1902 TUSCOLA COUNTY



                           AKRON TOWNSHIP




     Was born in North Umberland County, Ontario, January 19, 1849.  Moved to Michigan from Canada when seventeen years of age.  Lived in Michigan nine years then returned to Canada, where he kept hotel nine years.  He then farmed it for three years, and moved to Michigan again in the fall of 1888.  He was married in Warkworth, Canada, to Miss Lusira Richardson, February 26 1878.  Mrs. Blakely was born in North Umberland County, Ontario, Canada, March 23, 1860.  Have one child; Henry, born January 1, 1880.



     Was born in Geauga County, Ohio, March 20, 1853.  Moved to Barry County, Michigan, in 1875.  Lived there seven years during that time he taught school two year, and worked five years for the West Michigan Lumber Co.  In 1882 he came to Akron Township and purchased the farm where he now resides.  Married to Miss E. A Vaughn, in Akron Township, April 22, 1885.  Mrs. Briggs was born November 25, 1861, in Oscoda, Iosco County, Michigan.  They have four children, two girls and two boys, Clarissa A, born August 7, 1888; S. Lucelia, born June 29, 1891; William G., born April 28, 1893, and W. Emery, born December 19, 1894.



     Was born in Brown County, Ohio, January 24, 1868.  When two years of age his parents moved to Tuscola County.  He lived in Tuscola County until sixteen years of age.  He then went to Kentucky where he spent three years learning the carpenter trade.  He returned to Tuscola County and has worked at his trade ever since.  In 1896 he bought the farm where he now lives.  He was married in Akron Township, October 12, 1893, to Miss Louisa Beatenhead.  Mrs. Bush was born in Ohio October 1, 1871.  Have four children, three boys and one girl, Montie C., born March 10 1895; Roxie L., born May 12, 1897; Charles H., born November 7, 1898 and Morley F., born September 5, 1900. Mr. Bush has been Township Clerk one year and Supervisor two years.



     Was born in Ashtabula County, Ohio, February 12, 1849.  In 1859 moved to Akron Township, Tuscola County, with his parents, where he has since resided.  He was married in Akron Township, June 17, 1875, to Miss Mary E. Hovey.  Mrs Crowell was born January 6, 1853, in Oakland County, Michgian.



     Was born in Bay City, Michigan, May 19, 1868.  Married in Fairgrove on October 20, 1890.  Lived in Saginaw fifteen months, moved from there to Fitch Siding, moved from there to Fairgrove, then to Gilford Township, then to Akron Township, where he has since resided.  Mrs. Decorte was born in Fairgrove April 17, 1869.  They have four children, on boy and three girls, Raymond W., born October 6, 1891; Ethel G., born July 27, 1893; Vernice L., born November 5, 1897, and Alvie K., born February 26, 1899.



     Was the third son of Francis and Renie (Peylo) Dufort.  He was born in the district of Montreal, Canada, June 1, 1838.  Mrs. Dufort was the oldest daughter of Charles and Adeline Clemens.  She was born in the District of Ottawa, Canada, November 29, 1850.  Moved to Bay City in 1868, then to Akron Township, where he has since lived.  Mr. Dufort has been married twice.  Has five children by his first wife, Gabrial G., 38 years of age, Paul 36, Henry 34, Mary Ann, 32 and Angeline, who if living, would be 30.  He has twelve children by his second wife, Clefir, born June 5, 1875; Melitium, born June 27, 1874; Dolphice and Adolph (twins) born April 30, 1876; John born November 2, 1878; Mary S., born April 15, 1880; Emile, born May 24, 1883; Eleonore, born March 21, 1885; George William, born March 27, 1887; Josephine, born August 20, 1888; Cora Amanda, born April 2, 1892; and Jerome E., born March 14, 1897.



     Was born in Cattaraugus County, New York, January 21, 1835, he was bereaved of his father at the age of fourteen years, and three years later he came to Oakland County, Michigan, and spent two years in farming enterprise.  He went thence to Saginaw County and entered the employ of John A. Westerfelt, Esq.,at $14 per month.  Five months later he became an overseer at $35 per month.  He remained there until nearly of age, and accumulate in all about $700.  In 1855 he bought two hundred and forty acres of land in Akron, in sections 14 and 21, and soon after returned to his native place, spent over three years chiefly in lumbering, and accumulated $1000 which was nearly all lost in the panic of 1856.  After this he returned and paid his land tax in Akron, but had only $3 left.  He next engaged in stock raising and continued the enterprise for several years with good success.  On January 14, 1860, he was married by B. W. Huston, Esq., of Vassar, to Miss Jennie E. Waldo of Akron.  She was born in Genesee County, New York, February 26, 1838.  She came with her parents from Bainbridge, Ohio to Akron in 1856.  The first township meeting held in Akron was held at the residence of her father, Mr. Alvin Waldo, and she selected the name Akron for the township.  Mr. and Mrs. Cook have had six children.  Emery and Freddie are deceased.  Emery was the first person buried in the Akron cemetery.  The living children are Wilbert, Lucius, Ada and Carrie.  Later Mr. Cook sold his Akron estate and made a tour in the west, but soon returned, and bought eighty acres of land in section 31, Columbia, at $1600, and resided there until the winter of 1883 when he sold that property for $3200 and bought four hundred and forty acres in Akron.  On one occasion Mr. Cook started to take four bushels of corn to mill, and one ox gave out when yet six miles from the mill.   Mr. Cook left him with a settler, and he and the other ox drew the grist to the mill which he found broken.  He waited one week for his grist and earned five bushels of oats, which, with the grist and some seed corn, he and the ox drew back the six miles to where the other ox had been left.  Mr. Cook has held several positions of trust in Akron Township, and is highly respected by all.


     Was born in Montreal, Canada, in the spring of 1846.  Moved from there to Toronto, then to Brantford, then to Detroit.  Took his naturalization papers out in Detroit, and has lived in Michigan ever since  Married in Akron May 28, 1877 to Miss Percy Ann Marvin.  Mrs. Evans was born in Andover Township, Ashtabula County, Ohio, June 16, 1853.



     Was born in Audenreid, Pa., October 27, 1866.  Moved with his parents when one years old to Tuscola county, where he has since lived.  Married in Caro, March 29, 1893, to Miss Mary Korte.  Mrs. Fisher was born October 9, 1873, in Detroit.  When two years of age her parents moved to Bay County.  Mrs. Fisher lived in Bay City at the time of her marriage.  They have two children, one boy and one girl; John, born December 5, 1895, and Catharine, born May 7, 1897.



     Was born in Canton, N. Y., February 28, 1856.  Moved to Ottawa Canada, where he lived ten years.  Then moved to Chicago, where he lived five years, then moved to Akron Township, where he has since resided.  Married May 24, 1881.  Mrs. Hastings was born in Ottawa, Canada, in 1868, and died in Chicago, in 1893.  Had two children both dead.



     Was born in Limerick, Ireland, in 1835.  Came to America in 1856 and landed in New York, went from there to Canada, where he lived two years.  He then moved to Akron Township and cleared the farm where he now resides.  His sister and her husband Mr. and Mrs. Henry and his brother Cornelius Hays all make their home with him.



     Was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 17, 1862.  Moved from there to Huron County, Michigan.  He was unsettled then for awhile until 1889, when he bought the farm where he now lives.  He was married September 4, 1890, in Akron Township, to Miss Elizabeth Uhl.  Mrs. Helmich was born October 18, 1861, in Canada.   Have two girls, Lora H., born June 17, 1892 and Erma M., born May 28, 1895.



     Was born in Will County, Illinois, May 22, 1845.  Moved to Erie County, Pennsylvania, when seven years of age, where he lived ten years.  He then moved to Akron Township where he has since resided.  Married to Miss Melvina Wheeler, April 6, 1898.  Mrs. Hemstreet was born July 6, 1862, in Millington Township, Tuscola County, Michigan.



     Was born in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada, September 22, 1857.  Married in Eden, Ontario, March 6, 1886, to Miss Alberta J. Forbes.  Mrs. Howse was born June 12, 1870, near Tilsonburg, Ontario.  They have two children, one boy and one girl. Bulah, born May 26, 1889, and Cecil Charles, born November 12, 1894.



     Was born in Tiffin, Ohio, April 8, 1853.  When one year old he moved with his parents to Huron County, Michigan, where they took up a homestead.  His early days were spent on his fatherís farm during the summer season, and working in the lumber woods during the winters.  His early education was acquired in the district school supplemented by a course in the public schools in Sebewaing and Saginaw.  He was married in 1886 to Miss Bertha Cartwright, of Unionville.   In politics he is a republican.  He has been township treasurer two years, supervisor eight years, and chairman of the board of supervisors.  Was elected to the House of 1897-98, and was re-elected to the House of 1899-1900, by an overwhelming majority.



     Was born in Prairie Du Chin, Wisconsin, August 12 1834.  His father was stationed there with the regular army.  When four years of age the army was sent to Florida to quell the Seminole uprising.  His mother took him and his oldest sister with her to Bridgeport, Conn.  At Bridgeport he lived next door to the celebrated dwarf Tom Thumb, and they spent many days playing together in early childhood.  Five years later he moved to Port Byron, N.Y., then drifted to different points, locating at Big Flatts, Chemung County, New York.  He next moved to Illinois, where he remained five years, then to New York where he lived eight years, then to Michigan, in 1869, and located at Coleman where he lived seven years.  Bought the place where he now lives in 1876, and moved on it in 1877.  Married in Sycamore, Ill., January 1, 1855, to Miss Lorinda M. Bennett.  Mrs. Hubbell was born March 31, 1837, at Big Flatts, N. Y. Have raised ten children, four boys and six girls, Mary E., born June 11, 1857; Clara H., born October 19, 1859; Alice A., born May 20, 1961; Charles W.,  born January 21, 1863; Edward P., born April 20, 1867; Luella A., born April 9, 1869; Irving T., born July 17, 1874; Martha A., born May 13, 1876; Sybil, born August 4, 1878; and Samuel W., born March 6, 1884.



     Was born in Eaton County, Michigan, February 10, 1870. Moved to Tuscola County, Columbia Corners with his parents, when quite young.  Lived there three years, then moved one and one half miles west of Unionville.  Moved on his place where he now lives the fall of 1897.  Married in Caro, October 6, 1896, to Miss Bertha Branscombe.  Mrs. Moore was born in Canada April 27, 1877.  Have two children, one boy and one girl: Manilla, born May 2, 1898 and Ray, born July 8, 1901.



     Was born in Madison Township, Columbia County, Pa, July 15, 1841.  Moved from there to Audenreid, Pa., where he lived fifteen years.  Moved from there to Akron Township, Tuscola County, Michigan, in 1877, where he has since lived.  Married in Hazelton, Luzern County, Pa, to Miss Harriett Santee, on May 16, 1865.  Mrs. McCollum was born January 29, 1843, in Butler Valley, Luzern County, Pa.  Have had six children, two boys and four girls; Howard E,. born September 9, 1867: Cora B., born November 20, 1869 and died September 25, 1899; Laura I., born December 16, 1871; Edith M., born January 3, 1876; Alvaretta R., born March 2, 1879; Calvin M., born September 29, 1887.  Howard E., was married to Miss Mary Tanner of Audenreid, Pa., where he has a position as bookkeeper with the Wilkes-Barre Coal Company.  Cora B., was Mrs. Edwin W. Childs of Columbia, and died leaving a son who makes his home with Mr. McCollum.  The boys name is Lester Perry Childs, born November 14, 1896; Laura I., is now Mrs Levi A Russell of Columbia township.  Edith M. is now Mrs. Burt Farver of Columbia Township.  Alvaretta K is now Mrs. Edwin Hoover of Akron Township.



     Was born in Port Austin, Michigan, April 13, 1862.  Was married March 13, 1892, in Wisner Township.  Mrs. McLaren was born March 6, 1877, in Akron township.  They have three children one boy and two girls.  Sophia E., born July 12, 1893; Mary L., born May 3, 1895, and William John, born September 25, 1900.  Mr. McLaren came from Port Austin to Akron Township, where he has since resided.



     Was born in Canada, July 24, 1856.  Came to this country 1861, where he has lived ever since.  May 10 1882, he was married to Miss Mary R. McPherson.  They have seven children, five boys and two girls.  Nettie M., born May 12, 1883; Geo. A., born January 17, 1885; Earl M., born October 21, 1887; Chas. W., born October 7, 1890; Oliver L., born June 16, 1892; Charlotte M., born November 7, 1894; Cyrus G., born April 19, 1899.



     Was born in Elgin County, Canada, May 15, 1871.  Came to Sanilac County in 1891, and lived there about three months then came to Tuscola County, where he has lived since.  He was married February 24, 1895, to Miss Maud Curtiss.   Mrs. Powell was born July 24, 1875, in Akron, Michigan.  They have one child, Ruth, born July 22, 1896.



     Was born March 15, 1862.  Married in Gaines, Genesee County, Michigan.  Mrs. Sharp was born December 23, 1871.  They have four children, three boys and one girl.  Fred. R., born March 12, 1891; Elmer J., born July 29, 1893; Lucy M., born May 12, 1895; Frank M., born September 19, 1900.



     Was born in Oakland County, Michigan, June 22, 1841.  Came to Tuscola County when nine years of age with his parents, and settled in Juniata Township.  In 1889 he moved to Akron Township where he has since lived.  In 1860 he was married to Miss Mary Northrop, who died in 1882, leaving three children, two girls sand one boy.  Elnora, now Mrs. Charles Beech; Orila, now Mrs. B. Luther, and George.  Mr. Streeter was married again to Mary Ann Layer, February 28, 1882.  They have six children, all boys.  Herman and Sherman (twins), John, Ray, Rolland and Oscar.



     Was born in Oakland County, Michigan, October 8, 1847.  Moved from there to Tuscola County, near Watrousville, later to Almer Township, then to Akron Township in 1896, where he has since lived.  He was married November 28, 1868, in Oakland County, to Miss Sarah E. Hart.  Has four sons, Frank H., born January 24, 1870; Fred. D., born April 17, 1874; Harvey T., born April 1, 1878, and Mark W., born April 14, 1883.  Mr. Streeter was married the second time to Miss Julia Guylds, April 1888.



     Was born in Tuscola County, September 16, 1876.  Moved to Akron Township when a child with his parents where he has since lived.  Married, May 16, 1897, to Miss Millie Hartleb.  Mrs. Vaughn was born in Saginaw, December 12, 1872.  Have two children, one boy and one girl; Geo. L., born April 29, 1898; Edna, born December 19, 1899.



     Was born in Oswego County, N. Y., September 10, 1855.  Lived there about ten years, when he moved to Midland, Michigan.  Left Midland in 1881, and went to Chicago, where he lived nine years.  He then moved to Bay City, and later to Akron Township, where he now resides.  He was married to Miss Ellen J. Forbes in Chicago, October 26, 1884.  Mrs. Willson was born in Canada, February 21, 1862.  They have had six children, four living and two dead.  Blanche, born October 8, 1885; Ellen, born December 12, 1887; Ellis, born March 29, 1889; Gertrude, born February 25, 1892; Julia, born June 19, 1894, and died May 31, 1900; Carl, born July 29, 1900, and died August 8, 1901.



     Born near Bellville, Canada, October 10, 1860.  Lived there until six years of age, when he moved with his parents to Genesee County.  Four years later they moved to Saginaw, where they remained two years, then moved to Denmark Township, Tuscola, County, where they remained eight years.  In 1885 they moved to Akron Township, where he has since lived.  He was married to Arlettie Youmans, May 17, 1882.  Mrs. Youmans was born in Tuscola County, November 9, 1866.  Allie King, a niece of Mrs. Youmans lives with them.    She was born October 25, 1891.