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Fremont Township Clerk
15430 Nelson Rd.
St. Charles, Michigan 48655

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Nelson - Township organized in 1867 with the Hynes family as this place's part of  it's first settlers. It had a post office in 1883.

Roosevelt - Named after Theodore Roosevelt.  It had a post office for two years starting in 1901.

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1881 Saginaw County History - entry for Fremont Township. This section contains history of the pioneers, people who held office and biographies, etc.


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Fremont Township Cemetery A 3 acre cemetery that was established in 1865. The cemetery is located in Section 27 on Loven Road. The cemetery is owned by the township and the burial records are held at the township clerk's office.

Timbertown Log Listing: 
Fremont twp. cemeteries Timbertown Log 14 1 Fall 1985
Fremont twp. cemetery Timbertown Log 13 4 Summer 1985

St. John Lutheran Cemetery 
A 2 acre cemetery located in Section 2 on Pretzer Road. The cemetery is owned by St. John's Lutheran Church and records are held at the St. John's Rectory.

Pettis Burial Plot 
Located on the NE corner of Spencer and Rauchholtz roads. Members of the Pettis family were buried on this homestead. Family members report that "discarded grave markers were placed on the graves to mark the sites but they do not properly identify the occupants".

This information compiled about the cemeteries of Saginaw County was taken from a number of resources by the previous county coordinators. Some of this information was compiled by the individual township supervisors of the county in the late 1960's and provided to us by Patrick Bohinski. 

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