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Frankenmuth Township Office
218 W. Genesee
PO Box 245
Frankenmuth, Michigan 48734
FAX: 1-989-652-3795 

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History of Places

FRANKENMUTH  1863-1864

Entry from: Michigan state gazetteer and business directory for 1863/1864, embracing historical and descriptive sketches of all the cities, towns and villages throughout the state

A township and post village of Saginaw county, situated on the Cass river, 80 miles north-west from Detroit. This township and village is settled almost exclusively by Hollanders, and Hollandische is the only language spoken in the neighborhood. The village contains two Lutheran churches, four stores, a hotel, two foundries, a distillery, flour mill and saw mill. Three mails are received per week. Population of village, 200; of township, 1,200. Detroit merchants ship goods to Frankenmuth by steamer, via East Saginaw. Postmaster--Christian Reitter. (note: actually settled by people from Bavaria, Germany as a Lutheran mission in 1845.)

Supervisor--John A. List.
Clerk--John S. Rumel.
Treasurer--John M. Arnold.

List of Professions, Trades, etc.
Arnold John M, justice of the peace. 
Binder Charles, harness maker. 
Chaad Christian, cabinet maker. 
Daenzler Leonhart G, boot and shoe maker. 
Dehmel Henry, carriage maker. 
Falier John, distiller and brewer. 
Fuerbringer O Rev, (Lutheran). 
Gundert----Rev, (Lutheran). 
Heibisch Martin, hotel and brewery. 
Heine Jacob, saloon. 
Hubinger John G, general store. 
Hubinger John M, general store. 
Koch August, physician. 
Kurz Henry, cooper. 
List Jacob, carpenter. 
Mossner Matthias, blacksmith. 
Nuechterbin John, cabinet maker. 
Pfeiffer Charles, teacher. 
Rank Gottleib, carriage maker. 
Rawzenberger John M, grocer. 
Reitter Christian, drugs books and stationery. 
Riedel Simon, teacher. 
Rittmeyer Friedrich, booth and shoe maker. 
Rumel John S, carpenter. 
Schaefer George M, blacksmith. 
Schleier T G, blacksmith. 
Schulz William, boot and shoe maker. 
William G M, justice of the peace.

GERA Small community in the northern part of township on Gera Rd. by railroad tracks.  First named Frankenmuth Station.  Post office in 1894. 

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1881 Saginaw County History - entry for Frankenmuth Township. This section contains history of the pioneers, first landowners, people who held office and biographies, etc.


Carolyn's Saginaw Images Site

Book 6 - Buena Vista Twp; Kochville Methodist; Owen; Bethel Lutheran; Frankenmuth Twp; St. John's Lutheran

St. John Lutheran Cemetery Established in 1860 and is located on 4 acres of Section 10, on Dehmel Road between King and Baker Roads. The cemetery is owned by St. John Lutheran Church and the records are held by the church.

St. Lorenz Lutheran Cemetery

Timbertown Log Listing: 
St. Lorenz Luth. cemetery Timbertown Log 14 4 Summer 1986
St. Lorenz Luth. cemetery, Frankenmuth Timbertown Log 15 1 Fall 1986
St. Lorenz Luth. cemetery, Frankenmuth Timbertown Log 15 2 Winter 1986
St. Lorenz Luth. cemetery, Frankenmuth twp. Timbertown Log 15 3 Spring 1987
St. Lorenz Luth. cemetery, Frankenmuth twp. Timbertown Log 15 4 Summer 1987
St. Lorenz Luth. cemetery, Frankenmuth twp. Timbertown Log 16 2 Winter 1987
St. Lorenz Lutheran cemetery Timbertown Log 16 1 Fall 1987

Frankenmuth Township Cemetery Established in 1860 and is located on approximately 1 1/2 acres of Section 27. The address of the cemetery is 10440 W. Tuscola. Burial records are held at the township clerk's office.  See 1877 Plat Map for section.

Olive Branch Methodist Cemetery Established in 1900 and is located on 1 3/4 acres of Section 31, 7865 Dixie Highway.

Timbertown Log Listing: 
Olive Branch Methodist cemetery, Frankenmuth twp. Timbertown Log 12 3 Spring 1984
Olive Branch Methodist cemetery, Frankenmuth twp. Timbertown Log 4 3 Spring 1976

Janson Cemetery
This cemetery is probably St. Johannis Cemetery by Frankentrost. Also have seen listings for it under Jason Cemetery and St. John's. 

Campau Family Cemetery 
Small family cemetery holding the remains of about 20 members of the Campau family. This cemetery is located in the west 1/2 of section 30. This tract of land was purchased from the government in 1835 by the Williams brothers. The land was sold in 1837 to Henry Campau. In 1969, the farm was owned by A. and R. VanWormer. See 1877 Plat Map. 

*A few grave markers are remembered to have been located less than a mile north of the city of Frankenmuth, east on Gera Road. The markers no longer exist.

This information compiled about the cemeteries of Saginaw County was taken from a number of resources by the previous county coordinators. Some of this information was compiled by the individual township supervisors of the county in the late 1960's and provided to us by Patrick Bohinski. 

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German Resource Guide at Saginaw Public Libraries

St. John's Lutheran Church History - originally Bethel Lutheran

National Register of Historic Places in Frankenmuth

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