Saginaw County Michigan

Saginaw Government Offices

Governmental Division Mailing Address Phone Number Web Page
Saginaw County Saginaw County Governmental Center
111 S. Michigan Ave
Saginaw, MI 48602
Fax: 1-989-790-5569
County Clerk, Rm 101
County Clerk:
County Clerk Genealogy

County Clerk Index Page

City of Saginaw Saginaw City Hall
1315 S. Washington
Saginaw, MI  48601-2599
Cemetery Information:
Saginaw City Cemeteries
3210 S. Washington
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 759-1656
City Web Page
Albee Township Albee Twp Supervisor
10639 Bishop Road
St. Charles, MI  48655
1-989-770 4188  
Birch Run Township Birch Run Township Office
8425 Main St.  Box 152
Birch Run, MI  48415
Brady Township Brady Township Clerk
15150 W. Peet Road
Oakley, MI  48649
Brant Township Brant Township Clerk
9812 S. Hemlock Road
St. Charles, MI  48655
Blumfield Township Blumfield Township Clerk
1175 Vassar Rd.
Reese, MI  48757
Bridgeport Township Bridgeport Township Office
6206 Dixie Highway
PO Box 319
Bridgeport, MI  48722
Buena Vista Township Buena Vista Township Office
1160 S. Outer Drive
Saginaw, MI  48601
Chesaning Township Chesaning Township Office
1025 W. Brady Rd.
Chesaning, MI  48616
Chapin Township Chapin Township Clerk
19131 Ridge Road
Henderson, MI  48841
Carrollton Township Carrollton Township Office
1645 S. Outer Drive
Saginaw, MI  48601
Frankenmuth Township Frankenmuth Township Office
218 W. Genesee
PO Box 245
Frankenmuth, MI  48734
FAX: 1-989-652-3795
City of Frankenmuth City Hall
240 W. Genesee St.
Frankenmuth, MI  48734-1398
1-989-652-9901 Web Site
Fremont Township Fremont Township Clerk
15430 Nelson Rd.
St. Charles, MI  48655
James Township James Township Clerk
2590 Sierra Dr.
Saginaw, MI  48609
Jonesfield Township Jonesfield Township Clerk
22175 Gratiot Rd.
Merrill, MI  48637
Kochville Township Kochville Township Office
5851 Mackinaw
Saginaw, MI  48604
Lakefield Township Lakefield Township Clerk
2390 S. Merrill Rd.
Merrill, MI  48637
Maple Grove Township Maple Grove Township Clerk
1159 Ditch Rd.
New Lothrop, MI  48640
Marion Township Marion Township Clerk
11530 S. Fenmore Rd.
Brant, MI  48614
Richland Township Richland Township Office
1140 N. Hemlock Road
Hemlock, MI  48626
  Web Site
Saginaw Township Saginaw Township Office
PO Box 6400
Saginaw, MI  48603
  Web Site
St. Charles Township St. Charles Township Office
1003 N,. Saginaw St.
St. Charles, MI  48655
  St. Charles Village 
Spaulding Township Spaulding Township Office
5025 East Rd.
Saginaw, MI  48601
Swan Creek Township Swan Creek Township Office
11415 Lakefield Rd.
PO Box 176
St. Charles, MI  48655
Taymouth Township Taymouth Township Office
4343 E. Birch Run Rd.
PO Box 387
Birch Run, MI  48415
Thomas Township Thomas Township Office
249 N. Miller Rd.
Saginaw, MI  48609
  Web Site
Tittabawassee Township Tittabawassee Township Office
145 S. Second
PO Box 158
Freeland, MI  48623
  Web Site
Zilwaukee Township Zilwaukee Township Clerk
7600 Melbourne Rd.
Saginaw, MI  48604

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