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                   DENMARK TOWNSHIP




     Mr. Buchinger was born in Saginaw County, September 19, 1869.  He came with his parents to Tuscola County years ago, and has lived here since on his present farm.  Married Laura Buetow, September 5, 1897.  They have two children, Ruth, born June 23, 1899, and Annie, born March 5, 1901.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Bernthal, born July 21, 1850, in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Married Mary Schwab, June 18, 1876, in Richville.  She was born August 30, 1854, in Richville.  They have five children, Anna D. M., born August 12, 1877, now Mrs. John G. Rogner; John M., born February 11, 1879; George A. L., born August 9, 1881; Lizzie K., born July 12, 1884; Annette M. R., born June 14, 1894.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Frank, Sr., of Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Married Sophia Schluckebier, August 23, 1893.  She was born July 20, 1870, in Frankenmuth.  They have two children, Alma G., born June 30, 1895; Luceil, born January 19, 1901.



     Mr. Hecht was born in Frankenmuth, Michigan, January 24, 1858, and lived there twenty-four years, then located in Denmark Township, on his present farm.  Married Miss E. B. Helmrich, June 13, 1883.  She was born October 6, 1859, in Bay County, Michigan.  They have four children, Mary B., born March 29, 1884; George A., born February 8, 1886; John L., born October 20, 1887; Adolph A., born May 10, 1894.



    Mr. Karl was born November 12, 1836.  Married Christina Bower, March 26, 1884, in Saginaw County.  She was born in Merking, Germany, January 2, 1848, and came to America with her parents while young.  They have two children, Mary, born June 23, 1885, and Barbara, born November 17, 1888.



     Mr. Kern was born February 24, 1846, in the southern part of Germany, and came to America in July, 1861.  Settled in Denmark Township, in 1872.  Married Catherine Hartman, September 13, 1872.  She was born April 25, 1852, in Germany.  They have five children.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Lotter, of Pererian, Germany, was born August 30, 1853, in Frankenmuth, Michigan and has been engaged in general farming.  He located on his present farm in Denmark Township in 1878.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCollum, was born April 15, 1841, in Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont.   Came with his parents to Genesee County, Michigan, and resided there twenty-five years; was engaged in farming.  He enlisted August 26, 1861, in Company D, Twenty-third Michigan Infantry, and was honorably discharged at the close of the war.  He returned to Michigan and worked for J. D. Smith of Vassar, for a time.  He then bought his present farm in Denmark Township.  Married Mary S. Wilcox, May 22, 1866.  She was born February 5, 1842, in Washtenaw County.  They have four children, Minnie F., born October 8 1870; Arthur L., born November 24, 1873; Jessie, born January 24, 1883; Andrew O., born April 7, 1886.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Rogner, was born in Saginaw County, Michigan, November 17, 1859.  He resided in Saginaw County until 1881, when he located in Denmark Township.  Married Lizzie Renard, November 9, 1885.  She was born in Saginaw County, March 1, 1861.  They have nine children, Caroline, born November 21, 1886; Henry, born February 28, 1888; Willie, born November 2, 1889; Clara, born October 31, 1891; Selina, born June 17, 1893; Guli, born April 14, 1895; Sophrona, born September 10, 1896; Rachena, born November 9, 1898; Norman, born July 24, 1900.



     Mr. Rogner was born in Saginaw County, Michigan, July 14, 1861.  Moved to Denmark Township and located on his present farm years age.  Married Mary Buchinger, November 24, 1889.  She was born March 4, 1865.  They have two children, Alma B., born September 28, 1890, and Edna M., born October 30, 1895.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Schluckebier, of Frankemuth, Michigan, was born October 21, 1863.  Married Anna B. Stern, October 29, 1899.  She was born November 26, 1866. They have no children.



    Son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Shultz of Goldenberg, Macklennburg, Germany, was born August 14, 1851, in Detroit, Michigan.  Married Matilda Kuhl, December 8, 1872.  Mr. and Mrs. Shultz located on their present farm many years ago.  They have five children, Henry, born December 7, 1873; Matilda F. C., born January 16, 1876; Anna F. E., born December 10, 1879; Albert C. f., born November 30, 1889; Otto W., born December 25, 1893.



    Mr. Shultz was born in Richville, Michigan, March 5, 1857.  Married Margartha Winkler, in Saginaw, May 19, 1879.  She was born August 20, 1859, in Saginaw County, Michigan. They have six children, Lydia C., born March 19, 1880; Frederick M., born July 25, 1882; George S., born April 12, 1885; Alma C., born April 29, 1888; Amanda M., born September 2, 1894; Matilda L., born February 3, 1896.



     Mr. Walt was born February 11, 1846, in Switzerland.  He came to America in 1864, to Denmark Township, and engaged in farming.  Married Lizzie Kamen, August 3, 1873.  She was born May 5, 1849, in Bavaria.  Came to America and located in Denmark Township in 1851.  They have seven children, John J. born June 1, 1874; George L., born May 17, 1878; Herman, born June 29, 1880; Mary, born October 26, 1872; William, born April 11, 1884; Justian, born November 11, 1889, and Henry, born April 15, 1889.



     Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wells, born April 25, 1857, in Denmark Township.  Married Ida M. Garner, November 22, 1887.  She was born June 1, 1863.  They have one child, Joseph S. Wells, born May 1, 1890.



     Mr. Frederick Wirth, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. Wirth, Sr., was born April 11, 1858, in Denmark Township.  Married Mary Schluckebier, October 15, 1889.  They have four children, William F., born October 21, 1891; Frederick O., born September 22, 1893; Helmuth H., born January 27, 1896; Clara P., born December 2, 1900.

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