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Shattuckville - Settlement formed on Thorn Creek and named for Samuel Shattuck. Post office in 1877.

Saginaw City - See History which contains a list of names. 

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Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
Established in 1860 on a little over two acres of Section 11 on Hermansau Road near Starlight Drive. The cemetery is owned by Bethlehem Lutheran Church and the records are held at the church office.
Book 5 - West Side Cemetery, Freeland; St. Johannis, Frankentrost; Bethlehem Lutheran; Richland Twp.

Timbertown Log Listing: 
Bethlehem Lutheran cemetery Timbertown Log 12 4 Summer 1984
Bethlehem Lutheran cemetery Timbertown Log 13 1 Fall 1984
Bethlehem Lutheran cemetery Timbertown Log 13 2 Winter 1985

Holy Cross Lutheran Cemetery  
Established in 1864 and is located on approximately 6 acres of Section 21 on Brockway Road near Hawthorne Drive. The cemetery is owned by Holy Cross Lutheran Church and the records are held by the church office.

St. Andrew's Catholic Cemeter
Established in 1886 on 34 acres of Section 29 on Gratiot Road. The cemetery is owned by the Diocese of Saginaw and the records are held by the church - 612 N Michigan Ave, Saginaw 48602-4387, Phone: (989) 754-0487, Fax (989) 754-0308

Roselawn Memorial Gardens - Transcription by John Sheets Project volunteers
Established in 1929 on 81 acres of Section 28. The cemetery is located 1/2 mile west of the Saginaw City limits on Gratiot Road. The cemetery is owned by KAL Cemetery Management, Inc. and the records are held at 950 N. Center Road, Saginaw, Michigan.

Oakwood Cemetery or Saginaw City Cemetery (1877 Map)
Established in 1868 on nearly 100 acres of Section 30 on Gratiot and Midland Roads. The cemetery is owned by the City of Saginaw and the records are held by the City of Saginaw.

Oakwood Mausoleum  
Located on Gratiot Rd. (M-46) just east of Oakwood Cemetery - believed to be privately owned.

McCarty Cemetery 
This site was designated as a "Burying Ground" by James McCarty in November of 1852. The cemetery lies on the north east side of Midland Road, 1/4 mile north west of Hackett Road of Section 11. This area was originally part of Tittabawassee Township. An interesting marker records the burial of quadruplets born to Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Rogers in June of 1859. The quadruplets died the same month. These quadruplets were believed to be the first white quads born in the county.

Timbertown Log Listing: McCarty, now Saginaw twp. cemetery Timbertown Log 10 2 Winter 1982

Bacon Burials 
Located on the east bank of the Tittabawassee River and west of Hospital road was an area originally part of the farm of Artemus Bacon. These burials are most likely the remains of Artemus and his daughter who died in August and December of 1838.

*Others remember a pair of wooden crosses indicated gravesites near the corner of Midland and Hospital roads. This area is about 2 city blocks from the Bacon Burial area.

Timbertown Log Listing: Bacon cemetery, Saginaw twp. Timbertown Log 10 2 Winter 1982

Swarthout Cemetery #1 
A picket fence at one time surrounded the gravesites of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Swarthout, located northwest of the old Swarthout homestead.

Swarthout Cemetery (Pine Hill Cemetery) (Camin) 
This cemetery was in use as early as 1839 is located on an "L" shaped parcel of land in the northeast corner of the Holy Cross Cemetery. This cemetery is shown on the 1877 Atlas. The 1991 Michigan Cemetery Atlas also shows this cemetery on Brockway Road near Hawthorne Drive. At one time the cemetery was maintained by the Camin brothers so was referred to as the Camin Cemetery.

Timbertown Log Listing: Pine Hill or Swarthout cemetery, Saginaw twp. Timbertown Log 9 3 Spring 1981

Hebrew Cemetery  
Indicated on the 1877 Atlas of Saginaw County. This cemetery, like the cemetery mentioned above is located on the edge of the Holy Cross Cemetery. The Hebrew burials were exhumed at the time the church purchased the land. The site shows on the 1991 Michigan Cemetery Atlas as part of the Holy Cross Cemetery on Brockway Road near Hawthorne Drive.

Timbertown Log Listing: Hebrew cemetery Timbertown Log 14 2 Winter 1985

Catholic Cemetery and County Poor Farm Cemetery  
Located on Section 12. These graves were once located on what is now the front lawn of the Saginaw County Hospital. The remains found at that site were removed to the St. Andrew's Cemetery in 1906-1907. It is reported that the remains were placed into wooden rough boxes and when the boxes were filled, the cover was nailed down and the next box started. These boxes were re-interred in the St. Andrew's Cemetery.

Timbertown Log Listing: Saginaw poor farm cemetery Timbertown Log 16 2 Winter 1987

Shattuck Family Cemetery 
This family once located on the old Shattuck farm on Section 12. The burials were removed to Oakwood Cemetery. See 1877 Plat Map. 

Braley Family Cemetery 
Members of the Braley family were interred on the north bank of the Shattuck Creek and and south west of the highway. Other members of the Braley family believe these individuals were buried on the bank of the Tittabawassee River.

*A small grave marked "BOY" was found on the Ernest Wiltse farm which had originally been the Moses Harris farm in the 1880's. The farm is located near the center of Section 13.

  • Some remember the burial of a school teacher who taught at the White School at State and Midland Roads on the bank of a ravine that flowed into the Tittabawassee River.
  • In 1920, a prominent mound of dirt was seen in an abandoned brick yard on the east bank of the Tittabawassee River, 400 feet south of State Road and west of Midland Road of Section 19. One story is that a teacher of a nearby school died and was buried there. Others believe that the mound was an Indian burial mound. It is also possible that Asa Whitney, who drowned in the Tittabawassee River in 1827 and his brother Abram, who at one time owned this land were buried there. The mound is still visible today.
  • Over the years, flood waters have uncovered human remains on the north bank of the Tittabawassee River near Green Point.

This information compiled about the cemeteries of Saginaw County was taken from a number of resources by the previous county coordinators. Some of this information was compiled by the individual township supervisors of the county in the late 1960's and provided to us by Patrick Bohinski. 

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