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Aetna - Section 17, Kelley Road, Falmouth
Bloomfield - Section 28, LaChance Road, Manton
Butterfield- Section 18, Kelley Road, Merritt
Caldwell- Section 8, Brown and Packingham Roads, Manton
         Plot Maps
         Ammeral to Ingersoll
         Inman to Zandkuiler
Clam Union (Falmouth) - Section 7, Koopman Road
East Moddersville - Section 16, Finkel Road, Falmouth
        Tombstone Readings (1974)
        Records (1991)
    These records are different, please check both.
Lake City - Section 36 and Section 31 in Forest Township,
                         Randall Road and Morey
Lake City Catholic
Moorestown - Section 24, Edmonds and Star City Roads, Moorestown
Mount View - Section 25, Strief Road, McBain
M-55 (Old Lake City) - Section 6, Houghton Lake Road/M-55, Lake City
        Youngs Funeral Home  - Burials in Old Lake City Cemetery
New Jennings (Oak Grove) - Section 4, LaChance Road, Jennings
Old Jennings - Section 17, LaChance Road, Jennings
Pioneer - Section 14, W. Moorestown and Edwards Roads, Lake City
Prosper - Section 3, E. Prosper Road
Reeder - Section 23, Kelley Road, Falmouth
Richland - Section 16 and 21, Lucas and Geers Roads
Riverside - Section 16, Burkett and Geer Roads, McBain
Star City - Section 25, Star City Road, Lake City
Stittsville - Section 29, Seven Mile Road, Moorestown
Vogel Center - Section 30, Koopman and Stoney Corner Roads
        Sexton's Records (1994)
West Branch - Section 5, Cutcheon Road, Lake City
West Moddersville - Section 7, Finkle and Nelson Roads, Falmouth
        Tombstone Readings (1974)

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Michigan Cemetery Source Book, Library of Michigan, Lansing.
The Michigan Cemetery Sources web site represents a compilation of published cemetery transcriptions located at the Library of Michigan. It also identifies the location of over 3,700 cemeteries in Michigan. It is NOT intended to include a list of personal names.

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