1910 Missaukee County Census

Aetna Township

Page 1A

        Gurnee, Mary
        Talsma, Mert J.
        Dolley, Uri
        Longeore, James D.
        Koshe, August
        Penlayd, Theodore A.
        Parker, Christopher J.
            Powers, Benjamin - Hired Hand
            Russell, John W. - Hired Hand

Page 1B

        Emery, Abraham
        Nagel, John
        Webber, Fred G.
        Parks, James Y.
            Pickering, Harry - Hired Hand
            Pickering, Fred - Hired Hand
        Fish, John Byron
        Jones, William H.
        Swain, Archie L.
            Robinson Mack A. - Hired Hand
        Hammel, Peter F.
        Hammel, Lewis

Page 2A

        Belles, George W.
        Armstead, Everett R.
        Belles, Carl A.
        Ames, Charles
        Oranje, John
        Morden, William K.
        Workman, Fred
        Bronkhorst, John
        DeKam, Cornelis
        Agema, Theodore
        Christi, Joseph

Page 2B

        Armstead, Burton
        Armstead, Wellington
        Armstead, Allen
        Hunt, Albert H.
        Besey, Lewis Wright
        Agema, Abel
        Berends, Egbert
        Berends, Joe
        Aardema, Alderik

Page 3A

        Vincent, Norman G.
        Jager, George
        Workman, Bert
            Rigter, Jennie - Servant
        Molhoek, Edward
        Workman, John
        Dykema, Gerry
        Spoelma, John

Page 3B

        Roster, William
        Dinca, George
            Vandermey(Vandercay), George - Hired Hand
        Koster, Thomas
        Powers, Lafayette
        Van Der Menlow (Van Der Meulen), Everet
        Westover, Frank
        Aagema (Agema), Paul
            Mahoney, Frances - Hired Hand
        Besing, Egbert

Page 4A

        Wouall, George
        Wouall, John
        Ellis, Hiram
        Ellis, Rodney
        Bourroude, Edwin
        Becker, Albert
        Snyder, James
        Cogan, Philip
        Harris, Henry M.
            Wouall, Ralph - Hired Hand

Page 4B

        Berry, Clarence
            includes step-children by the name of Ulrich
        Kellogg, Solomon
        Becker, Edward V. M.
            Pense, Charley - Hired Hand
        Murram, John
        Parks, William H.
            Downs, Harvey - Hired Hand
        Streeter, W.K.
        Besey, Frank
            Berghause, Claus - Hired Hand

Page 5A

        Rivard, Andrew
        Bass (Baas), Ralph
        Bass (Baas), Tys
        Parker, Wallace
        Blue, Claus
        Geyer, John A.

Page 5B

        Nickelson, James E.
        Knowlton, Annie
            Barney, Flora - Border
        Stevens, Frank
        Root, Grant W.
        Morrison, Charles
        Brinnerman, Charles
        Hose, Jacob T.
        Wilson, James Walter

Page 6A

        Huicing, Bert
        Wilson, Frank Albert
        Kornvelje, Johannah
        Kornvelje, Edward
            Oding, John - nephew
        Jenema, John
        Reames, Sylvester B.
        Laughlin, Burton J.
        Laughlin, Joseph J.

Page 6B

        Davis, John
            Plant, Bertram Roy - Step Son
            Henderson, Edward - Brother in Law
        Brooker, Francis A.
            Brownell, Mary A.
            Titus, Richard - Step Brother
        Morrison, James
              Steffey, Matlock - Border
              Hayse, Mandie - Border
              Hayse, Evelyn - Border
              Hayse, Alma - Border
        Thompson, Frank F.
        Koller, John E.
        Courser, Howard
        Berger, Martin
        Traverse, George

Page 7A

        Whiting, Anson
        Courser, Olen
        Courser, Elayman
        Traverse, William
        Butler, Isaac
        Long, Charles I.
        Long, George R.
        Raymont, Luther D.
            Hatt, Julia - Sister in Law
        Raymont, John

Page 7B

        Shutt, Oscar
        Vance, Cathaline
            Keelean, Theresa - daughter
            Dewey, John - Border
            Archie, Samuel B. - Border
        Murray, Aubrey
            Whiting, George - Border
        Shutt, John
        Tenfel, Frank G.
        Beckner, Clyde
        Keelean, William
            Bush, Olive - Sister in Law
            Oleson, Charley - Border
            Rian, Lee - Border
        Davison, Henry C.
        Moores, Robert
        Olson, Charley J.

Page 8A

        Hamlin, James H.
        Whalen, Perry
        Pomroy, James
            Sager, Samuel - Border
        Vance, Charles
        Cain, James
        Myers, Willis
        Jones, Archie
        Townsend, Demster A.
        Vian, Daniel
            Vincent, Anabel R. - Grand-daughter
        Morden, Enon E.

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