1910 Missaukee County Census

Butterfield Township

Page 1A

        Shippy, Joe
        Keelean, John
            Slade, Ben - Hired Hand
        Cavanagh, Roy
        Merritt,  Charley
            Cook, Nora - daughter
        Brightenberg, Anthony
        Hilts, Nicklas
        Johnson, Henry G.
            Appleby, Elmer - Borde
            Robinson, Lloyd - Border
            Bowen, Chester - Border
        Barett, Edwin
            Can, Jay Wayne - Border
        Long, Lewis

Page 1B

        Fox, Samuel
        Erdman, Fred
            Rank, Irene - neice
        Miller, George
            Church, Alice - sister in law
        Davis, Alfred L.
            Buell, William B. - Border
        Willsey, John L.
        Hough, Brady B.
            Johnson, Frank - brother in law
            Lambert, Charley - Border
        Sherman, George
        Sherman, Charles P.
        Crowder, Harvey
        Crowder, Harvey Jesse

Page 2A

        Fitzpatrick, Charles E.
        Erdman, Julius
        Cope, John
            Lampman, Mary - daughter
        March, Charles W.
        Thorstenson, Louise E.
            Biske, Mabel - sister
            Christopherson, Martin - grand father
            Marsh,  Harry - Border
            Bell, A. - Border
        Cook, William
        Curtis, Oland
            Long, Eliza Edward - son

Page 2B

        Crowder, Charley
        Crowder, Frank
        Davis, Frank B.
            Sherman, Isabell - mother in law
        Camp, Edward
        Crowder, Winfield
        Shippy, Alvin
            Bell, Ambrose David - grandson
        Pace, Joseph
        March, May C.
        Pace, Frank
            Tinsley, Olive - mother in law
            Merritt, Ora - cousin

Page 3A

        Myers, Eugene
            Marsh, Henrietta - mother
        Cabel, Samuel
            Fountain, Mark - Hired Man
        Martin, William
        Rupright, Bert
        Rupright, William S.
        Amwine, William
            Kirkling, Bessie - adopted daughter
        Williams, Richarad A.
            Baker, Rena - Border
        Bennes, Charlie
        McBain, John D.

Page 3B

        Devore, William C.
        Kreager, Henry
        Bradley, Arthur
        Camp, Calvin
            Kampe, Peter - Border

Page 4A

        Moore, Samuel
        Shranger, Henry S.
        Nickerson, Sarah
            Jones, Leroy - border
        Lattimer, Leroy
        Hall, Frances M.
            Mathews, Henry - Border
        Carpenter, Lee F.
            Miller, Beatrice - step-daughter
        Curtis, Iva

Page 4B

        Davis, Van
        St. John, Seth B.
        Lampman, Frank
            Wells, Eunice Eliza - mother in law
        Vandenboss, Peter
        Cable, Chaley
            Capenter, James - Hired Man
            Ceger, John - Border
        Hepp, John
        McCaty, William
        Groves, Adelbert
            Sparks, Ada - step-daughter
            Higbee, James B. - Border
        Leutzinger, Henry

Page 5A

        Lampman, Charles S.
        Myers, George W.
        Kolven, William M.
        Bowman, Fred
        Bowman, George
        Thorstenson, Theodore
        Rutledge, John M.


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