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1934 Honor Roll - List of students from South Intermediate School that appeared in the Saginaw Daily News on November 1, 1934

1895 Aurora of East Saginaw High School - Page images are online with seniors indexed and linked so far.  This yearbook did not have student portraits but only lists of names for each class.  These are the only pages I extracted from the book.  Typist needed to make lists so this can be made searchable.   Kim is typing this out for the index.

1907 Aurora of East Saginaw High School - fully indexed but not scanned

1913 Aurora of Saginaw High School -  Partly Indexed - The book is here and the senior class is done, scanned and indexed.  Next the lists of students from the junior, sophomore and freshman classes will be entered.  There are no photos of these classes.  Lynn is typing the underclassmen up.

1928 Reflector of Central Jr. High School - The first of these that are scanned to go online. 

1924 Legenda of Arthur Hill High School - Class photos and student lists scanned and online.  This book has 599 students and faculty indexed and linked to the image online.

1934 Honor Roll - Arthur Hill High School November 2, 1934

1935 Legenda of Arthur Hill High School - Fully indexed and linked with 1979 entries. Patrick did an every name index to this book and the images of each page are linked to the names.   

Coming yet - 1922 Legenda and various years in the 1920-30s of the Central Jr. High yearbooks.

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Carolyn's Saginaw Photos Site has added scans of several year books to her site for visitors.


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