Son of Samuel and Amelia Benjamin, born May 16, 1849.  His father died when he was eleven years old.  After his fatherís death he took care of himself, worked on a farm by the month.  Married Laura Bardwell February 24, 1874.  She was born in New York in 1855.  Her parents moved to Wisconsin, where her mother died, and Laura lived with her grandmother till she died.  In 1870 she came to Tuscola County, Ellington Township, where she married Mr. Benjamin.  Children born to them three, Mary B., born December 25, 1877; Wellington, born September 21, 1881; Delbert, born January 2, 1885.



     Son of George H. and Mary O., born March 16, 1856, in Webster Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.  Married Mary A. OíNeill Janaury 29, 1879, in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  She was born February 9, 1853, in Geneva Township, Seneca County, N. Y.  In 1856 her parents came to Michigan and settled at Rives Junction, where her father died.  Mr. and Mrs. Black moved to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, in May 1886.  Children born to them four, George O., born December 16, 1879; William E., born August 14, 1882, and died January 15, 1890;  Ira J., born October 10, 1884; Orpha S., born January 25, 1887.



     Son of Hiel and Margaret, born August 19, 1846, in Watertown, N. Y.  His parents lived in Sidney Township and Naydock, Ontario.  In 1855 Mr. Bell came to Michigan with Mr. Emery, his brother-in-law, and settled in Goodland Township, Lapeer County, where he made his home until he was seventeen years old.  He enlisted in Company F, Eighth Michigan Cavalry, at Burks Corners, St. Clair County, and was mustered into the United States service in Detroit, in August 1862.  They were forwarded to Jackson barracks, where they remained six weeks, and were then sent to Lexington, Kentucky, where they received their arms and horses.  They were in the Western army under General Sherman.  Mr. Bell was discharged at Detroit June 10, 1865.  He went to Kalamazoo and made that his home for three years.  In 1868 he took a trip through the Western States and was gone two years and a half, returning to Kalamazoo.  He married Louisa C. Delano December 29, 1872.  Children born to them two, Delano H., born May 23, 1875; Clara J., born September 6, 1891.  Mrs. Bell was born October , 1849, in Cooper Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan.



     Son of John N. and Mary C. Brock, born April 3, 1860, at Indian Fields, Tuscola County, Michigan.  He made his home with his parents until he was seventeen and soon after came to Ellington Township and bought a farm on Section 22.  He worked by the month and cleared his farm.  Married Amelia Messer, March 11, 1883.  She was born March 12, 1863, in Germany, and came to this country in 1875.  Children born to them four, Willie T., born January 10, 1884; Ernest R., born October 16, 1887; Lottie M., born July 12, 1890; Myrtle R., born September 27, 1893.



     Son of George and Mary J. Bell, born August 15, 1848, in Antrim County, Ireland.  In 1856 they came to Flint, Michigan, where they remained a couple of months, then came to Akron Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, living there twelve years, at which time Mr. Bells father bought a farm in Fairgrove Township.  He died there. Mr. Bellís mother still lives on that farm.  In 1870 Mr. Bell went to work by the month on a farm and worked three years.  He then went North and worked in the lumber woods of Ogemaw and Otsego Counties.  He returned to Tuscola County in 1875 and bought ninety-five acres of land in Section 22, Ellington Township.  Married Mary A. Demster, March 17, 1879.  She was born near Otisville, Michigan, September 27, 1862.  Mrs. Bell was left an orphan at the age of nine years, but made her home with an older sister.  Children born to them four, George D., born September 23, 1880; Mary Mable, born April 17, 1883, and died March 28, 1895; S. June, born June 13, 1892; the fourth child died in infancy.  George D. married Myrta B. Finehowt, December 25, 1899. She was born March 12, 1880, in Watertown, Tuscola County, Michigan.



     Son of George W. and Eliza Call, born August 3, 1858, in Cannaut Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio.  At the age of seventeen years he came to Midland, Michigan, and remained one year.  He then returned to his fatherís, in Ohio, and remained there four years.   In 1880 he came to Romeo, McComb County, Michigan, and worked there one years.  He then went into the lumber woods in Clare County.  In 1883 he went to Indiana and worked there a years.  In 1884 he returned to Cassopolis, Michigan, and worked there four years.  Married Jane Earl, October 25, 1888.  She was born May 10, 1853, in Woodstock, Ontario.  They have no children.  They came to Tuscola County in November, 1888, and went back to Cassopolis in 1890, and remained there two and a half years, when they returned to Tuscola County, Ellington Township, where they have since resided.



     Son of William and Susan Cope, born May 2 1848, in Burford Township, Brant County, Ontario.  He resided with his parents until he was sixteen years old, when he came to Kent County, Michigan, and went to work on a farm.  He worked summers and went to school winters for four years.  Married Mary E. Jones, December 25, 1869, in Ada, Kent County, Michigan.  Mrs. Cope was born October 36, 1852, in Burford Township, Brant County, Ontario, and came to Michigan with her parents in 1855.  Children born to them three, Herbert Leon, born July 10, 1873, in Lock, Ingham County, Michigan; Lela W., born August 5, 1878, died in November, 1879; Fern, born July 7, 1881.  Rev Cope took a partial course in Adrian College, and later Grant University conferred on him the degree A. M. He entered the ministry in 1871 and has continued in the work, and is now a member of the Detroit Conference of the M. E. Church.



     Son of Charles M. and Martha Delling, born September 4, 1859, in Almer Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Sarah M. Guilds, October 13, 1880.  She was born February 24, 1862, in Harwick Township, Kent county, Ontario, and came to Tuscola County with her parents in 1871.  Mr. Delling lived with his parents six years after his marriage, and October 27, 1887, moved onto the farm where he now lives.   Children born to them one, Emma E., born October 10, 1881.



     Son of George and Catherine Drehmer, born October 4, 1846, in Dansville N. Y.  In 1862 his parents moved to Jackson County, Michigan.  March 4, 1865, Mr. Drehmer enlisted in Company H, Tenth Michigan Cavalry, and served until the close of the war.  Married Mary E. Gordon, May 26 1867.  She was born August 11, 1845, in Tompkins Township, Jackson County, Michigan.  Children born to them six, Ida J, born September 2, 1868, and died May 13, 1881; Alonzo B., born September 28 1870; Alma A., born September 27, 1872, and died May 16, 1881; Adelbert W., born January 31, 1875, and died May 12, 1881; Lyman, born August 31, 1878; Leroy, born March 17, 1885.



     Son of James and Susan Dorman, born October 27, 1853, in London Township, Ontario, and came with his parents to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, in 1855.  He lived with his parents until his marriage, and soon after his marriage his parents lived with him.  Married Anna E. Balch, December 28, 1877.  She was born in Dryden Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.  Children born to them five, Susan E., born October 1, 1878; James T., born April 21 1880; William A., born April 14, 1882; Myrtle A., born October 21, 1885; Wilber O., born May 28, 1892.



     Son of Amos F. and Hannah C. Earl, born July 13, 1845, in Lester Township, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  His father died December 14, 1853, and soon after his mother came to Oakland County, Michigan, where he remained two years, after which he went to Montcalm County to live with an uncle, and remained there six years.  He returned to Oakland County and enlisted in Company C, Eighth Michigan Cavalry, December 13, 1862, and served with his company until he was hurt by an ugly horse and sent to the hospital.   He was afterwards transferred to the V. R. C., where he finished service, and was discharged in Chicago, September 19, 1865.  He returned to Oakland County, and in the spring of 1866 he went to Iowa and worked on a railroad that summer.  He went into Minnesota for Wright Company and lumbered for four years.  Married Sophia C. Fettirs, in Clearwater, Minnesota March 7, 1869.  She was born in Albany, N. Y., May 1, 1850. In 1865 her parents moved to Clearwater, Minnesota.   Children born to them three, Edna M., born November 4, 1870; she is now Mrs. George Gray; Jed W., born January 19, 1873; he is married and lives in Caro; W. C., born January 24, 1878; he is at home with his parents.



     Son of Samuel M. and Martha, born August 24, 1856, in Gilford Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Polly V. Davis, December 25, 1879.  She was born September 22, 1856, in Onondago Township, Ingham County, Michigan.  Mrs. French was married to Major Houck, and had one child, Leland F. Houck, born January 1, 1876.  She secured a divorce from her first husband.  Mr. and Mrs. French have ten children, Almora M., born August 27, 1880; one died in infancy on April 24, 1882; Griffin M., born June 18, 1883; Eva, born September 13 1885, and died in infancy; Alwilda J., born March 8, 1887; Lula B., born November 17, 1888; L. E. born September 6, 1890, and died in infancy; Alonzo A. born March 25, 1892; F. P., born June 12, 1894, and died in infancy; Leola M., born November 13, 1895.



     Son of Hiram and Nancy Frost, born January 2, 1844, in Tecumseh Township, Lenawee County, Michigan.  He remained with his parents until he was twenty-one, when he worked at farming for five years.  Married Catherine L. Pykett, February 14, 1870.  She was born March 5, 1850, in Bridgewater Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan.  Children born to them four, John, born August 8, 1878; Oley L., born October 21, 1885; Bert T., born February 8, 1877, and died in infancy; Levern, born October 21, 1884, and died at the age of four years.



     Son of Joseph and Adeline Gerou, born October 15, 1855, in Norfolk County, Ontario.  Came to Saginaw, Michigan with his parents in 1865, where they lived seven years.  For three years he worked for Hathaway & Ware, grocers, in Saginaw.  In 1872 he and his father came to Ellington Township and bought a farm.  Married Mary B. Hutchinson, October 7, 1875.  She was born at Alexander Boy, Jefferson County, N. Y. and died March 2, 1894.  Children born to them four, Nora, born October 2, 1876; she is now Mrs. Fred Shaver; Clara, born July 8, 1878; she married L. Millermen and died January 24, 1899; Arthur, born April 5, 1882; Millie, born August 10, 1890.  Mr. Gerou remarried October 26, 1898, to Mrs. Margaret B. Skinner.  She was born May 31, 1869, in Elmwood Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Mrs. Gerow had three children by her first husband, Charles J., born August 19, 1889; Carrie M., born October 6, 1893; Eva P., born November 8, 1896.



     Son of Ephraim D. and Cynthia B., born September 12, 1850, in Independence Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  In 1867 he came to Michigan.  He farmed in summer, run a threshing machine in the fall and manufactured brooms in the winter.  Married Alwilda J. Davis, September 12, 1875.  She was born October 21, 1860, n Arilions Township Ingham County, Michigan.  In 1871 her parents moved to Eaton Rapids.  Children born to them two, George R., born November 6, 1880 ; Myron A., born April 20, 1900, and died in infancy.



     Son of James P. and Sarah M. Hendrick, born June 14, 1871, in Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  May 5, 1889, he went to learn the tinnersí trade of Mr. F. A. Riley in Caro, and worked for him two and a half years.  He then worked for Miles Green, of Millington, for a year.  In 1894 he went to Newtown, Bucks County, Pa., and worked for F. Smith.  He worked there for three years and a half.  While there he fell from the roof of a house and was badly injured and has not fully recovered.  He returned to Tuscola County in 1896.  Married Lila M. Stone, October 28, 1896.  She was born April 29, 1877, in Tirone Township, Livingston County, Michigan, and came to Ellington Township with her parents n 1883.  Children born to them three, Harriett H., born September 7, 1897; Rachel N., born October 26, 1898; Nydia E., born April 3, 1901.



     Son of Ozionz and Sarah A. Hutchinson, born September 28, 1853, at Alexander Bay, Jefferson County, N. Y.  In 1856 his parents moved to Malory Township, Escott County, Ontario.  Here their house burned and four daughters were lost.  In 1865 they came to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Mr. Hutchinsonís father was postmaster of Ellington postoffice for nineteen years.  Mr. Norman Hutchinson married Hattie E. Hutchinson, December 13, 1881.  She was born in 1864, in Ellington, and died in 1888.  Children born to them two, Essie M., born September 12, 1885; Arlow N., born April 16, 1888, and died May 4, 1890.  Mr. Hutchinson married Ada M. Osterley, January 9, 1889.  She was born in Huron County, Michigan, and died January 25, 1895.  Children born to them three, one died in infancy; Stanby N., born November 21, 1899; Edna A., born October 6, 1891.  Mr. Hutchinson married Clara B. Gould, April 28, 1896.  She was born April 17, 1872, and died April 25, 1901.  Children born to them one, Clara B., born April 24, 1901.



    Son of Oliver and Fanny Hatch, born March 8, 1839, in Jasper Township, Steuben County, N. Y. He resided with his parents until 1860.  After the election of President Lincoln he came to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  He enlisted August 11, 1861, in the First Engineers and Mechanics, Company F, and was with the Western troops in all his service.  Was captured by the Confederates May 4, 1864, and was a prisoner at Cahaba, Ala.  Was released March 20, 1865.  At Vicksburg, April 24, 1865, he was placed on board the Sultan, which blew up April 27, eight miles above Memphis, with 2012 exchanged prisoners on board.  Six hundred were rescued and forwarded to Camp Chase, Ohio.  Mr. Hatch was forwarded from there to Caro, arriving May 12, 1865.  He went East and married Safrona Lamson, August 17, 1865.  She was born in Jasper Township, Steuben County, N. Y.  Children born to them four, Allen D., born March 14, 1869; he is now in Painted Post, Steuben County, N. Y., constructing air and gas compressors for the Round Drill Company; Oliver S., born April 4, 1871; Evelyn, born June 3, 1876, now Mrs. James A. Campbell; Elizabeth, born April 9, 1879.



     Son of Jasper and Julia A. Kitchen, born April 17, 1869, in Genesee County, Michigan.  Married Emma K. Krohnley, June 18, 1892, in Toledo, Ohio, and moved onto the farm where they now live.  She was born October 6, 1868.  Children born to them one, Julia C., born April 23, 1888.



     Son of John and Elizabeth, born February 1, 1860, in Mr. Clemens, Michigan.  He remained with his parents until he was twenty-five years old, at which time he was married.  Married Frances Ward, April 23, 1875, in Emily Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.  Children born to them one Ella M., born February 27, 1879.



     Mr. Leach has 160 acres on Section 4 of Ellington Township ---130 acres improved, 30 acres of timber; a good house and other buildings, with good machinery, the latest improvements, a large orchard of choice fruit, located in a good locality and pleasant neighborhood. He has also a good supply of water for stock the year around.



     Daughter of Joseph and Laura Alexander, born May 2, 1834, in Fairport Township, Lake County, Ohio.  At the age of 19 she was married to Jerome Wilber, in Newbery Township, Geanga County, Ohio, and soon after her marriage came to Tuscola County, Michigan.  Mr. Wilber enlisted August 9, 1862, and mustered in September 1, 1862, in Company D, Twenty-third Michigan Volunteers, and died of typhoid fever November 5, 1863.  Children born to them two, Winfield, born March 22, 1856; Ellen A., born May 5, 1858.  Mrs. Wilber was married to Jacob H. Mosher, July 4, 1863.  He died August 5, 1900.  Children born to them four, Eugene, born March 24, 1864; Nettie born Mach 31, 1870, and died in infancy; Clara B., born April 17, 1872; Henry A., born April 23, 1876, and died December 4, 1890.  Clara B, first husband was Synis V., Gould.  Children born to them two, Stanley H. and Dora Bernado.  They are living with Mrs. Mosher.  Her second husband was Norman Hutchinson.  He died April 25, 1901.



     Son of John and Margery May, born November 14, 1845, in Alexander Township, Jefferson County, N. Y.  In 1859 his parents moved to Escott Township, Leeds County, Ontario.  They lived there about five years and then came to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  At the age of twenty-one he started out for himself, working at the carpenter trade.  Married Florence S. Cooley September 1, 1868.  She was born April 3, 1849, in Dansville Township, Livingston County, N. Y. Children born to them three, George W., born November 21, 1875, and died October 26, 1898; Ernest D. born August 28, 1883; Delmer J., born July 30, 1887, and died September 28, 1887.



     Son of Henry and Catharine, born August 24, 1856.  His father died when he was six years old.  When ten years of age he went to work by the month at farming.  Married Susan Fisher, September 19, 1875.  She was born July 14, 1862, in Rose Township, Oakland County, Michigan.  Children born to them two, Anna, born July 28, 1876;; George, born July 25, 1879.



     Son of Alfred and Elizabeth Perry, born July 16, 1849, in Somersetshire, Parish of Walton, England.  Came to this country in 1876 and lived one year in Oakland County and one year in Huron County and one year in Isabella County, after which he came to Elmwood, Tuscola, where he live for about nine years, after which he bought this farm in Ellington.  Married Amanda Mallory, August 12, 1876.  She was born November 5, 1854, near Prescott, Hutchinson Township, Ontario, and came to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, with her parent in 1863.  Children born to them seven, Barney N., born August 6, 1878, Byron, born January 26, 1879; Bert, born December 3, 1881; Sophia A., born July 14, 1883; Jennie L., born May 5, 1888; Rosie, born July 12, 1894; Lucy, born July 11, 1897.



     Son of John and Jane Reid, born August 20, 1861, in Alleghany City, Pa.  In 1861 his parents came to Wayne, Wayne County, Michigan.  His father died February 22, 1862.  At the age of eleven years he left home and went to work by the month.  Married Martha Wright, October 13, 1881, in Bellville, Wayne County, Michigan.  She was born May 18, 1863, in Bellville township, Wayne County, Michigan.  Shortly after their marriage they came to Tuscola County.  Children born to them three, Ernest J., born July 10, 1887; Lewis H., born September 6, 1889; John M. Jr., born April 21, 1891.  Goldie, born May 20, 1899, is an adopted daughter.  Mr. Reid is director of the School Board in District No. 6.



     Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Russell, born February 19, 1864, in Wolcott, Wayne County, Michigan.  His parents moved to Gilford Township, Tuscola County, in 1867.  In April 1868, they moved to Ellington Township.  Married Alice M. Wills, May 8, 1895.  She was born March 19, 1869, in St. Thomas, Ontario. In 1880 her parents moved to Hope Township, Midland County, Michigan.  In 1887 they came to Denmark Township, and afterwards they moved to Wells Township.  Children born to them three, Winnie, born October 8, 1896; Chriss, born August 4, 1898; Bertha M., born October 13, 1900.



     Son of John and Sarah Steele born May 19, 1863, in Ontario.  His parents moved to Almer Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, in 1865.  Married Nora R. Wooley, July 23, 1887, in Easton, Talbert County, Maryland.  They lived there about eight years, then returned to Tuscola County.  Mrs. Steele was born June 25, 1870, in Akron Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them three Alice M., born April 8, 1889; Howard F., born April 27, 1891; Grace M., born April 15, 1894.



   Son of Ezekiel and Nancy Shaver, born August 1, 1860, at Wider Station, Ontario.  In 1866 his parents came to Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Jessie A. Oesterle, April 10, 1889.  She was born November 2, 1863, in Elmwood Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them two, Pierce A., born June 4, 1891; Coral B., born March 20, 1894.



    Son of Robert T. and Rose Anna Smith, born January 17, 1859, in Gawanockawa, Ontario, and came to East Saginaw, Michigan, with his parents in 1862, where they lived for fourteen years.  They then moved to Ellington Township, Tuscola County.  Married Ella Young, October 28, 1884.  She was born October 21, 1869, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and came to Tuscola County with her aunt.  They have no children.



     Son of John and Rebecca Stull, born November 28, 1850, in Clarion County, Pa.  His parents moved to Ashland County, Ohio.  In 1867 he came to Oakland County.  In 1869 to Tuscola County.  Married Paulina Dorothy Sophia Ehmcke, March 10, 1876.  She was born December 25, 1861, in Schenectady, N. Y.  In 1867 her parents came to Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them six, Lydie A., born June 24, 1877, and died August 20, 1899; Charles W, born May 10, 1879; Franklin F., born June 28, 1881; Mary R., born January 7, 1884; Susie F., born January 11, 1887; Clara B., born February 3, 1890.



    Son of James K. and Sarah, born May 1, 1867, in Livingston County, Michigan.  In 1870 his parents moved to Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Etta Dwinn. December 26, 1888.  She was born September 3, 1870, in Ellington Township, Tuscola County.  Children born to them one, Hazel, born May 27, 1892.



     Son of William and Ann Tomlinson, born October 16, 1850, in Toronto Township, Peel County, Ontario.  In 1862 his parents moved into Middlesex County.  Married Margaret Tuckey, October 5, 1876, in Adilade Township, Middlesex County Ontario.  She was born March 15, 1857, in London Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.  They lived in Adilade Township two years, and in 1878 moved to Ellington Township, Tuscola County Michigan.  Mrs. Tomlinson died January 23, 1892.  Children born to them eight Anna H, born August 9, 1877; Charles W., born October 17, 1878; Lawrence E., born April 24, 1880; Leonard L., born December 23, 1881, and died September 9, 1897; Alice I., born September 5, 1883; Archie, born November 27, 1885, and died in infancy; Preston E., born March 10, 1887; Alma P., born November 15, 1890.



     Son of Robert and Mary Wilson, born February 11, 1868, in Evergreen, Sanilac County, Michigan.  Married Ellen Walters, October 6, 1892, in Caro.  She was born September 2, 1871, in Elmwood township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them one, Roland J., born April 1, 1895.



     Son of Jerome B. and Mary D. Wilber, born March 22, 1856, in Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Flora A. May, Januarys 1, 1877.  She was born September 27, 1859, in Escott Township, Leeds county, Ontario, and came with her parents to Michigan.  Children born to them eight, Margery E., born August 4, 1877, and died at the age of two and a half years; Myrtle M., born July 12, 1879, and died in infancy; Jerome B., born February 27, 1881; Roy J., born September 20, 1883, and died at the age of twenty-two months; Henry O., born September 20, 1885, and died at the age of twenty-two months; Claude J., born December 27, 1887; Chloie D., born October 27, 1894, Veda D., born June 4, 1896.


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