Son of James and Eliza Byington, born December 8, 1849, in Macomb Township, St. Lawrence County, N. Y.  His parents came to Wells Township, Tuscola County, in 1858, and settled on Section 33.  Married Anna A. Putnam, December 24, 1878.  She was born May 17, 1863, in Wells Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  They have four children, Martha M., born September 18, 1879; Robert J., born January 18, 1881, and died in infancy; Mary E., born April 8, 1885; Lulu E. born June 19, 1886.



     Son of David A. and Eunice Clark, born March 3, 1833, in Erie County, N. Y.  His father died when Henry was fourteen years old and left a family of seven children, of which Henry was the oldest.  Henry, his mother and the younger children came to Macomb County, Michigan, between 1855 and 1860, and lived there until after the close of the Civil War.  Henry Clark enlisted in Company H, Second Michigan Cavalry, U. S. V., in September, 1861, and served three years, and re-enlisted in the same company and regiment, and served until August, 1865.  After his discharge he returned to Macomb County.  A few years later he and his mother moved to Bloomington, Ill., where they lived five years, returning to Kalamazoo.  Married Eliza I. Lettelier, March 17, 1873, in Bloomington, Ill.  She was born May 14, 1845, in Tenton, N. J.  Children born to them seven, Albert, born January 27, 1874, and died in infancy; Anna 1876; Henry D., born March 25, 1879; Maud E., born February 25, 1882, Charles, born July 8, 1885; Sarah, born December 4, 1888.



     Son of Thomas and Amelia Hunter, born February 15, 1856, in Sounthwold Township, Elgin County, Ontario.  He lived with his parents until 1883.  Married Mary Moore, January 12, 1881, at the home of Mrs. Hunterís parents, in Sounthwold, Ontario.  She was born August 25, 1854, in Trafalgar Township, Ontario.  In 1883 they came to Dayton Township, Tuscola County, and settled on the farm where they now live.  His father bought the farm for him.  There were only about ten acres cleared.  Since he came on it in 1883 he has cleared two hundred and ten acres, built a brick house, nice large barn and other good buildings and improved it generally.  He has held several township offices.  They have seven children, Herbert G., born November 30, 1883; Maxwillo, born January 29, 1885; Sadie A., born March 21, 1887; Nettie M., born May 23, 1889; Edith B., born October 8, 1891; Alexander, born April 19, 1893; Floran L., born May 21, 1895.



     Son of Lyman B. and Clarissa H. Hardy, born February 16, 1872, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  His parents moved to Fenton, Genesee County, in 1873.  In 1883 they moved to Fremont Township, Tuscola County.  He lived with his parents until 1892, when he went to work for the Pere Marquette R. R. Co  He worked for them four years, then worked for the Lake Shore R. R. Co. for a year and a half.  Then he resigned and returned to Fremont and worked his fatherís farm.  Married Zelpha Day, March 2, 1895.  She was born March 30, 1873, in Dayton Township.  They have two children, Hazel E., born February 3, 1897; Lorraine V., born in 1898.



     Son of Robert and Catherine, born July 16, 1847, in Walpool Township, Haldaman County, Ontario.  Mr. Hodgesí father died when he was eleven years old.  Mr. Hodges was second oldest of a family of seven, and remained with his mother until he was twenty-five years old.  Mr. Hodges with his mother, brothers and sisters, drove through with a wagon from Ontario to Dayton Township, and settled on Section 28, where his mother died years after.  Married Sarah A. Putnam, April 21, 1872.  She was born in Ontario in 1851.  They had six children; three died in infancy; James S., born July 5, 1874; Etta M., born July 4, 1881; Fredrich, born January 29, 1885.  Mrs. Hodges died October 14, 1888.  Mr. Hodges married Minnie Crysler, February 20, 1889.  Children born to them three, Earl H., born January 15, 1890; Alva E., born January 2, 1892; Florence A., born October 2, 1896.



     Son of Oliver and Lucinda, born February 27, 1866, in Metamora Township, Lapeer County, Michigan.  Married Annie B. Cameron, November 2, 1886.  She was born February 8, 1867, in Watford, Ontario.  Her parents came to Michigan and settled in Lapeer County in 1881.  Soon after his marriage Mr. Moses took charge of his fatherís farm and remained there nine years, at the end of which he bought his present farm in Dayton Township.  They have five children, Oliver H., born November 21, 1887; Bertha, born March 28, 1889; Florence E., born July 11, 1894; Mabel A., born January 3, 1897; Glen E., born January 1, 1900.



     Son of Nelson D. and Rebecca Phelps, born February 25, 1869, in Dayton Township, Tuscola County.  Mr. Phelps parents came from Elgin County, Ontario, to Tuscola County in 1857.  In 1858 Mr. Phelps pre-empted eighty acres, and soon after bought an eighty, and shortly after this he bought eighty acres of primary school land, where he built and where they have lived ever since.  Mr. Nelson Phelps died July 13, 1900, since which time his son, John N. has moved onto the homestead and taken charge of the business for his mother.  Mr. Nelson Phelps was a native of New York, and Mrs. Phelps a native of Canada.  Mr. John Phelps made his home with his parents until 1890.  Married Louisa M. Goodell, October 12, 1892.  She was born January 15, 1868, in Dayton Township, Tuscola County.  Children born to them four, Stewart G., born October 12, 1893; Asa R., born April 6, 1896; Morris, born June 9, 1898; Amelia, born July 5, 1900.



     Son of Leroy and Margaret Phelps, born May 8, 1871, in Dayton Township.  His parents came to Tuscola County in 1860 and settled on Section 18, and in 1866 bought the farm they now live on.  Mr. Truman Phelps has had charge of the farm of late years and lives with his parents on the homestead.



     Son of Nelson and Rebecca Phelps, born April 23, 1876, in Dayton Township.  Mr. Phelps made  his home with his parents until 1901, when he bought the farm he now lives on.  Married Mabel M. Hammond, March 19, 1896.  She was born April 12, 1876, in Cass County, Michigan.  In 1881 her parents moved to Tuscola County.  Children born to them three, Leland H., born September 9, 1896; Dorothy, born October 16, 1898, and Pilla, born October 26, 1900.



     Son of Philip and Mary Traubenkraut, born September 21, 1872, in North Amherst, Lorain County, Ohio.  His parents came to Tuscola County in 1882, and Mr. Philip Trawbenkraut bought the farm he lives on in Dayton Township in 1885.  Mr. Henry Traubenkraut made his home with his parent until 1897.  He has been running a stream thresher in Tuscola County for the past six years, and is well known.  Married Lucy Hulburt, August 27, 1900, in Reese.  She was born March 17, 1882, in Almont.  Soon after their marriage they moved onto their farm on Section 11, where he is now building.



     Son of Thomas K. and Ann Underwood, born June 1, 1859, in Rochester, Michigan.  Mr. Underwood made his home with his parents until he was twenty-one.  He taught school from 1875 to 1881, when he came to Tuscola county.  Married Blanche Smith, June 8, 1884.  She was born in Malone, N. Y., October 28, 1863, and came to Tuscola County in 1884.  Mr. Underwood has made a business of bee keeping and has two branch apiaries, one in Lapeer County and one in Huron County, and has about fifty swarms at his home.  Mr. Underwood has always taken great interest in educational matters.  He was instrumental in organizing Fractional District, No. 7, and was director eleven years.



     Son of Frederick and Mary J. Van Fleet, born May 19, 1853, in Troy, Oakland County.  His mother died when he was two days old.  He was adopted by James and Leah Quick, and lived with them until 1878.  Then he was for several years unsettled and did several kids of work, until in 1881 he came to Dayton Township, where he has since resided.  Married Florence E. Hause, May 17, 1893.  She was born October 4, 1860, in Canoga Township, Seneca County, N. Y., where they were married.  They have three children, Stella, born August 14, 1897, and died in infancy; Floyd born November 8, 1898, and died September 2, 1899.



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