Son of Isaac B. and Elizabeth Auten, born March 27, 1854,in Brandon Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  Married Jennie Rummer, January 1, 1878, in Ortonville, Oakland County, Michigan.  In 1879 moved to Genesee County for one year, he then moved to Oscoda County, remaining there a year and a half.  He then came to Tuscola County, Elkland Township, where he lived eleven years.  He then moved to Elmwood remaining there two years, then moved to Caro and lived there two and a half years.  He then bought and moved on to his present farm.  Mrs Auten was born August 27, 1858, in Gratiot County, Michigan.  Children born to them four, Laura A., born November 15, 1878, and died September 11, 1881; Leia L., born August 17, 1882; Adelbert J., born April 30, 1886; Olive L., born October 27, 1892.


BROWN Jr., Wm. J.

     Son of William and Rachel, born September 1, 1883 in Montery Chemung County, N. Y.  In 1854 he came to Lapeer County, Michigan and went to work by the month.  Married Mary J. Crownhart January 1855. Mr. Brown worked in sawmill until September 1862, when he enlisted in Company B. Twenty-Second Michigan Infantry and served in the 14th Corps of the Western Army until the close of the war.  He was discharged July 10, 1865, in Louisville, Kentucky, and returned to Lapeer where his family were and went to work at Milling, which business he has followed ever since.  Mrs. Brown died December 12, 1875.    Children born to them five, of which two died in Infancy.  Grant M., born December 12 1866; George A., born June 5, 1874; Louis R., born October 8, 1861.  Mr. Brown married Nancy J. Munson May 29, 1876.  She was born December 22, 1855, in Guelph, Ontario.  Children born to them two, William E. Born January 26, 1870; Minnie D., born September 27, 1873.



     Son of Francis and Sarah Brock, born August 15, 1846, in Oakland County, Michigan.  He lived with his mother until he was fourteen; he then went to work by the month on a farm.  He farmed summers and lumbered winters until he enlisted in March 1862, in Company K., Seventh Michigan Infantry.  Was discharged March 22, 1865, in Detroit.  He returned to his home in Almer Township, Tuscola County.  Married Mary J. Guilds September 6, 1874.  She was born June 18, 1855, in Kent County, Ontario, and came to Michigan with her parents in 1869, Children born to them ten.  Walter E. born February 6, 1877; Ray F., born August 19, 1880; Cora E., born November 15, 1883; John M., born August 3, 1885 , and died in infancy; Elsie L., born October 31, 1887; John N., born June 19, 1891; Harvy I., born February 10, 1892; Howard W. and Harold L., twins, born March 7, 1898; Ethelyn V., born October 1, 1900.



     Son of John and Caroline Beach, born June 12, 1856 in Almer Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Elnora E. Streeter, February 24, 1878.  She was born November 22, 1853, in Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County. In 1870 Mr. Beach went west with his father to Kansas and remained on year, they returned to Big Rapids Michigan, where they lived two years then returned to Tuscola County.  Mrs. Beach’s father name was Mr. John Streeter.  He was born in New York.  Her mother’s name was Mary Northrip.  She was born in Michigan.  Children born to Mr. and Mrs. Beach three, Alvin D., born February 20, 1879; Lura A., born October 6, 1887; Ida May born September 19 1890.


     Son of James D. and Charlotte Bingham, born December 15, 1852, in Glanford, Ontario.  In 1866 he came to Tuscola County, Michigan with parents.   Married Chio. Hutchinson December 24, 1874, in Caro.  She was born June 10, 1854, in Mallary Township, Ontario, and came with her parents to Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them three, Alonzo A., born November 14, 1876; Boyd H., born March 29, 1886; Charlotte A., born November 8, 1888.  Mr. and Mrs. Bingham were among the first settlers of Elmwood Township.



     Son of Nelson and Eliza Coon, born November 30, 1845, in Howton Township, Norfolk County, Ontario.  Married Augusta Bingham November 30, 1870.  She was born August 25, 1850, in Glanford Township , Ontario.  Children born to them three, Eliza C., October 17, 1872; Ada L., born September 8, 1880; Dell D., born February 2, 1888.



     Son of Robert W. and Mary Campbell, born December 3, 1842 near Coal’s Creek, Alleghany County, N.Y.  In 1843 his parents came to Ypsilanti, Michigan.  In 1844 they moved to Eaton County.  In 1863 Mr. Campbell went into a sawmill and worked about four years, he then went to work carpentering and continued at this for about twenty-five years.  Married Lavina Souers in 1868  in Ohio.  He bought a farm and moved his family to Elmwood in 1878.  In a short time they moved to Gagetown and remained there two years then returned to Elmwood.  Children born to them five, William E. born April 15, 1871; Fred E., Malvin, Mary and the youngest died in infancy.  Mrs. Campbell died May 27, 1890.



     Son of William and Harriet E. Chapel, born October 2, 1864, in Noor Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  His father died when he was ten weeks old and his mother married again when he was three years old.  In 1870 he went to live with John H. Kalle of Detroit, where he remained until he was twenty-two years old.  He returned to Elmwood Township and bought the farm he lives on in 1886.  Married Flora A. Wright, November 18, 1886.  She was born June 29, 1867 in Malina County, Ohio, and came to Michigan with her parents in 1870.  Children born to them five, Charles W., born September 29, 1888: Anna B., born April 20, 1889; Lillian N., born August 28, 1895; Frank R., born October 22, 1898; Claud H., born June 15, 1900.



     Son of Andrew and Jennie Evertt, born January 27, 1859, in Shelby Township, Macomb County, Michigan.  His father died when he was twelve years old.  At the age of fourteen he went work by the month farming, and continued at this until he was twenty-one.  At which time he came to Elmwood Township, Tuscola County, and bought his farm.



     Son of Daniel and Lydia Evans, born February 28, 1865, in Richland County, Ohio.  He came to Michigan with his parents in 1870, to Tuscola County.  He has lived with his parents or they with him always.  Married Miss Farnum, January 1, 1892. She was born April 30, 1875, in Millington, Tuscola County. Children born to them four, Lydia I., born December 1 1892; Eliza M., born July 27, 1894; Bertha L., born December 6, 1896; and John A., born February 26 1900.



     Son of Moses and Susan Farnum, born May 29, 1837, in Bennington, N.Y.  In 1841 his parents came to Groosland Township, Oakland County, where they lived until 1856, when they came to Millington, Tuscola County, and settled on a half section of Government land.  Mr. Farnum made his home with his parents until his father died in 1872.  Mr. Farnum drove the stage between Pontiac and Saginaw early in the fifties, for three years, and was well acquainted with all the old settlers.  Mr. Farnum was interested in milling, lumbering and farming from the time he came to Tuscola County until about 1880, when he bought the farm he lives on.  Mr. Farnum married Isabell M. Youmans July , 1863, in Tuscola.  She was born May 29, 1847, in Erin, Ontario.  In 1854 her parents moved into Ohio, Hamden, Vinton County, where her father died.  In 1858 her mother came to Millington, Tuscola County.  Children born to them three, Hiram E., born April 30, 1864, and died in infancy; Francis A., born November 20, 1866; Phebe L., born April 30, 1875.


    Son of James and Martha Jackson, born September 5, 1855, in Peckering Township, Ontario. In 1878 he came to Elmwood Township where he has since resided.  Married Miss Wald in May, 1882.  She was born in Ontario and came to Michigan with her parents when a small child.  They have six children, Mary born April, 1883; Ray born February 2, 1887; Willie born November 2, 1889; Ruth born August 25, 1891; Glen born September 11, 1896; Setlea V., born May 24, 1899.


     Son of Zeb and Elizabeth Kinnell, born April 5, 1869, in Simco County, Ontario.  He came to Caro, Michigan, with his parents in 1885, and soon after came to Elmwood where his father bought a farm.  Married Mina Fournier, March 18, 1891.  She was born October 19, 1973, in Elmwood township, Tuscola County.  Children born to them two, Martha E., born November 25, 1892, in Delray; Hazel G., born July 9, 1898.


     Son of Benjamine and Jane McConkey, born Janaury 10, 1859, at Winchester Springs, Ontario.  Mr. McConkey’s parents came from Dundas County, Ontario. In 1876, and settled in Unionville, and lived there one years.  His father bought the farm Mr. McConkey lives on.  It was all new or wild land.  He has always  lived with his parents.  He took charge of the farm when his father died in 1899.   Married Josephine Higgins October 4, 1899.  She was born in Elmwood Township.  Children born to them one, Cecil M., born October 19, 1900.


     Son of John and Rosa Mullin, born March 14, 1866, in Riverdale Township, Bruce County, Ontario.  In 1872 his parents came to Elmwood Township, Tuscola County.  Mr. Mullin worked in the lumber woods winters and farmed summers until his marriage.  Married Rose I. Tiffeny January 17, 1893.   She was born March 6, 1874, in Ginnell, Ontario.  In 1886 she came to Michigan with her parents.  Children born to them two, both died in infancy.



     Son of John and Victory Robideau, born August 10, 1862, in Ruthland, Vermont.  In 1866 his parents moved to Moore’s Forks, N.Y.  At the age of nineteen he came to Mears, Michigan, and worked in the lumber woods two years.  He returned to New York after his parents and brought them to Mears, where he lived for about four years, and in July 1888, he bought the farm he lives on.  Married Selina Rochelau  May , 1891.  She was born November 30, 1872, in Logan Township, Perth County, Ontario.  In 1885 her parents came to Elmwood Township, Tuscola County.  Children born to them one, James A. born November 24, 1892.



     Son of Joseph and Eliz Rondo, born June 9, 1854, in Vermont, near Lake Champlain.  His parents moved to Ypsilanti when he was eight years old, they lived there two years and then moved to Tuscola Township, Tuscola County, where he lived for about sixteen years.   Married Anna Zucker May 6, 1878, in Caro.  She was born February 11, 1860, in Frankenmuth, Saginaw County, Michigan.  They lived with Mr. Rondo’s parents for about a year, then moved to Denmark, where they lived for four years.  They moved to Caro and lived there three years.  They then moved to Gordon Creek where they remained a years and a half.  They moved to Harrison and remained there two year, and then went to Gaylord for nine months then to Elmwood where they have since resided.  Children born to them six, Clara A., born January 30, 1879; Eliza E., born July 16, 1880; John G., born February 8 1882; William P., born April 19, 1888; Mary B.,  Ray D. twins, born August 7, 1895.



     Son of Benjamin and Mary Southworth, born June 3, 1879 in Horsehead, Chemung County, N.Y.  In 1881 his parents came to Elmwood Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  He has lived with his parents or they with him until about a year ago they moved to Colwood.  Mr. Sountyworth married Grace Suley July 25, 1900.  She was born April 3, 1880, in Elmwood Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.



    Son of George and Anna M. Wald, born April 14, 1858, in Howton Township, Ontario.  In 1867 he came to Tuscola County, Michigan, with his parents.  Married Theresa C. Mall September 30, 1889.  She was born November 15, 1861, near Waterloo, Ontario, and came to Tuscola County with her parents.  Children born to them five, Helen E., born September 23, 1890; Arthur born October 30, 1892, died in infancy; Mary C., born October 2, 1895; Ester D, born November 5, 1897; Margaret born July 5, 1900.


     Son of Ernest and Hannah Wald, born December 15, 1828, Off-Hoven Village, Germany.  Married Mary Zimmerman, in 1852.  Mr. Wald came to America in 1856, landed in Quebec, and come from there to Buffalo, N.Y., where they lived a year and a half, when he moved to Canada and worked in a mill for Mr. Cook for five years.  He bought a farm and lived on it nine years.  He then sold his farm and came to Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them five; two, Tina and Karl, was born in Germany; Three, Thessa, George, Lena, were born in Canada.  Mrs. Wald died in 1884.  Mr. Wald married Mrs Mary Dancy, and had three children by his second wife, Ernest, Rexford and Karl.

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