Albee Township

Albee Twp Supervisor
10639 Bishop Road
St. Charles, MI 48655

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This township was organized in 1863 with the first meeting held in the home of William C. Albee.  James Darling was elected the first supervisor. 

BURT - Railroad station and Post Office in 1889

ALICIA or PRAIRIE FARMS (Pitcairn, Clausdale, Alicia) - Sold out in the 1880's because the area cost too much to drain for farming.  Became settlements within large farms for places like Owosso Sugar. Changed owners over the years. Involved 10,000 acres of land!  

Verne - Railroad station and post office were here starting in 1884.

McDonagh or McDonough - Post office started in 1892. 

History Articles

History of Saginaw County - published 1881 - Albee Township section. Contains officers, first landowners, and biographies.

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East Pinegrove Cemetery 
Established in 1875 and is located on Section 35, 1 1/2 miles west of M 13 on W. Burt Road. The cemetery is about 2 acres in size. It is owned by the township and records are held by the township supervisor.  Land owners around the cemetery in 1877 were Nason & Gould and C. M. Cranson.  

West Pinegrove Cemetery (West Albee Cemetery)
Established in 1865 and is located on Section 32, 5 miles west of M13 on W. Burt Road. It is about 2 acres in size. The cemetery is owned by the township and records are held by the township supervisor. Land owner in 1877 next to it was A. Wm. Kidd. 

St. Mary Cemetery 
Located on section 29, 5 miles west of M13 on W. Birch Run Road. It is about 2 acres in size and is owned by St. Mary's Church. The records are held at the St. Mary's Church office.

Darling Family Cemetery 
Located on the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Section 26. This tiny family plot with only 14 burials is found on a sand ridge about 1000 feet south of Birch Run Road on the west side of East Road.  1877 Plat Map.

This information compiled about the cemeteries of Saginaw County was taken from a number of resources by the previous county coordinators. Some of this information was compiled by the individual township supervisors of the county in the late 1960's and provided to us by Patrick Bohinski. 

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Family Report of Edward Efram ADAMS


Milks, Joseph "Edwin"

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