Missaukee County
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President - David Robinson
Vice President - Stewart Hamel
Treasurer - Jim Prehn
Secretary - Susan Robinson

Address: Missaukee County Historical Society
P.O. Box 93
Lake City, Michigan   49651

The Missaukee County Historical Museum, located in the Missaukee County Park, is open on weekends from 1 - 4 pm during the summer.
Admission is free, but a donation jar is available.  It opened in 2006 with a large collection of photos, logging and railroad industry items, and
artifacts from all time periods.  Come and browse local history and take a trip back in time.

Missaukee County Museum and Historical Site

100 Years Old - 1992

Log Cabin Day  - June 27, 1999
Flag Retirement

S. Morey Rd. (Rte 55 & 66)
Lake City, Michigan 49651
(3 miles south of Lake City)

            On June 1, 1989 a bill was passed by the Michigan Legislature establishing
            "The Last Sunday in June of each year" as Log Cabin Day.
            The Missaukee County Historical Society's Log Cabin is registered as number 24
            with the Log Cabin Society of Michigan, Sodus, Michigan.


            1869 - The land upon which the log cabin sits was initially granted to the Grand Rapids and
                        Indiana Railroad.

            1885 - Daniel Rose received $525.00 from the McGraft Lumber Company of Muskegon
                        for all the pine lumber covering this quarter section (160) acres.

            1886 - James Carmichael paid $400.00 to the railroad for 60 acres.

            1890 - James Carmichael sold the farm for $600.00 to Anna Couch who continued to own it for
                        the next 26 years, except for a two year period (1905-1907) when William Reeder owned

            1892 - The log cabin was built by George and Anna Couch.  The logs were taken to McBain
                       and prepared, then brought back.  The cabin was built where it stands.

            1916 - George W. and Anna Couch sold the farm to Frank and Pearl Bowen for $1,700.00.
                       They reserved the crop of potatoes and millet growing on the farm.

            1926 - The farm was in default and sold by Sheriff William Brown to Marion and Lillian Kelly.

            1928 - The Kelly's sold to Frank and Stella Tuefel for $2,100.00.

            1943 - The Tuefel's sold the farm to A.H. Hunt and Sons.

            1952-1965 - Variously owned by Albert and Ella Hunt, Clayton and Everett Hunt and Walter
                                 and Audrey Hunt.

            1965 - Sold to Charlie Kalis.

            1987 - Sold to Frank and Dorothy Sucher.

            August, 1988 - The log cabin was leased for one dollar a year to the Missaukee County
                                     Historical Society, as long as it was operated as an historical site open to
                                     the public with no fee charged and operated only with donations.

            Summarized from information provided by  Madalyn Sundell.

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Upstairs at the log cabin.



Downstairs at the Log Cabin.

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