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Taymouth Township Office
4343 E. Birch Run Rd.
PO Box 387
Birch Run, Michigan 48415

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Blackmar - Formed around a sawmill and had a railroad station and post office in 1884.

Burt - Railroad and post office were here in 1889. 

Fosters - Many of the Foster family settled here and it had a post office in 1889 and railroad station.

Morseville - Found on recent map, but can find no information on it.  Is south of Taymouth on Burt Rd.

Taymouth - First settled a Faymouth in 1842.  Changed to Taymouth in 1858 when the post office was opened. 


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1881 Saginaw County History - entry for Taymouth Township. This section contains history of the pioneers, people who held office, first landowner list and biographies, etc.


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Book 4 - Brant Township Cemetery, Taymouth Township Cemetery, Wheaton (Indian) Cemetery, Taymouth Township published 1982.

Taymouth Township Cemetery 
Established in 1875 on 3 acres of Section 9 at Rathbun and Morseville Roads. The cemetery burial records are held at the township clerk's office.

Cook Episcopal Cemetery 
Established in 1870 on 20 acres of Section 33. The cemetery located at Seymour and E. Burt Roads is owned by the township and burial records are held at the township supervisor's office.

Indian (Wheaton) Cemetery 
Located near the corner of Seymour and East Birch Run Roads. The little cemetery was established about 1850 for use by the Methodist Indian Mission Church. This cemetery is a private cemetery but is maintained by the township. It is not known where records for this cemetery are held.

  • On the west bank of the Flint River, 300 feet north of the Sloan Road on Seymour Road, a number of Indian remains were found in 1940.

Timbertown Log Listing: Indian (Wheaton) cemetery, Taymouth twp. Timbertown Log 2 3 Spring 1974

This information compiled about the cemeteries of Saginaw County was taken from a number of resources by the previous county coordinators. Some of this information was compiled by the individual township supervisors of the county in the late 1960's and provided to us by Patrick Bohinski. 

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