Civil War discharge documents

Missaukee County, Michigan, Office of the Clerk

Jacob D. Snyder - 7th Regiment US Michigan volunteers (born Seneca County, New York) (1 page)

Wilson T. Jones - 53rd Regiment of Indiana Infantry volunteers (born Stark County, Indiana) (1page)

Marion D. Richardson - 48 Regiment of Indiana Infantry (born Tuscarrora county, Ohio) (1 page)

Franklin S. Wilcox - 48th Regiment New York Volunteers/transferred to U.S. Navy/seaman US Reig ship Princeton (born Paris, New York) (2 pages)

Thomas T. Caldwell - 7th Regiment of Michigan Veteran Infantry Volunteers (born Toronto in the State of Canada West) (2 pages)

Henry Sung - 48th Regiment of Indiana Infantry (born Champaign County, Pennsylvania) (2 pages)

Joseph Silvers - 8th Regiment of Michigan Volunteers/27th Regiment of Michigan Infantry volunteers (born Ocean County, New Jersey) (6 pages)

James A. Dyer - 18th Regiment of United States Infantry volunteers (born Kingston, Ohio) (1 page) 

Chauncy Bishop - 175th Regiment of Ohio Infantry volunteers (born Ontario County, New York) (1 page)

Benjamin C. Bonnell - 151st Regiment of Pennsylvania Infantry volunteers (no birth place given) (1 page)

William S. Conaway - 124th Regiment of Indiana Infantry (born Montgomery County, Indiana) (1 page)

Charles McDermott - wagoner of 34th Regiment of Michigan volunteers (born Rochester, New York) (1 page)

Address for copies:  Missaukee County Clerk, P O Box 800, Lake City, MI  49651 (2005 prices $1 per page + self addressed stamped envelope)


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