1883 List of Pensioners
Missaukee County, Michigan

No. of Certificate Name of Pensioner P. O. Address Cause for Which Pensioned Monthly Rate Date of Original Allowance
149,096 Anderson, Wm. S. Lake City wd. l hip $4.00 Nov. 1877
179.306 Pierson, Abraham E. Lake City dis. of kidneys $4.00 Dec. 1880
117,157 Barker, Lorenzo Lake City wd. l foot $4.00 June 1872
109,592 Dyer, Sophronia Lake City Mother $8.00 March 1868
114,849 Thayer, Christopher J. Lake City wd. l thigh $12.00  
204,639 Corwin, Halley Lake City wd. l forehead $2.00 March 1882
124,948 Lung, Henry Lake City wd. r lung $18.00  
97.885 Alvood, Cebourne Lake City chr. diarr. and dis of l $12.00  
44,163 Schultz, Nicholas Lake City wd. l thigh $6.00 June 1865
159,351 Ritchey, Joseph Norwich loss prt. r index finer $2.00 March 1879

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