Old Jennings Cemetery
Missaukee County, Michigan

Name, Cemetery, Location, Birth date, Death date, Age

Briggs Milo Old Jennings -72-N.side-old NA 7-4-72 74
Gunnerson Alfred Old Jennings -11-new NA 11-22-52 76
Jorgensen Marie Old Jennings 6-5-new NA 1-18-50 63
Jorgensen F.P. Old Jennings -20-new NA NA NA
Miller Flora J. Old Jennings 6-56-new NA 9-20-51 75
Mahon James J. Old Jennings 3-18-new NA 5-29-67 58
Miller Windell Mount View Cemetery 6-50-old NA 4- -82 NA
Miller Olga K. Old Jennings NA NA 4-9-72 65
Raden Fredrick D. Old Jennings 5-15-new NA 2-19-86 67
Raden infant female Old Jennings NA NA 1-6-75 Infant
Saarinen Arvid A. Old Jennings NA NA 6-12-72 54
Tyrer Percy Old Jennings 6-15-new NA 11-17-64 80
Vasanen Ida A. Old Jennings 6-5-new NA 1-18-50 63
Williamson Thomas Old Jennings 1-1-potters field NA 4- -13 50
Wilkins Alfred Old Jennings NA NA 7-17-52 81
Wilkins Mathilde I. Old Jennings NA NA 5-13-57 64
Wanstine Iver Old Jennings -33-old NA 4-8-60 71
Zeitz Cleona May Old Jennings 1-1-B NA 10-12-10 Infant

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