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                                                    ALMER TOWNSHIP




     Son of Joseph R. and Nancy L. Ames born June 30, 1856, in Fairgrove Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Married Edna F. June, April 12, 1877.  She was born May 15, 1858, in Arbella Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.  Children born to them four, Adelbert R., born February 1, 1879; Edwin, born February 3, 1882; Grace L., born September 6, 1884; Ethel M., born June 16, 1892.



     Son of John and Elizabeth Bogert, born July 10, 1859, in Alexandria Township, Jefferson County, New York.  He came to Michigan with his parents at the age of six years, and soon after settled in Tuscola County, where he has since resided.  Married Elizabeth Nash, June 18, 1882.  She was born in Norwalk Township, Huron County, October 10, 1864.  They have five children, Edna was born September 14, 1884; Wesly, born March 7, 1886; Ernest E., born September 1, 1888; Floyd E., born May 24, 1890; Edgar E., born July 24, 1892.  Mr. John Bogert enlisted in the year of 1864 in Company E, One hundred and Eight-sixth New York Volunteers, and served until the close of the Civil War.



     Son of Moses and Louisa Belden, born August 9, 1847, in Lockport Township, Niagara County, New York.  At the age of seven he went to Champlain, and lived with his uncle for three years, then he went from Champlain sailing on the great lakes for nine years.  Married Margaret Jetty, November 7, 1864, in Montreal.  She was born in Longale opposite Montreal, and died January 4 , 1889, at the age of forty-one.  Children born to them two, Anna Elizabeth, born June 1, 1865; Mary Louisa, born September 14, 1869, and died June 4, 1895.



     Son of Alva and Julia Bills, born May 5, 1843, in Nankin Township, Wayne County, Michigan.  He enlisted August 13, 1862, in Company H. Twenty-fourth Michigan Volunteer.  About September 1, 1862, they were sent to Bellplains Landing.  In the summer of 1863 they followed General Lee through Maryland.  They spent the winter of 1863 and 1864, near Culpepper’s Court House, and they were at Petersburg the summer of 1864. And he remained in front of Petersburg until after the surrender of General Lee.  In 1865 his regiment went north to Illinois to recruit, the war closed before they were recruited, and he was sent to the regiment in Illinois.  They returned and were mustered out in Detroit June 30, 1865.  He then returned to his home in Nankin.  Married Elizabeth Wessley, January 1, 1867.  She was born November 25, 1851, in Taylor Township, Wayne County, Michigan.  Children born to them ten.  Two died in infancy.  Charles H., born July 12, 1870, and died October 11, 1897; George W., born October 13, 1876; Rhodie M., born August 17, 1878, and died May 18, 1880; Alma E., born October 9, 1881, and died December 18, 1900.  Brenten W., born February 6, 1883; Rossetta, born September 4, 1887; Claud E., born October 5, 1891.



     Son of Justice and Anna Barden, born August 11, 1838, in Southfield Township, Oakland County, Michigan, and lived with his parents until he was eleven years old, when he went to work for Mr. Pearsall, where he remained until he was nineteen years old.  He then returned home, working in a foundry summers and attending school winters, until he enlisted January 1864, in Company H, Twenty-second Michigan Volunteers and served until the close of the war in 1865.    He returned home and lived in the Oakland County several years, He located one hundred and sixty acres of land in Oakland County and made that his home for five years before he came to Tuscola County.  Married Helen Hemerick in 1880.  Soon after their marriage Mrs. Barden went east to Livingston County, New York, and a little later Mr. Barden went east, they lived there a years and a half.  Children born to them one, George, born April , 1882, in Livingston County, New York.  Mrs. Barden died in August 1898.   After the surrender of Lee and Johnson, the Twenty-second Michigan was disbanded and Mr. Barden was transferred to the Twenty-ninth Michigan Volunteers.  Married Mrs. Roxy Hull, August 30, 1899.



     Son of Carl F. and Augusta Becker, born March 13, 1835, in Bartolfelde, Germany.  At the age of twenty-three he came to this country.  In 1858 he landed in New York and went to Rochester, where he made his home until April 1861, when he enlisted in the Thirty-third New York, United States Volunteers, for three months.  They were kept in service until June 1863.  He returned to Rochester and in June 1863. He returned to Rochester and in July 1863, re-entered the service in the First Cavalry for three years.  He served until the close of the war  September 1865.  The regiment was disbanded in Rochester.  Mr. Becker came to Saginaw in October 1865.  Married Elizabeth Smith, November 18, 1869.  She was born December 2, 1849, in Ann Arbor.  Children born to them fourteen, of which ten are living.  Charles J., born June 12, 1870; Mary, born April 1872 and died September 5, 1875; Matilda born September 1874 and died in April 1876; Louisa, born May 30, 1875; Pauline, born January 4, 1877; Mary and Matilda, twin sisters, born December 4, 1879. Mary died March 16, 1900; Ludie, born January 26, 1881; Otto, born August 10, 1883; Huldah, born October 4, 1885; William, born May 10, 1887; Fredrich, born May 14, 1889; Henry, born November 17, 1891; Ella, born March 4, 1893 and died January 1, 1897.  Mr. and Mrs. Becker are quite smart for their age.  Their eldest son Charles J. enlisted in July 1895 in the Battery of the Second Artillery and was wounded at Satiago, Cuba, July 3, 1898.  His time expired on July 8, at which time he received his discharge and came home soon after.



     Son of Augusta and Hester J. Dudley, was born June 1, 1863, in Oconto, Wisconsin.  He came with his mother to Calhoon County, Michigan, when a small boy.  In 1858 he came to Tuscola County, in the spring of “87”, he bought the place he now lives on.  He was married January 30, 1887 to Clara A. Warren.  Have four children, Harry J, born August 12, 1888; Louis E. born April 1, 1890; Fred E., born February 14, 1895; Pearl W., born May 3, 1896.



     Son of Mark and Mary Dale, born July 17, 185, in Covington Township, Lackawanna County, Pa.  He enlisted August 9, 1864, in the Two hundred and Third Pennsylvania Volunteers, B. S. S. at Camp Cadwallader, Philadelphia.  On September first he as sent to Petersburg, and from there to camp at Deep Bottom.  The next day they were in a skirmish line all day, also on the eighteenth of September, and again at Fort Gillmore, and at Darby Town, October 26 and 27.  About the twelfth of December, under General Butler, they took transports  for Fort Fisher, as this expedition was a failure they returned to their old camp at Deep Bottom or Chapins Farm, and remained about ten days.  When they were again ordered on a second expedition against Fort Fisher.  January 14, 1865, they landed on Federal Point, and were on a skirmish line all night.  At 3 P. M., January 15, the charge was made, the fort was captured and Colonel Lamb surrendered.  About the twentieth of January, they made an attack on Sugar Loaf, and were repulsed, they remained there about two weeks before they were relieved.  Then they moved across Cape Fear River toward Fort Anderson, and were at the attack and surrednder of that fort.  About February 15, they recrossed the river for a phalanx movement against Sugar Loaf.  But the confederates evacuated and moved towards Wilmington.  On the nineteenth they began to skirmish  with the confederate troops, and on the morning of the twenty-second the engagement began, and lasted until 5 P. M., when they drove them from the works, and across the river.  Here they went into camp and drew their first pay.  They joined General Sherman at Gouldsborough and went to Raleigh.  He was taken sick here, and sent to Newbern, N. C, where he remained until he got his discharge, June 17, 1865.  When he returned to his parents and remained with them until August 1869, when he came to Saginaw, Michigan.  He went to Watrousville, and worked on the plank road two months, then he made staves until the next spring.   He worked on the plank road again from March until October.  January 20, 1871 married Martha Baker.  She was born August 5, 1854; and died January 21, 1900.  They have two children, John M., born April 20, 1875; and Aphew, born April 12, 1879.



     Son of Joel and Alvira, born April 29, 1835; in Goveneur, St. Lawrence County, New York.  At the age of ten years his parents moved to Plymouth Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio.  In 1836 he began to sail on the lakes, and followed it for three seasons.  He then worked on a dairy farm until he came to Watrousville, Michigan, in 1853.  He worked in the lumberwoods that winter.  The spring following he went to work for Mr. Watrous and remained with him three years, after which he went to work for Mr. Heartt, and worked for him three years.  Married Maria L. Convis July 5, 1858.  She was born October 13, 1840, in Russell Township, Cuyahaga County, Ohio, and came to Tuscola County with her parents at the age of thirteen.  Mrs. Marla Fairbanks died July 19, 1893.  Children born to them four, Maria C., born January 9, 1860, and died. January 6, 1863; Emma D., born October 22, 1866; Wallace J., born January 27, 1868; Bessie J., born May 14, 1877.



     Born in Butler, Butler County, Pennsylvania, December 9, 1876.  Came to Tuscola County, Michigan, in December 1881, where he has since resided.  He has been engaged in farming, and in 1894 took a position with Mr. Chas. Montague on his stock and feed farm.  He has been township clerk of Almer Township for the past three years.



     Was born in Wellington County, Canada, October 1st, 1848.  Lived there thirty-two years, then moved to Almer Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, on the farm where he now lives.  He was married December 14, 1880, in Wattertown, Canada, to Miss Louisa Beaver.  Mrs. Haist was born in Wellington County, Canada, September 26, 1855.  They have five children, four girls and one boy. Maggie M., born January 15, 1882; Mabel M. and Milford M. (twins) born May 25, 1884; Malinda S., born March 4, 1888, and Luella M., born December 8, 1891.  Mr. Haist is one of the prosperous and highly respected farmers of Almer Township.



     Was born in the Province of New Brunswick King’s County, September 14, 1837.  Lived there until eighteen years of age, then moved to Canada, where he remained four years, moving then to Almer Township, on the farm where he has since resided.  Married March 27, 1860, in Almer Township, to Miss Elizabeth Anna Bell Bearse.  Mrs. Hall was born in Kent County, Canada, October 12, 1843.  Have had twelve children, six living and six dead.  Amanda, born August 14, 1862; Hannah E., born April 10, 1864, and died November 8, 1895; Anna J., born December 17, 1869, and died December 26, 1869; Cyrus A., born August 5, 1872; Mina P., born October 17, 1874, and died May 8, 1881; Etta B., born March 2, 1877, and died July 29, 1892; Charles E., born March 25, 1880, and died June 12, 1880; Elias, born September 15, 1881, and died January 28, 1882; Byron, born November 19, 1883; Alfred P., born September 7, 1886.  Mr. Hall has lived in Almer Township forty-two years last August, and is one of the successful farmers of Almer Township.



     Son of George and Rebecca Hess, born February 13, 1844, in Sugar Loaf Township, Columbia County, Pa.  Married Miss Rosella Fritz, December 29, 1869.  She was born in Sugar Loaf Township, Columbia County, Pa.  After their marriage they came to Tuscola County, Mich.  Children born to them, thirteen.  Flora May, born April 26, 1870; Lillie E., born April 11, 1871; Stanbery L., born December 5, 1872; Jennie A., born July 9, 1876;  Gussie B., born March 7, 1878; Mary R., born April 2, 1880; George, born November 12, 1881; John, born October 29, 1883; Katie, born October 19, 1885; William, born September 4, 1887; Fanny, born July 8, 1889; Ortha Anna, born January 29, 1891; Andrew T., born September 18, 1892.  Mr. Hess and three brothers served in the Civil War.  He enlisted September 30, 1864, at Scranton, Pa., and served until June 13, 1865.



     Son of Peter P. and Sarah Kline, born March 30, 1846, in Columbia County, Pa.  He lived with his parents until the age of 22, when he went to the lumber woods winters and worked in the mills in Bay City summers.  Married Angelia A. Brown March 17, 1872, in Akron Township, Tuscola County, Mich.  She was born August 24, 1859, in Pittsfield Township, Otsego County, N.Y., and came to Michigan with her parents at the age of 2 years, and has resided in Tuscola County ever since.  Her mother is still living at the age of over 90 years.  Children born to them two, Clarence P., born October 16, 1870; Lawrence P., born April 2, 1885.  Clarence has been a teacher in the schools of Tuscola County for the past six years.



     Daughter of Mitchell and Angeline Romain, born September 18, 1863, in St. Clair County, Mich.  Her father died when she was 5 years old, and four years later her mother died.  She made her home with an older sister and worked out until she was married.  Married April 13, 1885, to Charles Lorangea.  In 1886 they moved on to the farm now occupied by Mrs. Lorangea and children.  Mr. Lorangea was born March 7, 1859, and died November 15, 1895.  Children born to them four, Louisa Ellen, born November 6, 1885; Rosella A., born May 12, 1887; Julia H., born November 25, 1888; Mary Lelia, born December 22, 1891.



     Son of Francis and Ester Lapratt, born August 13, 1843, in Detroit, Mich.  In 1853 his parents moved to St. Clair County.  Married Delia Laponsa February 28, 1870.  She was born December 18, 1855.  Children born to them twelve, Francis, born March 4, 1871; Louisa, born August 24, 1873; Louis, born July 29, 1875 Amanda, born October 25, 1877; Josephine, born December 11, 1878, and died February, 1879; Joseph, born March 29, 1880; Antoine, born March 8, 1883; Henry, born September 27, 1885; Gabrail, born December 25, 1888; Matilda, born March 22, 1890, died October 9, 1895; Mary, born October 27, 1893; Celia M., born July 16, 1896.  Mr. Lapratt has resided in Almer Township, Tuscola County, for the past twenty-seven years.  He came to his farm when the county around him was all new, and had to cut the timber out of the road for over two miles to get to his land.



     Son of Otis and Emily Leonard, born November 15, 1845, in Dayton Township, Cattaraugus County, N. Y. Isaac R. Leonard, grandfather of W. W., was born in Massachusetts.  He was a drummer boy in the war of 1812.  W. W. Leonard came to Michigan with his parents in 1856.  Married Laura A. Craw.  She was born September 17, 1848, in Oakland County, Mich.  Children born to them one, Warren N., born March 30, 1869, in Almer Township, Tuscola County.  He is single and has always lived with his parents.



     Son of Warden and Harriet Parsell, born December 3, 1847, in Dayton Township, Cattaraugus County, N. Y.  He left home for Panama ore regions in April, 1865.  In November 1865, he came to Tuscola County, Almer Township, where he has since resided.  Married Celia Parsell January 11, 1873.  Children born to them four, Harriet, born August 15, 1875; Lillian F., born October 15, 1877; Warden, born December 30, 1883; Bessie, born February 20, 1886.  Harriet died October 9, 1880.



     Son of John and Betsey Parsell, born November 11, 1844, in Dayton Township, Cattaraugus County, N. Y.  Came to Tuscola County, Mich., with his parents in 1862.  Married Patience E. Dickerson February 28, 1864.  She was born March 8, 1844, in Wayne County, Mich., and came to Tuscola County, Mich., with her parents in 1853.  Children born to them five, Ella A., born June 3, 1865; John born October 20, 1866, and died August 9, 1881; Liddia I., born January 27, 1868; Herbert E., born September 10, 1874; Lewis E., born February 5, 1879.  Mrs. Patience Parsell died November 4, 1880.  Married Amanda Wesley November 11, 1881.  She was born October 11, 1855, in Taylor Township, Wayne County, Mich.  Children born to them four, infant son, born October 4, 1882, and died October 26, 1882; Myrtie M., born December 9, 1883; Editha O., born November 11, 1887; Ethan A., born September 1, 1889.



     Son of G. Franklin and Patience E. Parsell, born September 10, 1874, in Almer Township, Tuscola County, Mich.  Married Letitia Annis December 15, 1892.  She was born in North Ralia Township, Ontario, September 27, 1873.  Children born to them three, Patience E., born September 6, 1894; Louisa M., born February 5, 1896; George L., born August 8 1898.



     Son of Volney and Rosina Parsell, born June 30 1876, in Almer Township, Tuscola County, Mich.  Married Eliza E. Rondo in 1897.  She was born July 16, 1880, in Richville, Saginaw County, Mich.  Children born to them one, Earl Lewis, born January 15, 1899.  Mr. Fred and Henry Parsell have been in partnership farming for the past year.



     Son of Volney and Rosina Parsell, born July 9, 1868, in Tuscola Township, Tuscola County, Mich.  At the age of 15 he went to work by the month on a farm and continued at that until his marriage.  Married Dora Wing May 10, 1890.  She was born in Wayne County, N. Y., December 18, 1875, and came to Michigan with her parents.  They have no children.



     Son of E. P. and Lucia A. Randall, born October 15, 1866, and made his home with his parents until he was 20 years old, when he bought the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of section ten of Almer Township after which he farmed in the summer and worked in the lumber woods  winter for four years.  At the age of 28 he married Miss Matilda J. Skinner.  She was born in Almer Township in 1879.  They have one child, Hayle, born March 19, 1896.



     Son of Elisha P. and Lucy Randall, born June 6, 1862.  At the age of 22 married Loisa Rich, but the marriage was soon after broken.  Married Mertie H. Whiting April 18, 1887.   She was born February 2, 1870, in Bradford County, Pa., and came to Michigan with her mother at the age of 15.  Children born to them four, Howard E., born May 10, 1888; Gertie J., born December 20, 1889; Harry E., born March 21, 1892, and Louis Devere, born July 17, 1897.  Mr. and Mrs. Randall are both graduates of a Christian Science college and practice Christian Science---mind healing.



     Born in Canada, near Hamilton, January 15, 1853.  His parents moved to Bay City when he was 8 years old.  In a short time they moved to Sebewaing.  His father, Russell Stevenson, made the first wagon ever run in that place.  They returned to Canada about the close of the Civil War, remaining there about two years.  They then came to Bay City.  Learned the milling trade in Tilsonburg, he went from Tilsonburg to Norwich, and from there to Tuscola County, Almer township, in 1880.  Married Mary Matkin December 25, 1877.  She was born in Guelph, Ontario, February 11, 1853.  They have two children, Rosie A. born October 11, 1878, now Mrs. L. E. Steward, of Caro, and Charles, born April 2, 1880.  Mr. Stevenson is Justice of the Peace and has held that office for the past four years.  He has held different responsible public offices.



     Son of Joseph and Lucinda Smith, born March 25, 1852, in Greenoak Township, Livingston County, Mich.  Married Rebecca Dunlop September 19, 1878.  She was born in County Cavan, Ireland, December 11, 1852.  At the age of 15 she came to Toronto, Ontario, and lived with her uncle John Storey.  Children born to them none.



    Son of George and Elsie S. Simmons, born December 8, 1858 in Packer Township, Carbon County, Pa.  His parents settled in Tuscola County, Mich.  Married Abby Rathermel December 23, 1884.  She was born March 26, 1857, in Packer Township, Carbon County, Pa.  Children born to them four, Ella A., born October 19, 1886; Edward, born July 8, 1888.  The other died at birth.



     Son of John and Anna Sutherland, born December 22, 1837, in Lewiston Township, Niagara County, N. Y.  Married Emma Stockwell May 27, 1863, in Part Huron.  She was born in Racine, Wis., and died in 1870.  Children born to them two, Nettie, now Mrs. Broomhour, and Joseph.

     Married Laura Sherman August , 1873.  She was born in Nobles County, Indiana, February 7, 1857.  Children born to them six, Anna L., born October 27, 1874, now Mrs. Phillip Rotchford; Emma, born May 14, 1876, now Mrs. Francis McRea; Charles born August 30, 1878; Harrison, born April 5, 1881; David, born August 19, 1884; Mary E., born May 27, 1888.



     Abraham C. Taggett born Aug. 16, 1812, in Roxbury Township, Conn.   In 1826 he located in Monroe County, N. Y. Married Hannah C. Davis Sept. 1835, and soon after came to Oakland County, Mich.  They had eight children.  Mr. I. N. Taggett was the fifth son.  He was born Jan. 22, 1851, in Highland Township, Oakland County, Mich.  Married Lovidia V. Tuttle March 19, 1874.  She was born October 31, 1853, in Highland Township, Oakland County, Mich.  Children born to them three, Castle A., born April 23, 1878 in Highland Township, Oakland County, Mich.; Arthur R., born April 29, 1880, in Almer Township, Tuscola County, Mich.; Verne N., born February 1, 1887, in Almer Township, Tuscola County, Mich.  In the fall of 1879 Mr. Taggett came to Tuscola County and settled on section thirty-one, Almer Township.  Catherine Leinweber has made her home with them for the past six years.  She was born August 12 1881, in Albany, N. Y.  Mrs. Taggett’s parents were natives of New York.  Her father was born in 1812 and her mother October 11, 1818.  They came to Oakland County, Mich., in 1837.



     Son of Henry and Tina Trickey, born September 19, 1865 in Leeds County, Mallar Township, Ontario.  His father died when he was 9 years old.  The following year he came with his mother to Tuscola County, Mich., and went to live with his uncle, James Andrews, as his own son.  He lived with them eight years, at which time they deeded twenty acres of wild land.  In 1886 he cleared and improved this land.  Married Dortha Peterson June 9, 1897.  She was born in Columbia Township, Tuscola County, July 9, 1872.  Children born to them none, but adopted a niece of Mrs. Trickey’s who has been with them nine years.



     Son of Charles and Mattie A. Vaughn, born December 19, 1862, in Ovid Township, Branch county, Mich.  Charles Vaughn enlisted in Company C, Seventeenth Regiment, of Michigan, in July, 1862.  Mr. C. B. Vaughn resided with his parents until the age of 28.  Married Mary C. Heine December 31, 1890.   She was born May 11, 1871, in Saline Township, Washtenaw County, Mich., and came to this county with her parents.  Children born to them three, William H., born August 20, 1892; Arthur L., born August 6, 1894; Elnora C., born February 12, 1897.



     Son of Wesley G. and Mary J. Wilber, born October 3, 1877, in Fremont Township, Tuscola county.  He entered school in Mayville in 1893, and began teaching in 1895, and has taught ever since.  Married Gertrude A. Haight August 24, 1899.  She was born in Goodlin Township, Lapeer County, February 26, 1878.



     Son of Benjamin and Maria White, born in Ellington Township, Tuscola County, Mich., November 7, 1866.  Married Hattie A. Wright   December 21, 1889.  She was born in Pemberton Ohio.  They have one child, Marie, born February 24, 1894.



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