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East Saginaw Boat Building 1864-1864

Next in order comes the East Saginaw ship yard, owned by Jesse Hoyt, Esq., from which have been turned out several of the best vessels now afloat upon the Lakes, among them the first-class barques "Sunshine," "Newsboy," "Shanghae," and "Jesse Hoyt," the brig "Starlight," the schooner "Quickstep," and the steamer "Magnet". A fine steamer, of an improved and elegant model, designed expressly for a river boat between the three cities of the valley, is now on the stocks at this yard, and will, when completed, be one of the fastest and most thoroughly constructed vessels ever built. The superintendent and master builder at this yard, is Mr. Stephen R. Kirby, one of the most skillful and accomplished draughtsmen and naval architects in the country...................

.........The steamer "Forest Queen" leaves the dock at the foot of Genesee Street every Wednesday and Saturday, and the steamer "Huron" every Saturday, for Detroit, (fare $3.50 distance 200 miles). The steamers on this line are elegantly fitted up, and are commanded by gentlemanly and obliging officers, who have rendered themselves great favorites with the traveling public. A line of small steamers, running every fifteen minutes, connect East Saginaw with Saginaw City, less than two miles above, fare five cents. The steamers are used by the inhabitants very much as the street cars and omnibuses are in New York-they will stop anywhere on the river to take up or land passengers. A fine steamer called the "Ariel" makes two trips per day between Saginaw City and Bay City, touching at East Saginaw; fare .50 cents to Bay City. The diminutive steamer "Little Nell," makes daily trips to St. Charles, on the Bad river, 17 miles distant, fare .50 cents; and every other day the steamer "Belle Seymour" makes a trip to Midland City, on the Tittabawassee river, 22 miles distant fare .75 cents. The little steamer "Barleycorn" plies regularly to and from Carrolton, one mile below; fare 5 cents.

Saginaw City Rivals East Saginaw

A flourishing post city of Saginaw county, situated on the west side of the Saginaw river, 22 miles from its mouth, 17 above Bay City, fare . 50 cents, and two miles above East Saginaw, fare .05 cents. The steamers "Forest Queen" and "Huron" form a semiweekly line between this place and Detroit during the season of navigation; distance, 300 miles; fare, $8 50....... ..........The steamer "Little Nell" makes daily trips to St. Charles, 16 miles above, on the Bad river, fare .50 cents; and the steamer "Belle Seymour" runs every other day to Midland City, on the Tittabawassee river, 20 miles above, fare .75 cents. The steamer "Ariel" runs twice every day to Bay City, and several small steamers keep up a regular "fifteen minute omnibus line" with the rival city of East Saginaw.

Entry from: Michigan state gazetteer and business directory for 1863/1864, embracing historical and descriptive sketches of all the cities, towns and villages throughout the state.


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