Missaukee County Record of Deaths

No. Date of Death Full Name of the Deceased Sex Color Married or Single  


  Place of Death Disease or Cause of Death Birth Place Occupation Parents  
  Month   Day Year       (or widowed) Years Months Days       (if any)   Name Residence
439 May  5 1890 Nelly Mungers F W Married 27 5 20 Clam Union, Michigan Consumption of the lungs Holland Housewife Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
Township of Bloomfield No Deaths for 1891                              
440 December 19 1891 Zilpha A. Grane F White Married 63     Pioneer, Mich. Cancer of Stomach Ohio Merchant Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
441 January    1891 Fred Pitts M White Single   8   Pioneer, Mich. Unknown   Unknown Louis F. Pitts Pioneer, Michigan
                              ----- Pitts Pioneer, Michigan
442 July  7 1891 Barrett F White Single     1 Norwich, Mich.   Michigan   Charles Barrett Norwich, Michigan
                              Emma Barrett Norwich, Michigan
443 January  14 1891 Frederick Brown M White Single   8 2 Norwich, Mich. La Grippe Michigan   Frederick Brown Norwich, Michigan
                              Gruee Brown Norwich, Michigan
444 March 16 1892 John Carter M White Single 83     Norwich, Mich. Old age New York Farmer Unknown Norwich, Michigan
445 May  3 1892 John Peterson M White Single 31 2 4 Manistee, Killed by tree Danmark Farmer Unknown Norwich, Michigan
                              Unknown Norwich, Michigan
446 May  26 1892 Roy Sherman M White Single 5 11 27 Norwich, Mich. Dropsy Norwich, Michigan   Unknown Norwich, Mich.
447 June 15 1891 Ada Luman F White Widow 26 7 8 Caldwell Consumption Michigan   A.M. Merrill Caldwell, Mich.
                              Sarah Merrill Caldwell, Mich.
448 May 13 1891 Loren H. Bailey M White Single 16 4 11 Forest Twp., Michigan Consumption Vermont Farmer Homer Bailey Forest, Mich.
                              Marie Bailey  
449 January 9 1891 George Sabin M White Widower 87 3 8 Forest, Mich. Old Age York State Farmer Daniel Sabin Unknown
                              Martha Sabin  
Township of West Branch No Deaths to Report for 1891.                              
450 September 20 1891 Martha Thompson F White Widow 91 6 3 Lake, Michigan Old Age Pennsylvania Unknown James McMcColby Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
451 August 15 1891 Wallin Loton M White Single   7 3 Lake, Mich. Unknown Michigan none George Loton Canada
                              Effie Loton Michigan
452 February 15 1891 Arthur Erickson M White Single   4   Lake, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Simon Erickson Finland
                              Katharine Erickson Finland
453 March 13 1891 Winterford Murphy M White Single     1 Lake, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Joseph Murphy Ohio
                              katerine Murphy Canada
454 August 25 1891 Alvie Wallin M White Single   2 23 Lake, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Charles Wallin Sweden
                              Amanda Wallin Sweden
455 November 15 1891 Alviah Martin Male White Single 19     Lake, Mich. Unknown Canada Store Clerk Ira Martin Canada
                              Lena Martin Canada
456 August 19 1891 Maud English F White Single   3 7 Lake, Mich. Unknown Mich.   James English Canada
                              Elizabeth English Germany
457 December 27 1891 Charles Holmquist M White Single 24     Lake, Mich. Accidently Drowned Sweden Laborer Unknown Sweden
                              Unknown Sweden
458 September   1891 William Orcott M White Married 26     Lake City Typhoid Fever New York Laborer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
459 August 17 1891 James L. Sharp M White Married 50     Lake City Heart Disease New York Blacksmith Unknown Unknown
460  October 26 1891 James F. Grant M White Single 19 11   Lake City Quick Consumption Canada Laborer Mrs. Annie Grant Canada
461 May 11 1891 Oscar Lingren M White Married       Lake City Consumption Sweden Laborer Unknown UnknownUnnknown
462 April 13 1891 John William Mordew M White Single   9 16 Aetna, Mich. Congestion of Lungs Mich.   Ernest E. Mordew Aetna, Mich.
                              Emma J. Mordew Aetna, Mich.
463 July 11 1891 Dolly Rouse F White Single 1 12 24 Aetna, Mich. Unknown Mich.   George Rouse Aetna, Mich.
                              Elizabeth Rouse Aetna, Mich.
464 February 28 1891 Peter Komelje W White Married 39 9 17 Aetna, Mich. Killed by log Holland Farmer John Komelje Aetna, Mich.
                              Nelly Komelje Aetna, Mich.
465 July 22 1891 Claudie Boyd M White Single 1 4 27 Richland, Mich. Inflammation of Bowels Michigan   Philip Boyd Richland
                              Lizzie boyd  
466 August 2 1891 Anna Schotten F White Single   4 22 Richland, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Walter Schotten Richland
                              Jane Schotten  
467 July 27 1891 Gerrit Jiena Slaar F White Single 3 9   Richland, M. Inflammation of Bowels Michigan   James  Slaar Richaldn
                              Johanna Slaar Richland
468 July 30 1891 Loeks M White Single Stillborn     Richland Stillborn Michigan   John Loeks Richland
                              Perssen Loeks Richland
469 October 20 1891 Mary Belle McBain F White Single 22 6 6 Riverside, Mich. Malarial fever Canada Domestic William G. McBain Riverside, M.
                              Isabella McBain Riverside, M.
470 August 3 1891 Robert Andrew Cavanagh M White Single     21 Riverside, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Andrew Cavanagh Unknown
                              Sarah Cavanagh Riverside, Mich.
471 June 20 1891 Minnie Brinks F White Married unknown     Riverside, Mich. Unknown Unknown   Hiram De Zwaaw Riverside, M.
                              Gerritje De Zwaaw Riverside, M.
472 October 7 1891 F. Lake McGurdy M White Single 19 11 17 Riverside, Mich. Malarial Fever Michigan Merchant George McGurdy Mc Bain, Mich.
                              Helen L. McGurdy Mc Bain, Mich.
473 December 1 1891 George W. Hughston M White Married 42 2 18 McBain, Mich. Typhoid Fever Michigan Merchant Mrs. Jane Peer Missaukee Co. Mich.
                              Unknown Unknown
474 December 19 1891 Sadie Soreveen F White Married 18 1 0 McBain, Mich. Spinal Meningitis West Virginia Domestic Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
475 August 1 1891 Geert Brinks M White Married 59     Clam Union, M. Typhoid Fever Holland, Europe Farmer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
476 September 4 1891 Geert Brinks Jr. M White Single 16     Clam Union, M. Typhoid Fever Michigan Farm Laborer Geert Brinks Clam Union, M.
                              Marrigje Brinks Clam Union, M.
477 June 6 1891 Grietje Fiktony F White Married 27 0 2 Clam Union, Mich. Child Bed Holland House Keeper Albert Boer Clam Union, M.
                              Aaltje Boer Clam Union, M.
478 July 24 1891 John Buning M White Single   2 27 Clam Union, Mich. Fits Michigan   Silrandt Buning Clam Union, M.
                              Janet Bunning Clam Union, M.
479 April 27 1891 John T. Koster M White Single 17 4   Clam Union, Mich. Erysipelas Michigan Laborer Unknown Clam Union, M.
                              Grietje Vanderlaan Clam Union, M.
480 June 18 1891 Berend Velting M White Married 40 10 26 Clam Union, Mich. Inflammation or broken rib Holland Laborer Unknown Clam Union, M.
                              Arnielgje Velting Clam Union, M.
481 January 5 1891 Jeltje Veen F White Single   6 17 Scarlet fever Unknown Unknown Ralph Veen Clam Union, M.  
                            Hiltje Veen Clam Union, M.  
482 November 18 1891 Wynaud Modders M White Single     2 Clam Union, Mich. Unknown Michigan   John W. Modders Clam Union, M.
                              Alice Modders Clam Union, M.
483 September  28 1891 Henry Tibbe M White Single 1 4 15 Clam Union, Mich. Summer Complaint Michigan   John Tibbe Clam Union, M.
                              Dina Tibbe Clam Union, M.
484 April 21 1892 Ball M White Infant       Aetna, Mich. Still Born Michigan   Frank S. Ball Aetna, Mich.
                              Nettie M. Ball Aetna, Mich.
485 June 1 1892 Nettie M. Ball F White Married Not known     Aetna, Mich. Child Bed Fever Canada Domestic John Carder or Qarder Canada
                              Mary E. Carder or Qarder  
Township of Bloomfield No Deaths to report for 1892                              
486 September 2 1892 Henry C. Patterson M White Married 29 2 22 Caldwell, Mich. Consumption Michigan Farmer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
487 November 1 1892 Alfred M. Merrill M White Married 63 5 17 Caldwell, Mich. Consumption New York Farmer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
488 August 28 1892 Charles Carpenter M White Married 41 1 15 Caldwell, Mich. Bilous Poison Michigan Farmer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
489 July 2 1892 Retta Smith F White Married 30 5 23 Caldwell, Mich. Heart Complaint Michigan Domestic Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
490 December 31 1892 Fake Hiktosl M White Married 56     Clam Union, Mich. Dyspepsia Holland, Europe Farmer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
491 November 9 1892 Johannes Van Dunn M White Single   4 26 Clam Union, Mich. Fever Michigan   Roelf Van Dunn Holland, Europe
                              Jane Van Dunn Holland, Europe
492 November 28 1892 Hilke Van Der Wal F White Married 38 6   Clam Union, Michigan Bleeding Holland, Europe Unknown Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
493 March 17 1892 Annie Meyer F White Single   2 1 Clam Union, Mich. La Grippe Michigan Unknown George Meyer Holland, Europe
                              Aatje Meyer Holland, Europe
494 May 21 1892 William Rosveld M White Single     1 Clam Union, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Evert Roseveld Holland, Europe
                              Lyutcherl Roseveld Holland, Europe
495 November 28 1892 Marie Boven F White Single     7 Clam Union, Mich. Bleeding Michigan   Derk Boven Holland, Europe
                              Mina Boven Holland, Europe
496 November 12 1892 William Eling M White Single   1 25 Clam Union Erysipalis Michigan   Henry Eling Michigan
                              Pitronella Eling  
497 November 8 1892 De Vos F White Single   2 14 Clam Union, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Pieter De Vos Holland, Europe
                              Kornelia De Vos Michigan
498 October 1 1892 Prackard M White Single     1 Clam Union, Mich. Unknown Michigan   J. Q. Prackard Michigan
                              Atie Prackard Michigan
499 December 18 1892 Austin J. Murphy M White Single   8 28 Lake, Mich. Pneumonia Michigan   Joseph Murphy Jennings, Mich.
                              Kate Murphy Jennings, Mich.
500 April 23 1892 Curtis F White Single     12 Lake, Mich. Pneumonia Michigan   Henry Curtis Jennings, Mich.
                              Ida Curtis Jennings, Mich.
501 January 23 1892 Mary E. Pouch F White Married 45 1 12 Lake, Mich. Pneumonia Canada Domestic William Clifton Canada
                              Unknown Unknown
502 November 22 1892 Zetig M White Single       Lake, Mich. Stillborn Michigan   Otto Zeitg Jennings, Mich.
                              Wilhelmina Zeitg Jennings, Mich.
503 October 8 1892 Natalia E. Johnson F White Single   3 29 Lake, Mich. Pneumonia Michigan   Nels P. Johnson Jennings, Mich.
                              Christine Johnson Jennings, Mich.
504 May 19 1892 Robert Nickland M White Single 31     Lake, Mich. Accident Sweden Edger in Sawmill Lars Nickland Sweden
                              Unknown Unknown
505 September 18 1892 Lucy Frickey F White Widow 55    25 Lake, Mich. Pneumonia Ohio Domestic Bayand Frickey Unknown
                              Hannah Frickey  
506 February 22 1892 Hilda Phalen F White Married 27 10 8 Lake, Mich. Fever Michigan Domestic Swan Swanson Sweden
                              Swanson Unknown
507 December 3 1892 Hilda Deblake F White Single 8 8   Lake, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Erik Deblake Jennings, Mich.
                              Annie Deblake Jennings, Mich.
508 July 17 1892 Mike Hendricks M White Married 40 2   Lake, Mich. Sunstroke Finland Laborer Hendrick Hendricks Finland
                              Maria Hendricks  
509 September 15 1892 Blaisdell M White Single     One Hour Lake, Mich.   Michigan   Lewis Blaisdel Jennings, Mich.
                              Lottie Blaisdell Jennings, Mich.
510 September 5 1892 Elmer Jeamrot M White Single 8     Lake, Mich. Unknown Unknown   Fred Jeamrot Muskegon, Mich.
                              Unknown Unknown
511 October 22 1892 Carl Seeley M White Single 1 7   Lake, Mich. Degeneration of Brain Lake, Mich.   Edward Seeley Jennings, Mich.
                              Leora Seeley Jennings, Mich.
512 May 3 1892 John Peterson M White Single 32     Norwich, Mich. Killed by limb Denmark Farmer Unknown Denmark
513 December 18 1892 Nellie Hall F White Single   4 24 Norwich, Mich. Inflammation of Lungs Norwich, Mich.   Albert Hall Norwich, Mich.
                              Ella Hall Norwich, Mich.
514 November  5 1892 Irvin Winters M White Single   7 21 Norwich, Mich. La Grippe Norwich, Mich.   Delbert Winters Norwich, Mich.
                              Elizabeth Winters Norwich, Mich.
515 February 14 1892 Freddie Petz M White Single   8   Pioneer, Mich. Disease of Spine Pioneer, Mich.   Louis F. Petz Pioneer, Mich.
                              Elisa Petz Pioneer, Mich.
516 February  5 1893 Lavina Reeder F White Married 33     Reeder, Mich. Child Birth Canada Domestic Unknown Canada
                              Unknown Canada
517 February 5 1893 Reeder M White Single       Reeder, Mich. Stillborn Reeder, Mich.   Joseph Reeder Michigan
                              Lavina Reeder Michigan
518 May 16 1892 Hazel Minthorn F White Single 1 9 3 Reeder, Mich. Dropsy Reeder, Mich.   Wm. Minthorn Canada
                              Praul Minthorn Canada
519 April 16 1892 Sheets F White Single   10   Reeder, Mich. Cessation of brain Reeder, Mich.   Abner Sheets Michigan
                              Sarah Sheets Illinois
520 September 17 1892 Hendrik Brink M White Single   4   Richland, Mich. Whooping Cough Richland, Mich.   John Brink Richland
                              Gertrude Brink Richland
521 August 7 1892 Hoptra M White Single       Richland, Mich. Still Born Richland,  Mich.   Klaas Hoptra Richland
                              Metje Hoptra Richland
522 March 27 1892 Gertie Slaar F White single   10 4 RIchland, Mich. Fits Richland, Mich.   Jans Slaar Richland
                              Dina Slaar Richland
523 May 25 1892 Eliza Allison F White Single     1 Richland, Mich. Not Known Richland, Mich.   Benjamin Allison Richland
                              Cathaine Allison Richland
524 June 3 1892 Joseph Allison M White Single     10 Richland, Mich. Not Known Richland, Mich.   Benjamin Allison Richland
                              Catharine Allison Richland
525 September 7 1892 Morris McBain M White Single   11 24 Riverside, Mich. Whooping Cough Riverside, Mich.   Duncan McBain McBain
                              Eleanor McBain Riverside
526 October 19 1892 Iva Luella McCann F White Single Mc Bain,  Mich. 10 9 Mc Bain, Mich Typhoid Fever and Whooping Cough Ohio   Dhalkley McCann Mc Bain
                              Lyonnila McCann Mc Bain
527 July 11 1892 Anna Shomoskey F Indian Single 2 6 20 West Branch, Mich. Fever Atlanta, Mich.   John Shomoskey West Branch, Mich.
                              Christene Shomoskey West Branch
528 September 17 1892 John Shomoskey M Indian Married 22 2   West Branch, Mich. Consumption of lungs Kalamazoo, Mich. Farmer Joseph Shomoskey Dead
                              Marian Shomoskey West Branch
529 June  28 1892 Charles Conaway M White Married 30 8 16 Forest, Mich. Crushed by log Indiana Farmer William S. Conaway Mississippi
                              Margaret Conaway  
530 December 24 1892 Frank Curtis Male White Single     10 Forest, Mich. Smothered Michigan   James Curtis Lake City, Mich.
                              Anna Curtis Lake City, Mich.
531 December 5 1892 Olive Pardee Female White Married 28 4 17 Forest, Mich. Confinement Michigan Domestic Unknown Unknown
532 January 4 1893 Enoch Leutzinger Male White Single 1 6   Aetna, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Henry Leutzinger Aetna, Mich.
                              Caroline Leutzinger  
533 May 21 1893 Edmen Seryer Male White Single 1 1 14 Bloomfield, Mich. Malaria Michigan   ? Seryer Bloomfield, Mich.
                              Florence A. Seryer Bloomfield, Mich.
534 May 27 1893 Kate Merkle Female White Married 39 5   Caldwell, Mich. Dropsy Michigan Domestic David Browen Stockbridge, Mich.
535 April 31 1893 Jantje Schoo Female White Married 33     Clam Union, Mich. Blood Poisoning Holland Domestic Unknown Holland, Eur.
536 August 18 1893 Elizabet Cats Female White Single 2 4 23 Clam Union, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Cornelius Cats Clam Union, Mich.
                              Jeltje Cats Clam Union, Mich.
537 November 12 1893 Henry Dykgraaf Male White Single   10   Clam Union, Mich. Consumption Vogel Center, Mich.   Marinius Dykgraaf Clam Union, Mich.
                              Nellentina Dykgraaf Clam Union, Mich.
538 August 10 1893 Willemina Roseveld Female White Single   3   Clam Union, Mich. Consumption Mich.   Evaret Roseveld Clam Union, Mich.
                              Lutchert Roseveld  
539 July 4 1893 Mina Meekhof Female White Single 3 6 1 Clam Union, Mich. Measles Holland   Geert Meekhof Clam Union, Mich.
                              Jantien Meekhof  
540 November 9 1893 Derk J. Hamming Male White Married 71     Clam Union, Mich. La Grippe Holland Farmer Not Known Not Known
                              Not Known Not Known
541 March 4 1893 Arie Hockwater Male White Married 82     Clam Union, Mich. Heart Disease Holland Farmer Unknown Holland
542 December 22 1893 Curtiss Male White Single     12 Forest, Mich. Unknown Michigan   James Curtiss Forest, Mich.
                              Anna Curtiss Forest, Mich.
543 November 4 1893 Twinning Male White Single     11 Forest, Mich. Unknown Michigan   William Twinning Forest, Mich.
                              Malinda Twinning  
544 May 20 1893 Samuel Campbell Male  White Single 39     Forest, Mich. Burned Unknown Woods Foreman Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
545 May 20 1893 Edward Rirabacher Male White Single 52     Forest, Mich. Burned Pennsylvania Laborer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
546 May 20 1893 Hans Jacobson Male White Married 36     Forest, Mich. Burned Denmark Blacksmith Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
547 May 20 1893 Michael Ghagen Male White Single 63     Forest, Mich. Burned Ireland Laborer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
548 May 20 1893 Michael Mullholand Male White Single 38     Forest, Mich. Burned Unknown Laborer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
549 May 20 1893 James Taylor Male White Single 33     Forest, Mich. Burned Unknown Cook Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
550 May 20 1893 Frank Sagen Male White Single 18     Forest, Mich. Burned Unknown Laborer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
551 May 20 1893 August Nelson Male White Single 27     Forest, Mich. Burned Unknown Laborer Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
552 December 24 1893 Geerge Balliome Male White Single 5 5   Lake, Mich. Scarlet fever Michigan   Charles Balliome Lake,  Mich.
                              Cora Balliome  
553 January 29 1893 Arthur Meddaugh Male White Single   4 14 Lake,  Mich. Whooping Cough Michigan   Horace Meddaugh Jennings, Mich.
                              Sarah Meddaugh  
554 May 14 1893 Frank Hendrickson Male White Single     2 Lake, Mich. Convulsions Michigan   Frank Hendricksen Jennings, Mich.
                              Anna Hendricksen  
555 August 14 1893 Gust Anderson Male White Single 18 6   Lake,  Mich. Rheumatism of Heart Sweden Laborer Dead Jennings, Mich.
                              Maria Lisle Anderson  
556 March 10 1893 Harriet Harper Female White Married 27     Lake, Michigan Premature Confinement Canada Domestic Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
557 March 10 1893 Harper Male White Single       Lake, Michigan Stillborn Michigan   Joseph Harper Jennings, Mich.
                              Harriet Harper  
558 June 5 1893 Erick Dellack Male White Married 39     Lake, Mi. Accidently drowned Finland Laborer Unknown Unknown
559 September  15 1893 Blaisdell Female White Single       Lake, Mi. Still Born Michigan   Lenis Blaisdell Jennings, Mich.
                              Lettie Blaisdell  
560 September 15 1893 Blaisdell Female White Single       Lake, Mi. Still Born Michigan   Lenis Blaisdell Jennings, Mich.
                              Lettie Blaisdell  
561 February 11 1893 Ethel Russell Female White Single     21 Lake, Mich. Defective circulation of the blood from birth Michigan   Walter Russell Unknown
                              Lila Russell  
Township of Norwich No Deaths to Report 1893                              
Township of Pioneer No Deaths to Report 1893                              
562 August 22 1893 Georgia W. Morris Female White Single 17     Lake City, Mich. Typhoid Fever Michigan Domestic Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
563 December 4 1893 Daniel Nichols Male White Single 19     Lake City, Mich. Consumption Michigan Laborer John Nichols Lake, Mich.
                              Mary Nichols  
564 November 13 1893 Hugh McCormick Male White Single 54     Lake City, Mich. Exposure Canada Laborer John McCormick Unknown
                              Annie McCormack Unknown
565 January 9 1893 Edith Decker Female White Single 2     Lake City, Mich. Consumption Michigan   John N. Decker Lake City, Mich.
                              Lottie Decker  
566 November 20 1893 Albert Gary Male White Married 52     Lake City, Mich. Typhoid fever Canada Farmer James Gary Unknown
                              Annie Gary Unknown
567 September 6 1893 John R. Riley Male White Married 59     Lake City, Mich. Typhoid fever Canada Farmer Patrick Riley Unknown
                              Margaret Riley  
568 May 3 1893 William Wallace Male White Single 72     Lake City, Mich. Heart Disease England Farmer James Wallace Unknown
                              Susie Wallace Unknown
569 January 20 1893 Jennie Shapley Female White Single 8     Lake City, Mich. Scarlet Fever Michigan   George Shapley Lake City, Mich.
                              Mary Shapley  
570 May 20 1893 Herman Jacobson Male White Married 30     Lake City, Mich. Burned Indiana Blacksmith Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
571 May 21 1893 Jan Scherbeck Male White Widower 74 10 13 Richland, Mich. Cancer on Stomach Holland Farmer Hermanus Scherbech Holland, Dead
                              Nillimtje Scherbech Holland, Dead
572 June 27 1893 Margaret Francis Cole Female White Single   6 24 Richland, Mich. Spinal Disease Michigan   Thomas Henry Cole Dead, Michigan
                              Mary Cole Richland, Mich.
573 December 21 1893 Rentje Fokkema Female White Widow 73 9 17 Richland, Mich. La Grippe Netherlands, Eur. Domestic Latzo Shewenger Netherlands, Eur.
                              Menke Shewenger Netherlands, Eur.
574 November 20 1893 Williard T. Harper Male White Single   10 28 Richland, Mich. Burned to Death Michigan   William Harper Richland, Michigan
                              Hattie Harper  
575 January 20 1893 Lulu Simmons Female White Single   2 13 Richland, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Franklin E. Simmons Richland, Mich.
                              Alice Simmons  
576 December 4 1893 Miller Male White Single         Richland, Mi. Still Born Michigan  

George W. Miller

Richland, Mich.


Martha F. Miller


577 November 23 1893 Jane Schollen Female White Married 43 4 12 Richland, Mich. Typhoid Malaria Michigan Domestic Frank Lucese Kalamazoo, Mich.
                              Appelona Lucese  
578 December 3 1893 Wilbert Cavanagh Male White Single   2 22 Riverside, Mi. Spasms Michigan   Andrew Cavanagh Riverside, Mich.
                              Sarah Cavanagh  
579 May 12 1893 Ida B. Burket Female White Married 34     Portland, Mi. Consumption Ohio Feather Dresser Jeremia Bice Morris, Ind.
                              Mary Bice  
580 July 25 1893 Pollington Female White Single     1 Riverside, Mich. Unknown Michigan   Charles Pollington Riverside, Mich.
                              Lillie Pollington  
581 May 24 1893 Kate Female White Married 30 8   Riverside, Mich. La Grippe Holland Domestic Unknown Holland
582 April  26 1893 Elizabeth Stewart Female White Widow 76     Riverside, Mich. Congestion of the Lungs Ohio Domestic Unknown Unknown
                              Unknown Unknown
583 December 8 1893 Maggie Talley Female White Single 2 9   Riverside, Mich. Bronchitis Michigan   Lee Talley McBain, Mich.
                              Emma Talley  
584 March 29 1893 Alice Hall Female Indian Single 7 8   West Branch, Mich. La Grippe Michigan Farmer Cornelius W. Hall West Branch, Mich.
                              Florence Hall  



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