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Missaukee County School Pictures
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Class of 1891

McBain High School, Missaukee County 1937 - 1941

There are nineteen 7 x 11 pictures on this web page.

Freshman Class Picnic

May 1944, Mrs. Christiansen

Picture courtesy of Deborah Kline Ezop and Michael Kline

9th grade class, Jennings, Michigan, circa 1925
Contributed by Sandra Wright, daughter of Marion Beatrice Hendrick, student.
Submitted by Sandra Wright


Lizzie Dudlay         May Norton  

Falmouth School

Falmouth School
Submitted by Doris Cox Lucas

The following photos are of Falmouth and Lake City Schools.
Unfortunately the students are not identified.  Submitted by Jo West.

Falmouth School

Falmouth School

"Garnette's Class".
Garnette maybe the little girl in front row, marked with the X. 
Garnette Lucille Armstrong was born in 1907 and is labeled as 5 yrs in this picture.
The Sunbeam Class, Cong'l S. S.

Falmouth or Lake City School

Falmouth or Lake City School

Falmouth or Lake City School

Lake City High School, date unknown

"School Picnic"

Cobblestone Station, 2 miles south of Lake City, Michigan
Built 1933, by Alfred Hunt

Another view of the Cobblestone Station

Logging Camp
circa 1915

                                                                                         Submitted by Sandra Wright

Back row:  John Herweyer, Tome Lutke, Andrew Vanderwoude
Front row: John Schepers, Ed Laarsman, Jake G. Herweyer, Mark Talsma

Miller Family of Star City

Series of photos submitted by
Wendy O'Rafferty

1902 Dyer School

Submitted by Robert Smitter



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