married Anna J. Letson, June 18, 1871.  She was born January 10, 1854 in Genesee County, N. Y. Her parents came to Lapeer County, Michigan, in 1860 and shortly after to Tuscola County.  Children born to them twelve, of which nine are living, David W., born July 30, 1872; Erin V., born January 1 1874; Mina J., born October 14, 1875; Meda M., born June 8, 1877;  Mary E., born June 18, 1879; Jerome J., born June 20, 1881; E. Albert, born June 9, 1884; Charles B., born August 8, 1886; G. Harrison, born September 5, 1889.



     Son of Henry A. and Margaret S. Genet, born October 31, 1871 in Fairview, Erie County, Pa.  In 1875 his parents moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana.  In January 1882, they moved to Detroit, Michigan.  Mr. Genet was a newsboy for three years and worked in the mailing department for the Detroit Evening News for five years.  He then worked as book-keeper for C. A. Strelinger & Co., for five years, after which he, with his father and brother bought a farm in Van Buren Township, Wayne County.  In November 1898 they sold their farm in Wayne County.  Married Jennie M. Sitlington, June 21, 1898.  She was born December 23, 1876 in Bellville, Michigan.  Mr. and Mrs. Genet moved from Detroit to Caro in June 1899 and soon after bought the farm he lives on.  He was first assistant in the Agricultural Department of the Sugar Beet factory of Caro.  Mrs. Genet died in February 1899, from the bursting of a blood vessel in her head.  Children born to them one, Clifford Oliver, born June 11, 1899.  Married Marie Rohlfs, October 10, 1900.



     Second son of Daniel and Amarilows Harding, born June 30, 1845 in Atlas Township, Genesee County, Michigan.  His father was born in Connecticut.  His mother was a native of New York.  Married Grace Gardner, June 10, 1868 in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  She was born December 11, 1848 in Erie County, New York.  Mr. Harding worked his father’s farm for six years after his marriage, at which time he came to Fairgrove and bought the farm he lives on.  Children born to them two, Jay, born July 16, 1875; Maud, born June 25, 1889, and died July 10, 1893.  Jay Harding was married September 22, 1896 to Miss Jollett Ingersoll, and they have two children, Pearl and Doris.




     Son of Isaac and Permelia H. Hamblin, born February 22, 1842 in Berlin Township, St. Clair County, Michigan.  Married Mrs. Mary E. Hoxsey, November 26, 1865.  She was born August 15, 1840 in Troy Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  She lived with her parents until her first marriage.  Children born—her first marriage one, Joseph A.  He is married and has six children.  Mr. and Mrs. Hamblin have no family.



     Son of Daniel and Lucinda E. Jennings, born January 23, 1852 in Orlens County, New York.  In 1860 his parents came to Genesee County, Michigan, where they remained two years, when they moved to Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Soon after they bought the farm where Mr. E. B. Jennings now lives.  Mr. Jennings went to work by the month in 1865, and in 1873 his parents requested him to take charge of the farm.  Mr. Jennings cleared one hundred and twelve acres and improved farm.  Married Margaret Bidell, July 3, 1874.  She was born May 31, 1858 in Orville, Ohio, and came to Fairgrove Township with her parents in 1870.  Children born to them six, Edna A., born February 8, 1876; Lucinda E., born February 24, 1880; Clarence E., born May 29, 1883; Frank A., born May 31, 1888; Eurnice V., born August 3, 1894 and died September 13, 1894.  The other child died in infancy.



     Son of John and Lodica Johnson, born April 10, 1828 in Canandgava Township, Ontario County, New York.  His father died in 1833, and soon after Mr. Johnson had to take care of himself.  He went to work by the month farming, and worked in saw mills until he came to Oakland County, Michgian in 1852.  Married Anna M. Cranston, August 13, 1854.  She was born July 11, 1836, in Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York.  Her mother died when she was eight years old.  Her father married and moved to Oakland County, Michigan.  Mr. Johnson came to Watrousville and lived there one year, he then moved to Tuscola where he lived one summer.  He then moved to Frankenmuth and lived there one year, when he returned to Tuscola County and bought the farm he lives on.  He homesteaded his forty acres and built a shanty where his wife and two children lived alone the winter of 1859.  Mr. Johnson helped cut the road from Watrousville to Fairgrove.  Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have six children, Walter C., born May 18, 1856; W. Horace, born September 17, 1858; William, born December 30, 1864; Bertha V., born March 27, 1868; Oscar L., born Mary 8, 1870.  Walter C., is married and has three daughters Bertha, married Charles Smalley and has three daughters, Oscar S., is married and has two daughters and one son.  Horace and George died in infancy.  William was killed by the explosion of a shot gun when he was fifteen years old.  Mrs. Johnson’s father, David E. Cranston, was Surveyor of Tuscola County and the first Postmaster of Fairgrove and at different times filled each of the township offices.  He died October 20, 1897, in Fairgrove.  He served his country during the civil war from 1863 until the close of the war in 1865.



     Son of Archibald and Nancy McCloy, born August 29, 1850, in Stanley Township, Huron County, Ontario.  He remained with his father’s family until he was twenty-six years old.  Married Elizabeth Underwood, March 23, 1876.  She was born April 26, 1855, in Scarborough Township, Ontario.  In the autumn of 1876 came to Fairgrove Township, , Tuscola County, and bought forty acres on section seven.  He cleared and improved it, and in 1885 traded it for the farm he lives on.  Children born to them eight of which seven are living, Nancy, born April 24, 1877; John, born February 28, 1879; Archie, born June 6, 1883; Mary M., born June 6, 1887; Flossie, born July 10, 1890; Robert J., born October 6, 1893; Freddie, born November 10, 1895.



     Son of Fred and Augusta Montei, born January 19, 1844, in West Prussia.  Came to Farmington Township, Oakland County, Michgian, in 1869, and lived there two years, then went to Washtenaw County, and in 1875, came to Tuscola County and bought the farm he lives on.  Mr. Montei is handling the best cream separators in the market.  Married Kate Brankman, April 14, 1873.  Children born to them nine, Minnie---died when she was seven years old----John D., Hattie, William, Gadford, Louis, Anna and Charles.



     Son of Allen and Rebecca, born September 25, 1849, in Kegworth Township, Lestershire, England.  His parents came to Genesee County, Michigan, in 1854, and soon after bought a farm in Brandon Township, Oakland County.  Married Mary J. Irish, July 3, 1882.  She was born in Fort Ann Township, Washington county, New York.  And her parents came to Oakland County Michigan, when she was five years old.  Children born to them seven, Mortimer B., born October 20, 1874; Lettie M., born May 9, 1877, and died April 15, 1889; Uriah A., born December 16, 1881; Ernest L., born August 28, 1884; Thomas D., born April 1, 1886; Frank, born June 8, 1889; Eugene, born December 16, 1894.



     Son of William and Ann Partlo, born November 3, 1825, in Cawlcott, Oxfordshire, England.  Made his home with his parents until he was twenty-five years old.  In 1850 he came to America, landed in New York, went from there to Buffalo, then to New London.  Soon after he bought a farm in Mamora, Hastings County.  Married Mary J. Richardson, August 29, 1851.  She was born November 1836 in Hastings County, Ontario.  They lived in Mamora several years.  Children born to them eleven, Eliza Ann, born June 18, 1853; Martha Jane, born September 29, 1854; William John, born July 24, 1856;; George, born April 4, 1858; James W.,  born April 24, 1860.   These five were born in Canada; Mary E.  born March 24, 1862; Edward N., Wesley R., twins, born March 17, 1864; Ellen M., born April 17, 1866; Charles, born December 9, 1869; Madora, born June 2, 1874; These six were born in Farigrove Township,.  Mr. Partlo came to Tuscola County Michigan, February, 1861, and returned to Mamora and sold his farm and returned with his family to Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County, in March 1861, and bought the farm he lives on.  Mr. and Mrs. Patlo have a grandchild living with them her name in Myrtle L. Robinson, her mother died when she was nine months old.



     Son of Diedrich and Mary Rohlfs, born September 25, 1880 in Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  He was the fifth son.  He has always made his home with his parents at the age of eighteen he went to work by the month farming.  In 1900 he worked on the farm for his father and in March 1901, he bought the old home from his father.  Married Iva Smith, April 24, 1901.  She was born December 6, 1881 in Akron Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.



     Son of Cameron C. and Jennett E. Stoddard, born December 14, 1857 in Williamson Township, Wayne County, New York.  His parents came to Fairgrove Township in 1858.  In 1875 Mr. Stoddard went to work on a farm by the month and worked two years.  In 1872 Mr. Stoddard’s father was elected County Clerk and moved his family to Caro, where he died in 1876, then the family was broken up for two years, when they returned to their farm where Mr. W. F. Stoddard remained for three years.  In 1881 he took a trip west and was gone one years, he returned to Tuscola County, and worked two years for the M. C. R. R.  He returned to the farm and worked there two years, then worked one year for the P. M. R. R. Co.  In 1887 he moved on to his farm.  Married Eva Draper, November 16, 1880.  She was born July 28, 1864 in Brandon Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  Children born to them three, LeRoy A., born November 11, 1882: Ray F., born July 13, 1886; Lucile L., born November 8, 1900.


Gardner, Wm

     Son of William and Eliza E. Gardner, born May 25, 1842 in Erie County, New York.  In 1851 his parents came to Atlas Township, Genesee County.  In 1862 he worked in the lumber woods one winter, then he went to Erie County, New York, for about six months when he returned to Jackson County, Michigan, where he remained until 1864, when he enlisted in Company D, Twenty-eighth Michigan Infantry.   He was mustered in at Marshall and went from there to Kalamazoo.  In November 1864 they were sent to Louisville, Kentucky.  He was detailed to take a drove of cattle to General Thomas at Nashville.  He with others turned the cattle over after the battle of Nashville, and joined their company.  The Regiment was sent to Alexandria.  He was sent to Brown’s Hospital in Louisville, January 20, 1865.  He was discharged in May 1865, and returned to Genesee County, Michigan where he remained about nine months; he went to Ingrim County for a year.  In 1868 he came to Fairgrove Township and built a house for his father on the farm.  In 1870 he went to Manistee and worked a few months after which he took a trip to Chicago and Council Bluffs, returning to Bay City and worked there a few months, he then came to Fairgrove where his father was living and helped improve their farm where he lives now.  Married Della A. Beach, October 12, 1872.  She was born May 29, 1856, in Akron Township, Tuscola County.  Children born to them four, Delos, born June 29, 1874 and died November 3, 1898; Frankie, born December 17, 1880 and died August 23, 1883; Ray W., born October 28, 1883; and Mattie E., born March 29, 1889.