Saginaw County Michigan

Jonesfield Township

This district is watered by the middle branch of Swan creek. The Saginaw Valley & St. Louis railroad runs through sections 25, 26, 27 and 28. The public highway, the only good road in the township, runs almost parallel with the iron road. West's mill and Green's mill form the manufacturing industries of the district. The northern portion of Jonesfield may be considered as unsettled.

The County Board, at a meeting held March 19, 1873, ordered "that town 12 north, of range 1 east, be and the same is erected into a township, to be called and known by the name of the township of Jonesfield. The first annual township meeting thereof shall be held at the school-house of school district number 2, in section 28, on the first Monday in April, 1873, at 9 o'clock A. M., and at said meeting Joel Nevins, Alexander Pales, and Arnold J. West, three electors of said township, shall be the persons whose duty it shall be to preside at such meeting."

The list of the principal officials of Jonesfield, from date of organization, is thus given:


John Clune 1873 John McLean 1878
Joel S. Nevins 1874 J. W. Robinson 1879
Joel S. Nevins 1875 John McLean 1880
E. C. Hill 1876 Joel S. Nevins 1881
E. C. Hill 1877    


A. J. West 1873 Augustus C. Melze 1878
Patrick O'Driscoll 1874 A. C. Melze 1879
James W. Robinson 1875 A. C. Melze 1880
W. P. Stacy 1876 A. C. Melze 1881
A. B. Bloomer 1877    


Joel S. Nevins 1873 Thomas Fleming 1878
A. J. West 1874 Thomas Fleming 1879
Jacob Lewis 1875 George Moulton 1880
John McLean 1875 John McLean 1881
John McLean 1877    


Patrick Madden 1873 A. B. Bloomer 1876
Thomas Sweeney 1873 Patrick Madden 1877
William Jones 1873 Thomas Sweeney 1877
M. B. Richardson 1873 A. J. West 1877
William Hogan 1874 Patrick Madden 1878
George Dockett 1874 Thomas Sweeney 1878
Edward Jones 1874 Rowland Frost 1879
Thomas Sweeney 1875 Jas. U. Wilson 1879
Patrick Madden 1875 Eugene H. Hillier 1880
Thomas Sweeney 1876 John McLean 1881

The other township officials elected in 1881 are: John Wall, Highway Commissioner; William Fleming, Drain Commissioner; Peter L. Perkins, Superintendent of Schools; Patrick Madden, School Inspector; George Frost, Constable. There were four constables elected, of whom Mr. Frost alone qualified.


There are four district schools in the township, attended by 79 pupils. The entire number of children of school age in the four districts number 111. The amount paid teachers for services rendered during the year ending September, 1880, was 592. The four school buildings, together with school property, are valued at $2,150. The total sum expended for educational purposes during the year was $1,219.71, raised from direct taxation, with the exception of $48.40 received from the primary-school fund. The total indebtedness of the school districts in September, 1880, was estimated at $747.16. The township library contains 98 volumes.



Source: History of Saginaw County Michigan, By Michael A. Leeson, Damon Clarke, Published 1881 Chas. C. Chapman & Co., Chicago pages 851-852.
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